Friday, April 18, 2008

Yale: Student artwork purporting to show abortion a hoax

So the update is Yale says the story is untrue, and then she says no, it is true. Either way, first problem, how dare the student newspaper not fact check this before publishing something so disgusting and offensive. Unless of course, they did it for the attention also. Second, THIS IN NOT FUNNY. Creating a fetus to kill it is not a joke, and nor should it be treat at as a publicity stunt or way to get attention. This is an absolute outrage and anyone who can try to justify it wrong. Full article here, here's a few lines:

Shvarts'"performance art" included visual representations, a news release and other narrative materials, Klasky said. When confronted by three senior Yale officials, including two deans, Shvarts acknowledged that she did not seek any abortions.

Shvarts told the student paper that she planned to display a work that consisted of a cube lined with plastic sheets with a blood-and-petroleum-jelly mixture in between, onto which she would project video footage of herself "experiencing miscarriages in her bathroom tub."

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Book by metallurgists blames rivets for Titanic tragedy

A story that we will never learn enough about. Read here.

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A Desperate Dean Desperate To End The Race ....

... before Barack Obama has to answer anymore questions. Let's itemize what we learned Wednesday night, shall we? Obama spends time, in some cases a lot, with people who mostly hate America, some enough to bomb, others who just enjoy watching it happen. He believes in higher taxes ... not because it will raise revenue (which it won't) but becauser of fairness. Marx would be proud. And he thinks rural Americans are a bunch of knukle dragging, gun totin, God lovin, poor ignorant fools.

No wonder Dean said this. Here's Hotair's take.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

For senior, abortion a medium for art, political discourse

Here's the link to the disgusting story of how a Yale student decided that repeatedly artificially inseminating her herself and then taking abortion pills AND video taping it is art. If you listened to the show today you know my opinion. I'm sure there will be updates coming on this one........stayed tuned.

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Now They Have Turned to the Tribes

This blog by Michael Totten is well worth reading. So much so that I am taking the time to link to it just minutes before the show. It is a great explanation of how the Army came to work with the tribes to begin to pacify parts of Iraq.

"Captain Jones: I wish more Americans knew about the good things Marines are doing at the lower levels. They see a lot of things we're doing at the general level, but they don't see what the privates and lance corporals are doing to further this relationship with the Iraqis and help the Iraqi people. We came here in part to liberate the Iraqi people and help the Iraqi people. And truly we have, at the lowest level."

Totten's work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, the New York Daily News[3], The Jerusalem Post, the Daily Star of Lebanon, Reason magazine, Commentary, LA Weekly, and the Australian edition of Newsweek. Like many of the bloggers there ... they do not get paid for this ... so scroll down in the article.

"Post-script: I don’t get paid for these reports by anyone but readers of this Web site, and I can't afford to do this for free. If these dispatches are worth something to you, please consider a contribution and help make true independent journalism economically viable."

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Somebody Give This Guy A Quick Course in Economics

When I was listening to this it reminded me of the Miss South Carolina bite. So I thought I would post them together. Senator Obama clearly demonstrating a total lack of knowledge of capital gains and the dividend and interest tax, how it works and who must pay it. Unbelievably, even when told half of America and many middle income people would be affected adversly by raising it ... he seemed lost. I kept expecting him to say "such as", "the Iraq", and "most people don't have maps."

Oh ... and here's the Miss South Carolina bite. I think its pretty close.

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Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumb

Neither one of these guys can tell the truth ... whether its Hillary on Bosnia or Obama on Wright or in this case his flag pin. First here's Hillary tonight explaining Bosnia ... Again! In short ... I lied.

Now here's Obama on why he doesn't wear a pin. Notice he says he never said he would not wear a pin. What a maroon.

Ok, Obama says he never said he would not wear a pin, eh? Ummm ... no!

QUESTION: "One last quick question, and this is just kind of a lighter note, you don't have an American flag pin on, is this a fashion statement? Those have been on politicians since September 12, 2001?"

OBAMA: "You know, the truth is that right after 9/11 I had a pin. Shortly after 9/11, particularly because as we're talking about the Iraq war, that became a substitute for I think true patriotism, which is speaking out on issues that are of importance to our national security, I decided I won't wear that pin on my chest, instead I'm gonna try to tell the American people what I believe what will make this country great and hopefully that will be a testimony to my patriotism."

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rev Wright Redux Redux Redux

Yup ... Charlie and George brought up the Reverend Wright again ... actually questioning Obama's veracity ... as in ... how could you not know he said these things if you knew he was controversial. Obama's answer not much better tonight ... George, I didn't know, really, honest. George presses him and clearly he gets flustered.

