Monday, September 1, 2008

CNN's Bill Bennett Bashes CNN Coverage

CNN analyst Bill Bennett smacked down CNN for it's "investigation" of both the Sarah Palin pregnancy and the pregnancy of unmarried daughter Bristol Palin. First here's the report by someone named Kiera Phillips (no keys in TV anymore so excuse the spelling), Kiera tells us CNN sent her there to look into a rumor (that Sarah's youngest child was actually Bristol's child) that had no basis other than bloggers were talking.

But what she found was even worse. A pregnant teenager, keeping the child and getting married. Oh the humanity. She then promises to dig even deeper into the lives of the kids.

They then come back to Bill Bennett and he slams CNN for going after the teenage girl et al

Well, some other facts you may not know. Despite what CNN reporter Alaska is 30th among the 50 states in teen pregnancy rates. That's just 3 places ahead of that fine blue state with sex education, Connecticut.

Second, there is sex education in the Alaska schools ... Palin backed the parents who wanted the option to exempt their kids who preferred to deal with sex education in the family, as it should be.

As for Bristol's pregnancy, I am not sure how this displays hypocrisy on the part of pro life Palin. It does mean her daughter didn't listen to Mom which doesn't make her much different than most teenagers. My guess is now she knows Mom might have been right all along. And I am not sure, despite what CNN reported, sex education in schools would have changed anything.

Update: Democratic darling and Governor of Pennsylvania apparently is also a backer: from KYW news in Philly:

"Posted: Sunday, 31 August 2008 9:12AM

Rendell Plans to Ask Feds for $$ for Abstinence-Only Sex Ed.

by KYW’s Tony Romeo

The Rendell administration is defending its decision to seek $1.7 million dollars in federal funding for abstinence-only sex education programs, which has drawn criticism from progressive groups, including ACT UP."