Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Music Police Are Back

OK ... illegal download and sharing I get ... I get why you can't make copies of CDs and give them to your friends (actually I don't but for the sake of argument) ... but if you want to know why the music industry is dying a slow death  ... read this.

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Sunday Morning Talk Shows

Going through the shows right now. Obama to Russert on MTP ... "I am running now instead of waiting because I don't want to come back in  8 years and see that people still don't have health insurance" ... oh brother ... I don't either so let's make people buy health insurance, with dental coverage and make it affordable (as in you pay not me) and let me have access to any treatment I want (hey I am in the media ... botox is part of the game and I cant afford it).

He's a nice enough guy but this chicken in every pot thing is as old as the hills and its tired too. And its not a reason to run for President except maybe president of United Healthcare!

Come back in a few years and be a little less of a Nanny Stater and maybe I will vote for you ... but not now.

I'll have more later.

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Be The Man-ing

For the best coverage of everything Giants please visit

Ok ... first congrats to the Pats. They are a great team. No other team (sorry Cowboy fans) could have withstood the intensity the Giants brought to this game. Brady is just relentless. I am a believer!

Second I am so proud of the Giants organization. Just about every other team would have rested everyone for this game (just look at how Pitt, Dal, and Indy handled their games today with playoff spots at stake for others).

But the Giants showed why they, win or lose, are so important to the NFL. They understand football history and their place in it. It is one of the oldest and most successful franchises in league history. Yes, to you youngins', there was an NFL before the Super Bowl. Bill Belichick, for years, a Giants assistant, understood this and knew no Mara team would come out and go through the motions. He hoped .... but he knew. He knew the Giants organization would relay this message to their team and he would have a game on his hands. He did. Both teams did the NFL proud and shame on the rest of the league for not going all out no matter the situation. They play for pay in the NFL. Nuff said.

Finally a word about Eli. I have not been a fan mostly because I felt he could play this way every Sunday if he would just gut it out. Last night he did. He took it to the Pats. He played a near perfect game and his problems came after he lost Sean O'Hara his center. It took 2 series to right the ship and against the Pats that's a luxury you do not have. 250 plus yards, 4 TDs on a field with a backup center, wide receiver with gimpy knees and ankles, a guard playing tackle a rookie tight end and a running back with a knee just waiting to explode. No more please about Eli. There are maybe 4 or 5 quarterbacks I would take ahead of him (including Carson Palmer) but Phil Rivers, no ... maybe Big Ben ... maybe but no others.

Finally a hat tip to Antonio Pierce just for being on this team. For my money he doesn't even have to play. Just having him there builds confidnece. That Big Mike ... is a leader. Lucky to have him.

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Friday, December 28, 2007

More on the Huckster/Bhutto Apology

Powerline has a nice rundown on Gov Huckabee's apology for the murder of Bhutto and his backing off ... call it the "Blame America For Everything Bad" update. Once again, Gov Huckabee is a social conservative ... but that's where it ends.

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Another "Holiday Inn Express" Moment

Powerline blog points this out ... wish I had thought of it.

From Investors Business Daily.

Read the whole post for background.

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Unconstitutional! In Spirit!

If the left keeps this up I might have to take a second look at Senator Hillary ... or a 22nd look. I mean if they hate her this much ... on the other hand maybe this is a diabolical plot to win over the conservatives.

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Talk About Large Class Sizes

It's been done in college for a while ... now high school. It's a pretty kewl idea ... but if its on-line I don't get this line ...

"Those courses will be held from Jan. 23 to May 6, with enrollment on a first-come, first-served basis."

Hey ... maybe you have to cut off enrollment at 2000?

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Somebody Call The Cops

Maybe they just misplaced the stuff.

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Quitting Isn't Easy ... Really!

I've needed a smoke real bad in the past ... and not having one can make me real cranky ... just not this cranky.

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What Would Jesus Do Indeed

This is so sad ... one should never presume to speak for the Lord but my guess here is He would not be happy.

Remember though religion did not cause this to happen. This was the result of jealousy and pride and the last time I checked religion does have something to say about this.

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The Absolutely Do Nothing Congress Strikes Again

I am so conflicted. On the one hand this is one of the greatest Congresses because they can't tax and spend ... on the other hand. Hope you weren't counting on it.

PS ... one more reason not to over withhold.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Who Killed Bhutto?

A couple links here ... one from the wires and one from the ABC News.

And here's a link to the Heritage Foundation and their take. Dr James Carafano was a guest on the show this morning. I believe there is a podcast on

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Oh Brother ....