Is he saying that the Rev's comments may be bigoted, anti-semitic and anti Italian but he has reason to be angry? Really? 

BTW: tomorrow night Hannity and Colmes will have another focus regroup recap with Frank Luntz ... and this is one of Obama';s low points during the debate.

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Obama Mangles Rural America Again!

The explanation of what he "meant" to say when he said rural Americans "cling" to religion, has changed more times than a high school girl getting ready for a date.

Here's tonight's explanation and I have to say it really is not much better than the first one. This guy still does not get it! He fumbles and stumbles and ... well ...

Here he claims when Washington (instead of economics) lets down rural America, "politically" (whatever that means) they turn (instead of cling) to religion and vote on guns and yes are bigots but only because politicians exploit their bigotry.

Here's my guess ... that rural America will respond by saying ... no we do not turn to religion and guns because Washington ignores us ... we turn to religion because of a deep abiding faith in God.

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Debate Video

Video will be coming later. I need some dinner. I can tell you there will be a number of clips by both Clinton and Obama on how they will raise your taxes. BTW, Charlie Gibson pinned the Messiah down pretty good. Rich in Obamaland is $75,000 ... and the interest and dividends tax will go to 28% because ... only the rich benefit. Is he nuts? 

Oh yeah and Obama stepped in the cling to religion thing again. What a maroon!

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Tonight's Hardball Moment

I actually thought Chris Matthews' discussion on the Catholic vote was a good one ... but this was a pretty funny moment so I thought I would share it.

Update: Oh brother ... how did I miss this? Never were truer words spoken. Good for you Chris.

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McCain on Life

Sorry I missed this last night. This is from the Hardball interview with Senator McCain at Villanova University Wednesday. The question was, would John McCain accept a V.P. who is not pro life. What's interesting is not just McCain's response but also the reaction of the college students. There is hope for America.

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McCain Too Old?

Jack Murtha might have trouble meeting a rigorous schedule, but that's only because he's piggin out at the pork trough.

John McCain's respoinse, on Cavuto's show, is classic.

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President Bush and Pope Benedict XVI

Wonderful, beautiful ... a celebration of life and the love of God.

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Tonight's Video On The Way

Lots cut ... just give me time to upload now. Debate video coming too.

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Cleveland zoo researchers find rare giant turtle in Vietnam

Nothin' like a happy turtle story to get you through the week.......

CLEVELAND - Researchers from the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo have discovered a rare giant turtle in northern Vietnam — a find that carries great scientific and cultural significance. Swinhoe's soft-shell turtle was previously thought to be extinct in the wild. Three other turtles of the species are in captivity, said experts from the Zoo's Asian turtle program.

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Supreme Court upholds use of lethal injections

I applaud the Supreme Court, I believe this is the correct decision. What bothers me is the last line of the article:

The Rev. Pat Delahanty, head of the Kentucky Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, said the ruling wasn't a surprise.

"We never expected it to do more than maybe slow down executions in Kentucky or elsewhere," Delahanty said. "We're going to be facing some executions soon."

To me, that's saying we purposely wasted the Supreme Court's time to further our personal agenda. And by doing that you wasted tax dollars. I would like to see some of the legitimate cases that had to be turned down to make room for this one.

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Hamas says Carter will meet two of its leaders

You HAVE to be kidding me. Though I can't say it surprises me it can still disgust me. Do you think AQ will be next on his calendar??? Read article here.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Random Morning News Headlines

McCain Calls on Congress to Institute a ‘Gas-Tax Holiday’

Obama Makes Light of ‘Bitter’ Uproar; Goes on Attack Against McCain
Pretty funny stuff from McCain Camp ... here's the Obama clip he's referring to.

Study: Divorce, Out-of-Wedlock Childbearing Cost U.S. Taxpayers More Than $112 Billion a Year

Oh and this one ... heartache ... British Man Loses 17th Century Violin Worth $400,000 After Leaving It on Train

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McCain Calls on Congress to Institute a ‘Gas-Tax Holiday’

I always says, unless you want to do something about the taxes or start pursuing oil on our own shores, I don't want to hear complaints about gas prices. Read here. But tax breaks are only temporary.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Arrogance or Deftness

Powerline has taken a look at the Messiah's attempt to extricate himself from the latest hole he has climbed into, complete with video here and here.

