Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday Morning Talk Shows

Going through the shows right now. Obama to Russert on MTP ... "I am running now instead of waiting because I don't want to come back in  8 years and see that people still don't have health insurance" ... oh brother ... I don't either so let's make people buy health insurance, with dental coverage and make it affordable (as in you pay not me) and let me have access to any treatment I want (hey I am in the media ... botox is part of the game and I cant afford it).

He's a nice enough guy but this chicken in every pot thing is as old as the hills and its tired too. And its not a reason to run for President except maybe president of United Healthcare!

Come back in a few years and be a little less of a Nanny Stater and maybe I will vote for you ... but not now.

I'll have more later.