Well this will make the Bushco haters happy ... don't they have more important things to worry about like ... tax hikes for the rich, Pepsi in schools, seat belts, preschool, high school, college and health care for the world ... If I missed one call the show tomorrow.

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Best Of The Web Today

From the Wall Street Journal ... read on ...

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The Other Iraq Surge (and it's working too)

I had no idea that there was this kind of surge taking place ... guess the iraqis are ahead of us on two fronts ... their government seems to work faster than ours now ... and apparently their credit worthiness is better too ... maybe it is time to bring the troops home.

Hey if it worked there why not here?

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No Ordinary Democrat ...

I am sorry I missed this from Powerline. Sorry to see Heath Shuler is topping the list. But are they really fooling anyone ... well not now I guess.

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The CT Year In Politics

It's actually a pretty funny and well written review of the year in Connecticut politics. I have to admit ... I agree with way too many of the comments here.

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Old Folks Doing The Dishes

This is what we covered yesterday and got a lot of requests for the article.

It seems to me having senior citizens working offf their tax bill at less than Starbucks wages is a crime ... not to mention an AFSME bomb waiting to explode ... but then ... this is the government we are talking about.

Wait ... I thought the Dems cared about us old folk.

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Jeff Jacoby on McCain and Corzine

Jeff is a great columnist and a great guest ... so glad he is willing to come on the show.

Here are his columns ... always liked McCain ... maybe he is worth a LONG second look.

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Rush vs. Huckster Part 3

I listened earlier this week when Huck's staffer dissed Rush ... then read the Politico with amusement yesterday as Huckster tried to make nice ... Well now Rush is taking the high road ... but trust Huckster fans ... the damage is done.

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Great post over at Ct Local Politics. Where do you stand? Homelessness is everyone's responsibility. Individuals need to volunteer and donate money to feed and shelter the poor and needy. And certainly local town and city governments have a responsibility to become involved as well. I am not sure it is a state government issue although I could be convinced otherwise. I know its not a federal mandate. I like McKinney but he may be overreaching.

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They Are Marching In Iraq

OK ... just 1000 ... but if it was 1000 marching against the troops think we would be reading about this.

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Johnny Law Strikes Again ... and Again.

OK ... instapundit has the dumb cop ... err ... dumb criminal ... err whatever ... story of the week.

And then read this one ... I have the squiggly bulbs ... and didn't need Johnny Law to force me.

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War? What War?

I brought this up on the show last week but didn't spend a lot of time on it.

It is shameful really. After all the anger this war stirred up when things were going bad ... the American people deserve to know that things have turned around big time.

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Anti Catholic?

I have a hard time getting worked up over this story and sounds more like the reporter was more worked up than anyone. There are plenty of Christians in the north and south who do not like Catholics. I have experienced it myself.

What I am worked up about is Huckster campaigning as a "Christian Leader". This is a secular government and must be kept that way. Give praise to God for our blessings ... but stop campaigning in his house. 

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Charlie Wilson's war with "Charlie Wilson's War"

Moviefone loved the film and I am sure it is very entertaining. But it's still not necessary to traffic in myth. Read the whole post. From Drudge.

Hey even the democrat has a problem with the film ... oh well ... what do you expect when "The West Wing" is involved.

"That anti-American aspect of the film, namely that the Afghan operation ultimately caused the September 11 attacks, reportedly was altered after protests from Mr. Wilson and his former fiancee, Joanne Herring."

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Go G-Men

Had to blog this victory ... very nice win ... the giants may have a formula ... keep Eli out of the offense. For the best links and rundown on the G-Men go here ... 

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas

I think my resolution to stay up to date may hit a snag over the next few days ... Christmas is big in my house.

But I did want to take the time to wish all my listeners a Merry and Blessed Christmas. Thank you all for caring enough to listen. God Bless you all.

PS: I will still post just ...  well not quite as much till later in the week.

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Best Americana CDs 2007

Sorry this list is so late folks ...

Well here it is ... Sparky's Best of Americana CDs for 2007

Blue Rodeo "Small Miracles"
Tommy Womack "There I Said It"
Shawn Byrne "But I Digress"
Dan Cohen "Dan Cohen"
Corb Lund "Horse Soldier, Horse Soldier"

Live Americana album of the Year:

Scott Miller "Reconstruction"

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Reid out ... Dodd in?

I am not sure what these bloggers are talking about. Read the whole post. The Dems are happy with Harry Reid (why I have no idea) ... so there's a move to replace him with CHRIS DODD? Who comes up with this stuff? My head hurts.

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Kill You Husband ... Get Probation.

OK ... please ... someone e-mail me and tell me how this is possible. 

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More slight of hand!