I think this is the most arrogant I have ever seen the Messiah. Last week he clearly told an elitist San Francisco audience that people cling to religion because they are on hard times. That small town folks are bigots and carry guns because it's all they have in their miserable lives.

Here he the unmitigated gall to say, in that holier than thou halting style I have come to dislike with great intensity, that calling him out on these remarks is politics as usual, while deftly telling an audience what they heard was not really what they heard. People who buy this tripe only prove the Messiah correct.

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McCain "With One Hand Tied Behind His Back"

OK. The headline is, Obama widens lead in North Carolina ... read more here. But here's my favorite part:

"“Despite the hundreds of thousands of dollars in television advertising and multiple personal appearances in the state by Senator Obama, Senator Clinton and their respective surrogates in the past month, neither candidate has been able to cut into Senator McCain’s lead,” DeLuca noted. "

McCain hasn't even begun to campaign, much less run adds. This could get real interesting.

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Tibet: Quiet Diplomacy?

The human rights violations in Tibet and Somalia are becoming a big problem for the Chinese government and my guess is ... it's not going away any time soon ... thanks mostly to the people who have the courage to demonstrate, blog, and otherwise plead with their leaders to address this horrible tragedy.

Two schools of thought here. National Security Advisor Steven Hadley's quiet diplomacy ...

or Olympic Speed Skater Joey Cheek who says we must continue to hold our governments accountable by speaking out.

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The New Teen Dating

Talked about this too late on the show today. Mother's lock up your daughters. At least find out what the heck they are doing.

"Forget about passing notes in study hall; some teens are now using their cell phones to flirt and send nude pictures of themselves."

Click here ... there's video too.

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This is a collection of sound from yesterday's talk shows. It is not good when even members of your own party recognize the Messiah's statements for what they are.

I give Obama a break on this one. I do not think he thinks he is being condescending. That's what is truly sad about this.

Update: Ask and you shall receive. Here's the Obama statement for reference. I am not including the video. It's all over the web and the sound quality is bad.

Update 2: Ok ... I think this is a little more relevant. I've put together some statements by him and his wife. Once is a misstep, twice, rookie mistakes. But this ... this is kinda a window into the soul. My guess is he doesn't even know why people are upset. My guess is, he had to be told.

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A lot is being made of Senator Obama's statements as to why middle America turns to religion, why they believe in the second amendment, and why they want border enforced. It is he thinks because we are economically distressed as it were.

Actually I think one of the more elitist and damning things he said came last night at the "Compassion Forum" on CNN when he said he believed it was OK for all of to talk about religion in the public square (thanks for the permission) BUT ... be prepared to admit you are wrong.

I am sure this is going over great in many religious communities. What Obama doesn't understand, because I suspect he does not believe with all his heart, is that we can be understanding of all religions but not deny our own. Senator, Christians everywhere, are losing their lives because they refuse to deny. This guy is unreal.

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British journalist rescued in Basra

So, I'm sure the MSM will ignore this one. It shows progress, and the MSM can't have that. Here's how the article begins and what stands out to me:

BAGHDAD - A kidnapped British journalist was rescued by Iraqi troops on Monday after two months in captivity in the southern city of Basra, the Iraqi military said.

The journalist also gives compliments in the way the Iraqi troops completed the raid. Read here.

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Obama lashes out at Clinton

Geez guys, maybe we can schedule a thumb war match, rocks, paper, scissors??? Something that settles a childish feud because if you took out the Obama and Clinton names and replaced them with Johnny and Suzy, this seems like a playground sandbox fight. Read here.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Vets vs. Code Pink: Class and Trash Clash on the Hill

Just the title deserved a post!!! When she says vets she's talking about Vets For Freedom's trip to Capitol Hill last week. Read full text here, and here's a preview:

Bellavia recounted a story of a visit to Sen. Jim Webb’s (D-Va.) office in which Webb assured the vets they were “on the same team” because of Webb’s military history and support of veteran legislation. While he was talking, troops noticed a large, prominently placed thank-you card from Code Pink on Webb’s desk.

Code Pink was up to their usual shenanigans and getting plenty of attention for it. A crew of about 6-8 Code Pink protesters made it into the hearing room, dressed in black mourning gowns and wearing pale face make-up, as the Code Pink blog puts it, “to demonstrate the ongoing killing as a result of the U.S. occupation.”

They were warned by Sen. Carl Levin (D.-Ill.) that they could stand in the hearing but not disrupt it. They didn’t last long

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Why Beautiful Women Marry Less Attractive Men

A question answered.........

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