Friday, September 5, 2008


Some pretty funny bumper stickers here.

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Holy Cow!!! He finally said it!!!

It took Bill O'Reilly to get it out of him. Aired last night was the first piece of Bill O'Reilly's sit down with Barack Obama.

The troop surge in Iraq has been more successful than anyone could have imagined, Barack Obama conceded Thursday in his first-ever interview on FOX News’ “The O’Reilly Factor.”

Now if you watch the video (link below), you'll see he dances around why he didn't support the surge. And never really tells us why it took him this long to admit it worked. And even though he did admit it worked, he still throws all the other typical talking points in. It almost felt like to me watching it, that he knew he had to concede and say it, and it was painful for him. But hey, he said it. Progress. Now lets see if he votes for the Senate Resolution 636. Al though, I don't see how politically he can't.

Here's a video link also if you'd like to watch it.

~Post by Mel

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The Free Speech Crowd Strikes Again

It happened four times during McCain's acceptance speech. He not only handled it with class and dignity he turned it to his advantage. I know you want to stop me, he said ... so I will just say it again.

BTW ... she's claiming she was mishandled ... the video indeed shows otherwise. Go here to see (H/T Instapundit)

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Protesters Interrupt McCain Speech

You see, stuff like this is why John McCain has a chance in November. The nastier and more disrespectful the other side gets, the more people get behind John McCain and Sarah Palin. Americans don't like dirty play. They want straight up, straight forward people without the nonsense. Disrupting the nomination speech??? Just straight up childish and rude. There's a time and a place and that wasn't it. Just as their plans for kidnapping delegates is insane. I don't think these protesters are the brightest. They just made asses out of themselves on national television and didn't rally people behind their cause, they scared people away.

Now I want to bring up one other point about this. Getting credentials for the RNC is not the easiest thing. Security was no joke around there. So, my question is, will they release where these protesters credentials came from??? Because I have a few guesses!!!

Read article here. There's also a video link in the article if you wanted to watch it. Surprise, surprise CNN keeps all cameras on the disruptive protesters!!! But kudos to John McCain for making a joke about it, laughing and moving on.

~Post by Mel

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Now, it’s her hair

Michele Malkin is keeping us up to date on the latest attempt from the wacko media to TRY to smack down Sarah Palin. And I say TRY, because I don't think there's any stopping her no matter how hard they try. America likes her, and America understands her when she speaks. Read Michele's column here.

~Post by Mel

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Sarah Palin On Trig

I am sorry I forgot to post this. In many ways it was the most important part of the speech. Trig is her newest child and has Down Syndrome.

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Giuliani On Obama Foreign Policy

What makes this so funny is its so true. I followed this as it unfolded and have the sound as well. Right after the Georgia invasion McCain called on Putin to put the tanks inreverse, Obama called on both sides to cool down. By the time it was all over Obama was echoing McCain.

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Charles Krauthammer on Sarah Palin's Speech

She cut him to pieces ...

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A Pit Bull In Heals

Here's the immediate reaction from Chris Wallace and Karl Rove: a pit bull in heals indeed.

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Sarah Takes On Obama and his Styrofoam Pillars

on ... taxes, big government, terror ... and empty speeches. And now you know why they called her "Sarah Baracuda"

Last post ... rest on the show tomorrow

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Sarah "I Put It On E-Bay"

She took on the oil companies, took their leases, taxed em and gave the money to the people. So tell me again why you don't like her? Oh yeah ... she sold the plane.

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Sarah On The DC Elitist Media

Coming from a former, and may I say award winning, journalist ... this is the money line. Take that MSM!

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Sarah on "Bitter Clingers"

I grew up in a small town ... she spoke for all of us tonight.

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Just A Small Town Mayor

Got it Senator ... a budget, employees, citizens, accountability. Small town America.

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Don't Mess With Sarah

Ummm ... no wonder they are afraid ... just a small town girl with small town values. Look out Joe Biden. Here comes Sarah Baracuda!

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Meet The First Woman President ... err Vice President

I'll just let her talk. The speech tonight was a home run ... err ... hat trick

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New McCain Ad

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Guiliani ... just what is a community organizer?

It's the question the media has never asked. I wonder why.  Then there's Alan being Alan. 

My guess is the media never asked because it doesn't want to know the answer.

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The Real Debate

I like Newt's style ... my guess is Sarah would win.

And while you are at it ... take the poll over at Glenn Reynolds Place ... seems great minds.