Next time the Clintons tell you Mr Bill has not blocked the release of any Presidential papers ... point them toward this.

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Dick Durbin ... Speed Reader

Actually pretty funny. The Republicans complained they did not have enough time to go over that huge omnibus spending bill (stuffed with oink oink money for the Mass River Walk, Hillary' s Hippie Museum in Woodstock and others including Republicans).

So Dick "soldiers remind me of Hitler" Durbin told the Reps they had plenty of time.

My guess ... both parties probably had a pretty good idea of the contents anyway just not all the specifics they could exploit. More shame.

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Democrats Say Soldiers Practice Genocide

I wish I knew why they say things like this ... unfortunately ... I think I do.

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The Dems making up Quotes?

I know I should not be surprised and yet ... I am.

Seems the Dem party is upset the Manchester Union Leader endorsed McCain ... so it sent out a press release from a UL article from a year ago that criticized McCain.

Only problem is ... there was no such article. These folks are shameful.

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We are happy but ...

This is why I hate polls ...

First we are happy ..

but we are also very worried.

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More Global Warming (NOT)

This is old but worth reading.

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Don't Tase Me Bro!

I am pretty sure this is the correct choice.

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You Save The Planet!

I won't touch on this on the show but I am pretty tired of being lectured by people who use more energy in a week than I do in a year. I generally like Tom Friedman but now he's a global warming expert. Follow all the links at Powerline please.

Let's file this under "Good for thee not me"!

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John Edwards has a love child?

He is very pretty but .... ok the best link on this will be Glenn at Instapundit ... one, he's a skeptic ... "Is it true? Hey, it's the Enquirer -- so it's as reliable as the New York Times" and two he will follow it better than I.

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Dr Helen On Alimony.

Ummm ... oh never mind. Read and enjoy.

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Time's Man of The Year

Because sometimes it takes a tyrant!

"TIME's Person of the Year is not and never has been an honor. It is not an endorsement. It is not a popularity contest. At its best, it is a clear-eyed recognition of the world as it is —for better or for worse. It is ultimately about leadership—bold, earth-changing leadership. Putin is not a boy scout. He is not a democrat in any way that the West would define it. He is not a paragon of free speech. He stands, above all, for stability—stability before freedom, stability before choice, stability in a country that has hardly seen it for a hundred years. "

OK now I get it ... sometimes civil liberties have to be curbed in a dangerous world.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ed Koch On Al Gore

Nice to see the VP get called on this.

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OK ... I actually used to think that the Clinton family and Bush family were actually one in the same ... that they had some kind of deal going on ... you know Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton, Bush ... well you get the idea. But it was just one of those wild dreams. Crazy.

and then this? headlined at Drudge.

Naah ... couldn't be.

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The Grass Is Always Greener

One more Powerline post ... I file this under my neighbor's lawn looks sooooooo green.

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Powerline had the story. Combine this with stories of Christian persecution in some parts of Iraq and ongoing in Southeast Asia and with respect to Bill O'Reilly, the war on Christmas isn't just for Christmas anymore. I sense a trend.

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When Good News IS Bad News

Instapundit points this out. Actually you would expect that online sales might not match the percentage growth from previous years. I would expect online sales increases would be greatest in its infancy and show slower increases overtime. But I could be wrong.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Bilingual is so overrated!

What do you call someone who speaks many languages? Bilingual.
What do you call someone who can't speak Dutch? Miss Belgium. Ha!

I know ... another beauty of a story ... but ... this one is really different. Bilingual is so overrated!

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You too can be a talk show host!

Now everybody wants their own talk show ... even jihadists!  Geeze ... next thing you know they'll be playing my music too.

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Who says TV people are all style and no substance?

I didn't get to this this morning ... but desperately wanted to. It's about a Philly anchor girl (hey, if its good enough for Senator Clinton) ... anyway seems she was riding with her boyfriend in New York ... well ... you gotta read it.

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The Voice of God

Thanks to Instapundit for this one.

It actually is about the US Navy ... but is there a difference?

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Go Joe!

Senator Lieberman certainly has the attention of conservative bloggers with his McCain endorsement. Powerline has some thoughts here ... and ... here.

A McCain/Lieberman ticket sure sounds interesting though ... or is it Lieberman/McCain.

Then again with the way things are going in Iraq now ... maybe nobody cares about an anti-terrror ticket.

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Senate is ethically challenged!

Like I said last week ... just what we need is another ethics panel because its sooooo hard to determine just what is ethical. (Kudos to the Courant)

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Party Time

Great column from Kevin in the Hartford Courant. I have trouble just getting people to show up for my birthday ... and I am not even charging them ... and the food is free. But then again ... 

