Friday, December 7, 2007

Brave, smart and beautiful!

As you know, I know more than just a few women soldiers ... my friend and Iraq War Veteran (and married) Melissa stands out ... but there's Jess too and others. Smart, brave and beautiful

Well as Glenn Reynolds notes ... Connecticut has no monopoly.

Check out Miss Utah.

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

I am so with it.

"It's like explaining the difference between a Buick and a BMW. Both get you from here to there, only the ride is generally smoother and more fun." USA Today

Since I will never own a real BMW (I prefer my Wrangler) ... it's nice to know I own the BMW of computers ... USA Today's words ... not mine. 

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Iraq ... just not worth the trouble anymore.

No ... not that way. It seems the media doesn't have much interest in "The Quagmire" anymore.

"After the massive coverage that our setbacks in Iraq received from the mainstream media, one would expect that success would at least receive equal treatment. (No, actually, I didn't, but bear with the rhetorical argument.)" Check out Captain's Quarters.

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The Bush Housing Bailout

"Can we just skip past the primaries and get on with an open-field general election so a new president can take over next month?"

Couldn't have said it better myself. Read Philip Klein.

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What Are They Thinking?

The smoking police, the food police and now the Starbucks Wi-Fi police. Congress passed a piece of legislation that defies explanation. Be afraid .... be very afraid.

"This is stupid, unworkable, and betrays a deep ignorance about how these things -- especially wi-fi spots -- actually work. Which makes it a fit product for this Congress. . . ."

Glenn Reynolds has a way with words ... a good way. Read the whole story

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Romney on Religion

Here's video of the speech and the text as well at Powerline. Thanks to Scott Johnson for being on the show today.

My Point on this is pretty simple. I find it amazing that a candidate has to give this speech in America today and wish he had not ... but that's done and over with. It was indeed eloquent and I think in many ways a powerful one on the role of religion in America. But the comparisons with Kennedy's speech I think are off base. The Baptists were concerned, I believe, about Kennedy's religion because of the Papacy and to a much lesser extent dogma. To whom did he owe his allegiance - the country or the Vatican.

In Romney's case, as I understand it, Evangelical's were not so much concerned about his loyalty to country. Their concerns, as I understand it, lie more in dogma and see the LDS as a cult. 

Of course in both cases, for some, it's simply hatred and mistrust. But no speech will change that. I, of course, could be very wrong but I doubt he won over those, nor do I think he answered any questions they may have ... and the rest of us never cared about his religion. So for me the speech was nothing more than an historical essay on religion in America.

I wish we judged a person, not so much by the faith they profess, but by their actions. Works tell us more about a person's belief than words. Words without works are empty.

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More on the NIE

The headline reads "Cheney Blasts Top Democrats" ... but Powerline gets to the essence.

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I'm Just Wild About Harry ...

Double ouch ... this man is just despicable ...

"Meanwhile, Mr. Reid is poised to call another vote linking emergency war funds to a plan for a U.S. pullout from Iraq. The same measure failed in a vote lost month, as did 63 similar Iraq votes this year."

In the words of my friend John O'Neill, Lt, USN, (Ret.) ... Harry better hurry up and surrender before we win this war.

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GOP wary of Bush's rate freeze

"The Bush administration is running into unexpected opposition ..." Unexpected? Video of Hillary's take here as well.

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The Flaws In the Iran Report

In the words of ET ... ouch!

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Welcome Back

To me ... to you ... we are finally after a two year absence ... back on line.

This is where you can come to review the articles we talked about on the show this morning and links to guests and artist websites.

Please make sure to take our poll.

We will begin video blogging this week too.

Best to all, Jim.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Should women get married?

I really wanted to get to this on my show today ... oh well ... enjoy. One of my favorite reads is Dr Helen ... thanks to Instapundit for this one.

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For those who want to get to know the real Iran and how they are killing your sons and daughters even today ... check this out.

Thanks to Instapundit for bringing it to my attention too.

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The Best of The NIE

First ... here's a link to some NIE highlights (lowlights?) thanks to Hotair. It makes sense to read this before you comment and join the Bush lied crowd.

Then for a little "inside baseball" on the current NIE ... check Powerline. They link to Marc Falcoff's analysis  and and this  NY Sun editorial.

Finally you might want to check out this link to the Weekly Standard's take on the NIE. Talk about an about face ... Thomas Fingar ... one of the NIE authors, told Congress in July he thought Iran was determined to develop nuclear weapons.

OK enough ... can we move on now?

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