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Disgustingly Typical

Another example of fair and balanced reporting. Michelle Malkin is the best.
US Weekly for Palin and then US Weekly for Obama. Michelle Malkin says when you learn who the publisher is ... it's no surprise.

And while you are at it read her latest column at TownHall on sexism in this race.

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Newt Jumps Ugly on Ron Allen

Over at Hot Air they caught this in an hour I missed. This is pretty doggone good and Newt's frustration is understandable. Memo to reporters ... keep pushin ... you are turning Palin into a hero.

BTW ... I worked with Ron Allen. I always found him to be a smart hard working independent reporter so I have no idea if he's been infected by MSNBC disease. Here's hoping he has not.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Almost time to come home, just as it's getting started!!!

I'll be glad to get back to normal CT!!! I don't have to worry about getting sprayed with bleach walking down the streets of CT. I actually hadn't heard about what happened to the CT delegates until I called home tonight. As I mentioned before, I was at a veteran's event today so I was out of the news loop. I hope that they are ok. If I was here tomorrow I'd try to connect with them to make sure they're ok.

So, while I was only here a short time, what an experience. Where else can you almost run into Bill Kristol in the hallway of the Xcel Center and walk by Greta Van Susteren on the street. And I have to say, it's nice to be in an environment where you're not afraid be tell people yes when they ask if you're a veteran.

I didn't put myself out there to meet a lot of people. I was more about observing from the background. Just watching things happen. I do want to share one memorable meeting though, Kevin Farley, the brother of Chris Farley. He was at the veterans event I attended today, a humble guy,  he never mentioned his famous brother. He looks like him and he's funny. But what a nice guy and he's all about supporting veterans. 

When someone thanked him for coming he said,"Absolutely, anything I can do for you guys," meaning the veterans. I talked with him about how amazing the Gold Star Moms and Families are. He was just really a breath of fresh air. I'll be buying a ticket to his new movie!!!

Here's the Fox report on it.


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Two More Howlers

It's just one more great Powerline Post ... as as they put ... "Two more howlers by Obama."

John asks ... ya think the media could spare a little time away from Bristol Palin's baby to cover the Obama gaffs?

John the answer we know is no ... fortunately there will be so many more.

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Today At The Convention

I'm attending veteran networking events off site today, which is my reason for being here, so I'm excited for that. Hopefully there are still windows in the building we're going to.

Before I leave, one more word on the protesters. As I was watching the video coverage this morning, I was struck by how the only thing they seem to be doing is terrorizing people. Everyday folk are scared. Everyone has to walk to a certain point to pick shuttles or walk to hotels. So, maybe the protesters can remember that while they have the right to protest, the people attending the convention have the same right to attend. And they should have the right to walk safely on the streets of St Paul.

At the same time let me say that either former or current military people here can't wait to run into the anti-war crowd. Because it usually goes down like this: they're chanting some little line they came up with, but if you actually engage them and ask questions they get stumped and don't know what to do.

When Fox News this morning showed pictures of top government officials, presumably the object of their scorn, to the protesters, most couldn't even identify any of them. One, who actually actually admitted he didn't know a one, laughed like it was no big deal. I'm hoping they'll be less of them around the town today as school is back in session.


p.s. - what's with the masks of the the protesters??? If you truly believe in what you're doing you shouldn't need a mask. One word, childish.

Update: Mel is a blogger for RadioVice and a veteran of the Iraq War 2003-2004 with the 143rd Military Police Company. Her dutites while there were to patrol the streets of Baghdad among other things. She is the Connecticut Captain of the Veterans For Freedom Organization.


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Pajamas TV

Many of our show's favorite bloggers and may I say more than accomplished will be playing a big part in the new "Pajamas TV" enterprise ... (including show regulars Powerline) ... webcasting live and on tape from the RNC. If you have not gone there and watched you should make a point of doing so. The coverage is inclusive, insightful and complete.
These people are hardly teens in their basement which makes the name so ironic. If you listen to me you know they are Professors, Lawyers, retired journalists, and national columnists ... professionals all. Go there now ... familiarize yourself with the site and have at it.

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Monday, September 1, 2008

John Kerry Psychic Hot Line

I wonder if he has an 800 number too. This video is for entertainment purposes. Senator Kerry on ABC's This Week responding to McCain's pick of my girl Sarah as VP. He says he alone knows who Senator McCain really wanted but picked Palin anyway because of Rush Limbaugh and ...... well just watch the video ... as Allahpundit says at Hot Air ... the money line is at the end.

