Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Today At The Convention

I'm attending veteran networking events off site today, which is my reason for being here, so I'm excited for that. Hopefully there are still windows in the building we're going to.

Before I leave, one more word on the protesters. As I was watching the video coverage this morning, I was struck by how the only thing they seem to be doing is terrorizing people. Everyday folk are scared. Everyone has to walk to a certain point to pick shuttles or walk to hotels. So, maybe the protesters can remember that while they have the right to protest, the people attending the convention have the same right to attend. And they should have the right to walk safely on the streets of St Paul.

At the same time let me say that either former or current military people here can't wait to run into the anti-war crowd. Because it usually goes down like this: they're chanting some little line they came up with, but if you actually engage them and ask questions they get stumped and don't know what to do.

When Fox News this morning showed pictures of top government officials, presumably the object of their scorn, to the protesters, most couldn't even identify any of them. One, who actually actually admitted he didn't know a one, laughed like it was no big deal. I'm hoping they'll be less of them around the town today as school is back in session.


p.s. - what's with the masks of the the protesters??? If you truly believe in what you're doing you shouldn't need a mask. One word, childish.

Update: Mel is a blogger for RadioVice and a veteran of the Iraq War 2003-2004 with the 143rd Military Police Company. Her dutites while there were to patrol the streets of Baghdad among other things. She is the Connecticut Captain of the Veterans For Freedom Organization.