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Back Again

OK ... my bad ... a little lax in posting but it is the holiday season. 

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Friday, December 7, 2007

Brave, smart and beautiful!

As you know, I know more than just a few women soldiers ... my friend and Iraq War Veteran (and married) Melissa stands out ... but there's Jess too and others. Smart, brave and beautiful

Well as Glenn Reynolds notes ... Connecticut has no monopoly.

Check out Miss Utah.

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

I am so with it.

"It's like explaining the difference between a Buick and a BMW. Both get you from here to there, only the ride is generally smoother and more fun." USA Today

Since I will never own a real BMW (I prefer my Wrangler) ... it's nice to know I own the BMW of computers ... USA Today's words ... not mine. 

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Iraq ... just not worth the trouble anymore.

No ... not that way. It seems the media doesn't have much interest in "The Quagmire" anymore.

"After the massive coverage that our setbacks in Iraq received from the mainstream media, one would expect that success would at least receive equal treatment. (No, actually, I didn't, but bear with the rhetorical argument.)" Check out Captain's Quarters.

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The Bush Housing Bailout

"Can we just skip past the primaries and get on with an open-field general election so a new president can take over next month?"

Couldn't have said it better myself. Read Philip Klein.

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What Are They Thinking?

The smoking police, the food police and now the Starbucks Wi-Fi police. Congress passed a piece of legislation that defies explanation. Be afraid .... be very afraid.

"This is stupid, unworkable, and betrays a deep ignorance about how these things -- especially wi-fi spots -- actually work. Which makes it a fit product for this Congress. . . ."

Glenn Reynolds has a way with words ... a good way. Read the whole story

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Romney on Religion

Here's video of the speech and the text as well at Powerline. Thanks to Scott Johnson for being on the show today.

My Point on this is pretty simple. I find it amazing that a candidate has to give this speech in America today and wish he had not ... but that's done and over with. It was indeed eloquent and I think in many ways a powerful one on the role of religion in America. But the comparisons with Kennedy's speech I think are off base. The Baptists were concerned, I believe, about Kennedy's religion because of the Papacy and to a much lesser extent dogma. To whom did he owe his allegiance - the country or the Vatican.

In Romney's case, as I understand it, Evangelical's were not so much concerned about his loyalty to country. Their concerns, as I understand it, lie more in dogma and see the LDS as a cult. 

Of course in both cases, for some, it's simply hatred and mistrust. But no speech will change that. I, of course, could be very wrong but I doubt he won over those, nor do I think he answered any questions they may have ... and the rest of us never cared about his religion. So for me the speech was nothing more than an historical essay on religion in America.

I wish we judged a person, not so much by the faith they profess, but by their actions. Works tell us more about a person's belief than words. Words without works are empty.

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More on the NIE

The headline reads "Cheney Blasts Top Democrats" ... but Powerline gets to the essence.

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I'm Just Wild About Harry ...

Double ouch ... this man is just despicable ...

"Meanwhile, Mr. Reid is poised to call another vote linking emergency war funds to a plan for a U.S. pullout from Iraq. The same measure failed in a vote lost month, as did 63 similar Iraq votes this year."

In the words of my friend John O'Neill, Lt, USN, (Ret.) ... Harry better hurry up and surrender before we win this war.

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GOP wary of Bush's rate freeze

"The Bush administration is running into unexpected opposition ..." Unexpected? Video of Hillary's take here as well.

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The Flaws In the Iran Report

In the words of ET ... ouch!

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Welcome Back

To me ... to you ... we are finally after a two year absence ... back on line.

This is where you can come to review the articles we talked about on the show this morning and links to guests and artist websites.

Please make sure to take our poll.

We will begin video blogging this week too.

Best to all, Jim.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Should women get married?

I really wanted to get to this on my show today ... oh well ... enjoy. One of my favorite reads is Dr Helen ... thanks to Instapundit for this one.

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For those who want to get to know the real Iran and how they are killing your sons and daughters even today ... check this out.

Thanks to Instapundit for bringing it to my attention too.

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The Best of The NIE

First ... here's a link to some NIE highlights (lowlights?) thanks to Hotair. It makes sense to read this before you comment and join the Bush lied crowd.

Then for a little "inside baseball" on the current NIE ... check Powerline. They link to Marc Falcoff's analysis  and and this  NY Sun editorial.

Finally you might want to check out this link to the Weekly Standard's take on the NIE. Talk about an about face ... Thomas Fingar ... one of the NIE authors, told Congress in July he thought Iran was determined to develop nuclear weapons.

OK enough ... can we move on now?

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