Saturday, January 5, 2008

Too Scary For Most?

On Friday Mr Moviefone recommended "The Orphanage" ... a Spanish film with English subtitles. The ghost story is so scary, and so well done, Mr Moviefone said he didn't even bother reading the subtitles.

Today I get an e-mail from my friend Nils ... and a big movie fan ... especially of the ones that I like ... non-mainstream indies. Here's what he wrote:

"If you want to get a good idea of what Del Toro's new ghost film is like, check out - The Devil's Backbone is ... a Del Toro ghost story about ... an orphanage. I suspect that the new film is a sequel to The Devil's Backbone.
Word of warning about del Toro. He does very very very graphic horror. Extremely graphic. I have even advised others to NOT watch Pan's Labyrinth just because it is graphically one of the most horrible depictions of evil ever made. Okay - the worst."

If you can take it prepare to be scared.

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Corruption In Iraq ... UN Style

It seems Iraqi officials say corruption became a way of life ... under the UN oil for food program ... read Glenn Reynolds take over at Instapundit ... I agree!

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Islamic Extremism ... Conflict in the DOD

My buddy Jeff tipped me off to this ... in an e-mail ... and then Powerline blogged on it. This is scary folks ... Now we are eliminating DOD officials who aren't soft enough on Islamic Extremism? Oh Brother ... we are doomed.

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2008 Predictions

Another nice post from CT Local Politics. I don't always agree ... but they are funny and witty and entertaining.

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I just seem to become more cutting edge every day ... here's the link ... but you may have to sign up to read ... here's the jist from the Mercury News ...

"This year will go down as an exciting one for technology. Here are 10 things that caught my attention in 2007:
1. Apple iPhone: ... Apple tossed out the design parameters for cell phones and came up with a device based on what you wished cell phones would be. The phone has a 3.5-inch display, a touch screen that makes it easier to use your fingers to browse Web pages, an instant link to YouTube's top videos and an easy way to call contacts or create group calls."

"3. iMac: The newest iMacs, equipped with the patched Leopard operating system, are worth considering as an alternative to Windows Vista. At the beginning of the year, I never thought I would say that. While Microsoft took some heat for problems related to Vista's sluggish performance, Apple doesn't have that problem. The new iMacs look great as wireless all-in-one units without a lot of ugly cables."

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Hillary Done?

Philip Klein over at the American Spectator thinks its over for the Jr Senator from NY.

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On Music And Coffee

I will be publishing the articles that catch my eye today ... promise ... but I need some coffee ... out with friends last night listening to ... what else ... fiddle music. You folks in Tennesse, Alabama and Texas have no idea how lucky you are ... original music all the time ... Alt country, Americana, Rock, Music Row Country, whatever. Here not so much ... and its mostly cover songs. (Covering what else? Music Row songs)

Interestingly all of the local New England musicians I know tell me they have their own stuff ... but people want to hear and dance to the cover songs and they, the musicians want to work so ...

It's a shame really ... next time you hear a New England musician ask him or her to play one of their songs. Don't worry ... they'll have one.

PS: Speaking of coffee, what's up with Starbucks ... you're killing my retirement, guys.

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Good Evening Mr President!

Our own Melissa Weaver (SGT, USANG, Iraq '03-'04) with her Dad and the President of the United States. Not bad ... not bad at all.

The picture was taken at a holiday reception for veterans just before Christmas.

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Rush On Fox Last Night

Rush called into Fox late last night to give his take. (To be accurate ... the anchors kept pleading with him to call in ... must be nice to be so ... ummm ... desired?) The Rep race he said is just beginning ... no trend here ... nothing to see ... move along.

Rush would not be diverted (although Shep Smith tried) .... The real story he thinks ... Senator Obama's win. Are we witnessing an end to Clinton era, he asks? I will have sound this morning. My guess is "It's an Earthquake!!!!". I will have that sound too.

Update: Huckster on Fox and Friends this morning talking about Rush. Will you make nice nice with Rush? Huckster: "I called and e-mailed him ... we'll see if he calls me now." Memo to the Huckster ... how long can you hold your breath?

