Friday, January 4, 2008

Rush On Fox Last Night

Rush called into Fox late last night to give his take. (To be accurate ... the anchors kept pleading with him to call in ... must be nice to be so ... ummm ... desired?) The Rep race he said is just beginning ... no trend here ... nothing to see ... move along.

Rush would not be diverted (although Shep Smith tried) .... The real story he thinks ... Senator Obama's win. Are we witnessing an end to Clinton era, he asks? I will have sound this morning. My guess is "It's an Earthquake!!!!". I will have that sound too.

Update: Huckster on Fox and Friends this morning talking about Rush. Will you make nice nice with Rush? Huckster: "I called and e-mailed him ... we'll see if he calls me now." Memo to the Huckster ... how long can you hold your breath?