Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thoughts On Sarah

Much is being made on political web sites and in the main stream media about which voters Governor Sarah Palin can and cannot deliver come November. Dissatisfied Hillary supporters? Republican Women? Feminists? Some conservatives and many liberal pundits don't like the choice, calling it a desperate pander to lure unhappy and hurt Hillary voters. Possibly, but I don't think so. But even if that is true, the unintended consequences have begun to far outweigh any other targeted gains.

The theme this election year appears to be change. And why not. The GW Bush years have been arduous to say the least, angering both conservatives (No Child Left Behind, immigration and complacency on Congressional spending) and liberals for reasons too numerous to mention here. The constant drone from the left (Bush Lied People Died, Bush Is a Nazi, Selected Not Elected) would be enough to make even the sternest parent say, "OK, OK ... yes you can go to the prom."

But the McCain camp seems to have figured out when it comes to most Americans, in particular its disaffected and defecting base, its never been about "Change You Can Believe In". That works just fine for the New Age Democrats who always seem to measure success in the immeasurable: how one feels, or simply intent. While conservatives restrict faith to their God, The New Age Democrats extend it to their policies. 

On the other hand, intent to most conservatives and Republitarians, like myself, is meaningless. Results and only results matter. I can remember well as a child my Mother and my Father encouraging me to try of course, but there would be no congratulations without results. And why should there be. It breeds half hearted attempts and builds a false sense of self.

No, the McCain camp has figured out, most voters in America prefer results over slogans and it is giving them just that. Enter Sarah Palin, a 44 year old mother of 5, rifleman, hockey coach, and corruption buster. In just 20 months as Governor she has shaken Alaska politics to its core. As a Republican she challenged the Republican establishment first cleaning up corruption in the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, followed quickly by taking on the entrenched Republican Governor in a primary, winning there and then going on to sweep through the general election.

In 20 short months she has passed major ethics legislation, taxed oil companies who she said had bribed legislators to keep taxes low and then turned the money over to the citizens of Alaska, and finally put in motion a $40 billion natural gas pipeline to, in her words, "help lead America to energy independence". Now that's change you can believe in and count on. She has done more in changing and cleaning up the landscape of politics in the country's largest, and likely one of the dirtiest, states in the nation than most politicians do in a lifetime.

So what the McCain camp knows now, even if they didn't before, is that Sarah Palin, while she may bring in new women, she most assuredly has charged up the base and woke the sleeping giant that helped put George Bush in office, and even Democrats know that at the very least that means they now have a fight on their hands and what we have learned is, Sarah Palin has never shied from a fight.

A victory for Republicans in November seemed unlikely earlier this year, perhaps earlier last week and Sarah Palin certainly does not equal victory. But as she shook Alaska to its core, she has shaken the Conservative base out of its slumber, and it took a gun totin', hockey coaching, corruption busting, mother of 5 to do it.

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S. RES. 636

Recognizing the strategic success of the troop surge in Iraq and expressing gratitude to the members of the United States Armed Forces who made that success possible.


July 31, 2008

Keep reading. How anyone can NOT vote for this I do NOT understand. We'll keep you posted.

~Post by Mel

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Virtual Patriotism

A great Veteran's perspective on the DNC from David Bellavia, a founder of Vets For Freedom and outstanding soldier. I had a hard time picking my favorite part to share but here it is.......

When the Democratic party’s mainstream proposed cutting the funding for the war in Iraq in August 2007, Sen. Joseph Biden responded eloquently: “There’s no political point worth anybody’s life out there. None.”

Amen, sir. There is also no political point or party platform worth the cheapening of those brave men and women who gave their utmost to protect our fundamental freedoms. None.

MUST read the full piece here.

~Post by Mel


Great article and a must read. My two favorite parts were these:
Talking about the Pepsi Center "This place makes Vegas look like a Kosovo."

and, referring to the Dems passing a new GI benefits bill: “Thank you for the new GI Bill, Congress. But I am winning the war you sent me to fight and told me I couldn’t win. Can I get a little respect instead?”