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Fair Taxers, and Homeschoolers, and Bible Study Members

“We’re going up against a loose confederation of fair taxers, and homeschoolers, and Bible study members, and so this will be a test to see who can generate the most bodies on caucus day,” Fehrnstrom said.“Not that there’s anything wrong with any of those groups?” I interrupted.“Not that there’s anything wrong, but that’s just a fact,” Fehrnstrom continued.

Read the whole thing at National Review.

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Looks Like The Earthquake Left Republican Town in Shambles

OK ... really ... where is Fema?

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The Dems ... it's an Earthquake

That's how Tim Russert this morning likened Obama's win in Iowa .... yow ... what magnatude? And where's FEMA when you need them.

Here's Hillary's take.

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Bring Your Cell Phone

... well at least until some politician makes this illegal too. In this case ... it might have come in handy!

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Who Lost Fallujah

Will this really surprise anyone? Really?

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Corporate Greed

This a double post ...
First watch this video ...

Then read this post by Powerline on John Edwards corporate greed strategy ... it is pandering at its worst. I do not doubt Mr Bishops sincerity. But the story has a much different tone when all of the blanks are filled in. Mr Bishop has not only landed on his feet but this Iowa town may indeed be stronger because of what happened.

Then read this! Dr. Williams the penned this column on corporate greed that is a must read and explains why I like him so much.

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Hunter ... or Hunted?

In business (even in the media biz) swimming with the sharks is dangerous unless you know what you are doing .... but this is crazy.

Photo from South Africa's Great White Shark, by Thomas Peschak and Michael Scholl.
More pics there!

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Col Austin Bay This Morning

Col Austin Bay will join us this morning at 10:35 to discuss his article on Strategy Page "The Terrorists Tet". It's a good read ... do your homework everyone.

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Caught this last night while I was crusing the web on my new IPhone ... Did not realize the President could put a stop to the pork. I expect this from the Democrats. It's what they do. Still its comforting to know that even in the minority Republicans can still take home your bacon and then fry your wallet up in the pan.

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Prof Walter Williams Wife Has Passed On

I am late with this but wanted to post. Dr. Williams has been a dear friend to this show. Here is his post from New Year's Eve. If you would life to send him an e-mail his address is:

From Professor Walter Williams: "It is with great sadness that I inform you that Connie, my friend of 50 years and my wife of nearly 48 years, died peacefully yesterday, December 29th. The day after Christmas she had a very minor fall. After the fall she said that she felt okay and we proceeded to eat dinner which went normally. After dinner she felt a bit strange and made an effort to get up from the chair. That was when the effect of the fall started taking place. Within a few minutes, she became totally verbally unresponsive. I called 911. The paramedics arrived quickly and she was helicoptered to University of Pennsylvania trauma center. It turned out that the fall was enough to cause a severe subdural hematoma. She underwent emergency surgery. The neurosurgeon’s prognosis both before and after the surgery was not promising at all. Devyn, who had just left to return to Los Angeles, where she now lives, returned the next day. Connie made me promise there would be no funeral or memorial services for her and I intend to abide by those wishes. She always said that our 35 years in our home in Devon, Pennsylvania, have been the happiest of her life. Therefore, her wish was to be cremated and her remains scattered about our property so that she will always be here. I have lost a dear wife and friend and the person whose partnership with me accounts for much of our success. Devyn has lost a loving mother. And you’ve lost a delightful friend."

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

God and Politics

Here's the web link for John Rankin and the Theolgical Education Institute ...

I think Johns words on "take back" language particularly interesting. John thinks my instincts on Gov Huckabee are correct saying "in his estimation, he is putting politics ahead of the Gospel.

His book is "The Six Pillars Of Honest Politics"

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Two Americas ... How About Two Chinas?

Hey come on .... where's China's John Edwards?

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Huckabee's Success ... Bloggers? Not Really.