I am still not sure what "a prisoner of the right wing attack not a maverick" is. Guess he got all caught up in the left wing attack not a maverick.

Note: I know this is late but I was at a wedding yesterday at the Connecticut shore. Beautiful.

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Seriously, Enough With The Protesting

Editor's Note: 
Mel will be posting from the RNC this week. A veteran of the Iraqi war as an Army MP she is with the Veteran's For Freedom Organization.

UpDate: Video added below. ( We are reposting the video. You Tube has been burping)

We got it, you made your point. We know how you feel. It's what we hear in the MSM everyday. I just hope you realize that all you're really accomplishing is making the men and women of law enforcement put in overtime and deal with a problem that's not their fault. Believe me, I've talked to some of them, they have plenty better things to do than stand around in riot gear.I don't know what you think you're doing by attempting to stop traffic. Guess what guys, I was still able to get my shuttle van back to the hotel!!! But I'm sure you got your news coverage which was all you were worried about in the first place.

While those big, bad Republicans were packing relief care packages for the victims of Gustav in St Paul, you felt it was more important to be out attempting to disrupt traffic of St Paul. While the big, bad Republicans were putting together an event for supports to be able to call in donations for the hurricane victims, you were out singing and breaking the law by attempting to break police/security barriers. Classy guys, real classy. Just makes me more proud to be on the other side.


*note - I'm referencing the protesters by the convention center. I did see broken windows and damage to police cars in that area.

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Bristol Palin Part Two: Now It's Kristol Vs Kondracke

On Fox News Special Report Mort Kondracke weighs in on the Bristol Palin story. Just as on CNN (see post below), there's a verbal smack down, only this time by Bill Kristol.

Mort says this should show conservatives that abstinence education just does not work because Bristol Palin just didn't have birth control at her disposal. Kristol and the rest on the panel go nuts. Enjoy, for entertainment value alone.

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CNN's Bill Bennett Bashes CNN Coverage

CNN analyst Bill Bennett smacked down CNN for it's "investigation" of both the Sarah Palin pregnancy and the pregnancy of unmarried daughter Bristol Palin. First here's the report by someone named Kiera Phillips (no keys in TV anymore so excuse the spelling), Kiera tells us CNN sent her there to look into a rumor (that Sarah's youngest child was actually Bristol's child) that had no basis other than bloggers were talking.

But what she found was even worse. A pregnant teenager, keeping the child and getting married. Oh the humanity. She then promises to dig even deeper into the lives of the kids.

They then come back to Bill Bennett and he slams CNN for going after the teenage girl et al

Well, some other facts you may not know. Despite what CNN reporter Alaska is 30th among the 50 states in teen pregnancy rates. That's just 3 places ahead of that fine blue state with sex education, Connecticut.

Second, there is sex education in the Alaska schools ... Palin backed the parents who wanted the option to exempt their kids who preferred to deal with sex education in the family, as it should be.

As for Bristol's pregnancy, I am not sure how this displays hypocrisy on the part of pro life Palin. It does mean her daughter didn't listen to Mom which doesn't make her much different than most teenagers. My guess is now she knows Mom might have been right all along. And I am not sure, despite what CNN reported, sex education in schools would have changed anything.

Update: Democratic darling and Governor of Pennsylvania apparently is also a backer: from KYW news in Philly:

"Posted: Sunday, 31 August 2008 9:12AM

Rendell Plans to Ask Feds for $$ for Abstinence-Only Sex Ed.

by KYW’s Tony Romeo

The Rendell administration is defending its decision to seek $1.7 million dollars in federal funding for abstinence-only sex education programs, which has drawn criticism from progressive groups, including ACT UP."

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Wouldn't be Politics Without Protesting

Although I have to say not very impressed. They were trying to hold hands and block traffic, traffic that wasn't even going to the RNC. Not quite sure the point. But the police were great, calm and reserved. Not quite sure how they do it but they were absolutely professional. I thanked them as I walked by, the police that is. Not the protesters.


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On My Way to MN

On my connection plane in Philly. I'll post any fun or interesting happenings here!!!


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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gulf Coast residents flee ahead of powerful Gustav

I was watching the briefing/q&a with Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and was disgusted. The media's not showing concern for the people, they're asking Katrina questions so they can sit and wait for things to go wrong and nail them. I just find it so sad. This time should be about helping the people in harms way, not making this yet another political football.

~Post by Mel

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