I have said this on the air before, the only veterans these guys seem to like are the ones who they can turn into victims. The Military folk I know very much appreciate the better benefits (although let's wait and see if the Feds can deliver), but they would like it a whole lot more if you would let them fight your damn war without politicians interfering.

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Yeah Baby!

I am just in love with this woman. Anyone out there know where I can get "Sarah For Vice President" stickers made? This video is from the Draft Palin For VP site courtesy of Michelle Malkin ... who BTW says "I'm Impressed." Hey, who wouldn't be?

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Well Now Pilgrim ... Let's Go Get Em!

Obama and the gang love the phrase "get it", as in "We get it, this little girl gets it, I get it, McCain just doesn't get it." Get it?

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Great Analysis Of Last Night's Obamamania!

Mel brought this to my attention. Thought you would like to read this post at Power Line.

Sorry about the format. This was posted from my new 3G iPhone.


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Caught on live audio: The media sexist insults begin

Here we go, didn't even take a day for it to start. Now Gov Palin can take it, I have no doubt about that but it is ridiculous. I'm usually the last to bring up the woman stuff, it's not my style nor how I operate. I'm not about excuses or pity but this bothers me. If it was people making comments about Sen Obama and African Americans it would be the leading news story. People would be outraged. This probably won't make more than a blog or Fox News. We saw the same things being dealt to Hillary and it was no big deal. People making comments about what would she do with her finger on the button if she had her period or PMS that day. Why is this not a big deal??? Why is this not acceptable??? I was not a Hillary fan by any means but still thought it was absolutely unacceptable. I realized then that there was MUCH more hostility and unacceptance of a woman in power than any qualms of an African American President. And sadly, for some reason women bashing is acceptable.

Now I'm not talking law suits here, I think that stuff is crazy. What would I do??? I'd thank them and say I know I have a hot ass. But thanks for confirming the obvious and move on. I have found that is a much more affective tactic. I'm not bitter. I'm not whining. I'm just saying it's sad.

Read Michele's post here.

~Post by Mel

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Live from Denver

Really, I truly try to keep an open mind when I watch these things. I could go on and on about what I thought about this speech. It actually angered me at parts. But I'm not because I feel it can summed up in one post from the blog on Pajamas Media by Stephen Green.

8:58PM I’m sorry I didn’t practice my George Costanza, because this was the speech about nothing. Read here.

You really must read. This guy is not a John McCain fan. This isn't a McCain supporter piece. Just live opinions of the speech as it's being heard. It's great. I found myself saying a lot of the same things minus the McCain digs. I don't think he's evil.

~Post by Mel

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Bill Clinton Was Too Inexperienced To Be Commander in Chief

Jim Geraghty dissects the statement. A must read.......goes line by line of incidents that occurred during the Clinton Administration. Read here.

~Post by Mel

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Loving the Troops, Hating Their Mission

Another right on by Pete Hegseth. How the Dems are STILL trying to stick by the surge didn't work is beyond me. Here's the first few lines.....

Denver — Yesterday, I once again watched Speaker Nancy Pelosi stubbornly deny the success of the surge. Under questioning from Tom Brokaw on Meet the Press, Pelosi insisted that — despite dramatic improvements on the ground — the surge has not been successful because “the Iraqi government has not stepped up to the plate. . . . ” Continue reading

~Post by Mel

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Vets For Freedom: Senator Acknowledge The Surge

Hey ... our friend Capt. Peter Hegseth has a new ad ... and here it is

Thanks Peter ...

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Me And Mrs Jones

If you want to hear what the "new" Democrats consider the role of the Federal Government should be go no farther than Governor Duval Patrick's speech last night. We're all kids on the playground and the government is Mrs Jones. And people in Connecticut ask "Why are you a conservative". Just remember everyone will be watching what you do ... and its OK.

The Money Line: Scroll forward to 05:01:12

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Off Message? Change We Can Count On

Pretty nice ... pretty fast ... pretty effective ... but likely preaching to the choir.

Oh ... and I like the countdown "gaffe" clock at the RNC

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