This article is getting attention this morning on, Instapundit, and HotAir .... but work your way on over to Captain's Quarters and you will see it was all a setup ... the Huckster strikes again.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Huckster Video

Hot Air has some great video of the press conference ... listen at least until the 3 minute mark where Huck tells reporters I won't be negative but I could have been and here's my negative ad I will not run. Then he runs the ad ... then the press laughter ... too much.

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First We Get Rid Of The Lawyers' ... Boyfriends!

Not sure this is quite what Shakespeare had in mind.

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Huck the Huckster strikes again!

I explained why I do not like this man yesterday on the air ... for me it started with the "I'm A Christian Leader" ad. Yes, as a Christian, I have a real problem with that. I like my politicians who use their faith to stand firm in their core values, who believe in that higher authority through whom all of our blessings flow. I like it when they acknowledge it publically... BUT ... I do not like my politicians to use their religion as a campaign slogan. It smacks of ... well ... hucksterism.

Here's the latest on the Governor from Powerline.

PS ... what is in the water in Arkansas anyway.

PPS ... I will add some sound in a bit from Sunday's MTP to illustrate my point that the Governor is first a politician .... everything else comes second.

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Happy New Year

2008 ... yikes ... I still think that 1980 wasn't that long ago. Here's hoping for a great year for all of you. Let's keep the soldiers in our prayers all year ... and their families ... but most of all the families of those who have paid the ultimate price. May their great work lead us all to a safer and more peaceful world. Amen!

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Music Police Are Back

OK ... illegal download and sharing I get ... I get why you can't make copies of CDs and give them to your friends (actually I don't but for the sake of argument) ... but if you want to know why the music industry is dying a slow death  ... read this.

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Sunday Morning Talk Shows

Going through the shows right now. Obama to Russert on MTP ... "I am running now instead of waiting because I don't want to come back in  8 years and see that people still don't have health insurance" ... oh brother ... I don't either so let's make people buy health insurance, with dental coverage and make it affordable (as in you pay not me) and let me have access to any treatment I want (hey I am in the media ... botox is part of the game and I cant afford it).

He's a nice enough guy but this chicken in every pot thing is as old as the hills and its tired too. And its not a reason to run for President except maybe president of United Healthcare!

Come back in a few years and be a little less of a Nanny Stater and maybe I will vote for you ... but not now.

I'll have more later.

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Be The Man-ing

For the best coverage of everything Giants please visit

Ok ... first congrats to the Pats. They are a great team. No other team (sorry Cowboy fans) could have withstood the intensity the Giants brought to this game. Brady is just relentless. I am a believer!

Second I am so proud of the Giants organization. Just about every other team would have rested everyone for this game (just look at how Pitt, Dal, and Indy handled their games today with playoff spots at stake for others).

But the Giants showed why they, win or lose, are so important to the NFL. They understand football history and their place in it. It is one of the oldest and most successful franchises in league history. Yes, to you youngins', there was an NFL before the Super Bowl. Bill Belichick, for years, a Giants assistant, understood this and knew no Mara team would come out and go through the motions. He hoped .... but he knew. He knew the Giants organization would relay this message to their team and he would have a game on his hands. He did. Both teams did the NFL proud and shame on the rest of the league for not going all out no matter the situation. They play for pay in the NFL. Nuff said.

Finally a word about Eli. I have not been a fan mostly because I felt he could play this way every Sunday if he would just gut it out. Last night he did. He took it to the Pats. He played a near perfect game and his problems came after he lost Sean O'Hara his center. It took 2 series to right the ship and against the Pats that's a luxury you do not have. 250 plus yards, 4 TDs on a field with a backup center, wide receiver with gimpy knees and ankles, a guard playing tackle a rookie tight end and a running back with a knee just waiting to explode. No more please about Eli. There are maybe 4 or 5 quarterbacks I would take ahead of him (including Carson Palmer) but Phil Rivers, no ... maybe Big Ben ... maybe but no others.

Finally a hat tip to Antonio Pierce just for being on this team. For my money he doesn't even have to play. Just having him there builds confidnece. That Big Mike ... is a leader. Lucky to have him.

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