Friday, January 11, 2008

Hard "Times"

If this were anyone else ... it would be front page news ... well in a way I guess it is.

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Social Security + Medicare + Healthcare = AA

Oh man ... you want the government to pay for everything eh? It comes with a hefty price. "You lazy Americans."

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Guess I Am Not Alone On Fred!

Last night I said my impression was Fred won ... a lot of others do too! Thanks again to Hotair.

Update:Ooops ... it actually has little to do with last night ... still?

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His Parents Will Go Nuclear If Something isn't Done

Thanks to Hotair .... "Man who lives with parents claims to build nuclear reactor .... parents tell him to clean up his room."

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Line Of The Night

Ok we can disagree ... lots of folks like "the send the Iranians to the gates of hell" line by Huckabee ... And no ... it' s not the smoking ban that has me upset with Huckabee ... it's everything else (except his Christian core which is great when its not a campaign slogan)

But I think Thompson's detailing of Hucksters liberal tendencies was priceless.

Hucksters response ... you will notice he defends himself by invoking Reagan but never answers the immigration question or school choice or which taxes he cut.

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I Love Star Parker

Frequent guest on my show but not frequent enough. On Cavuto Wednesday she says Clinton won because of her .... well watch for yourself.

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No ... It Can't Be!

Former Clintonista Presser Dee Dee Myers ... on Hardball ... no Chris ... please say it ain't so!

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Obama Lost Because of Racism?

From Wednesday Hardball on MSNBC

First up: Prof Michael Eric Dyson ... no seriously ... he's serious.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Debate over!

OK no more debate blogging. I am going to work on today's bite and tomorrow's video ... I should have it all posted in an hour or so.

Talk tomorrow, 10am.

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Stop With The Reagan Conservative Lines

Enough ... enough with the how are you a Reagan conservative. I can't speak for him but my guess is Reagan would be appalled I am sure. It's almost like the Dems invoking FDR and JFK. Memo to the pundits ... Look ahead not back. I am looking for a leader .... inner strength ... compassionate with the people ... tough on those who govern. Limited government in every way .... Stop invoking his name ... give me the person who will make his mark ... not walk in someone else's footprint.

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Giuliani and McCain

Gotta admit I thought Giuliani was pretty good ... real good ... John McCain took a while to warm up but he was good too. I would be happy with any of the three. Are any a total across the board conservative? ... but then I am not myself. I believe and treasure personal liberty and that means I would like Republicans to stay out of my bedroom and Dems out of my wallet ... Reagan had his foibles too re: Terrorism. But Reagan had vision ... he had a core that would not bend to populism. But he also saw the Republican party as a big tent party, open to new ideas and thinking and I fear the tent shrinking.

Uh Oh ... I am probably in trouble now.

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Ron Paul Loses?

Paul the loser? I barely heard him. How can you lose a debate when you hardly speak?

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Thompson wins

Hey ... that focus group says Thompson won ... I tend to agree ... he sounded tough, funny and ... are you sitting ... consistant.

One lady just said he was articulate ... isn't that one of those words we're not supposed to use.

Uh oh ... the women say he was too flip. Another lady says he's negative.

The guys like him ... Rush is right ... we are getting soft.

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Thank You Mayor ... That's All The Time We Have

Sweeter words have never been spoken. Bless the Lord ... it's over ... how many more of these do I have to go through.

OK now here comes the focus group on Fox

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Huckster on Immigration

Immigrants have  what ... 120 days to get out of the country but we don't have to round them up .... and illegals shouldn't have to live in the shadows ... but you got 4 months to get out ... what? This still makes no sense. Please ... somebody here stand up and stand out.

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Look At Each 12 million Illegals Individually

I have to go back and check the tape. Did Gov Romney say we have to close the borders and then check each illegal here individually? What ... we can't process 3 million passports and he's want to check out 12 million illegals ... oh brother.

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Pass The Plate

Dumb question to Huckabee on "Submissive women" quote from the Bible.

Dumb answer that is starting to get stale "Since we are talking religion can we pass the plate". Please Gov. stop using the line. Please media ... stop asking the question.

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There goes Giuliani again stealing my line about the Dems stealing loose change. Damn!

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Huckster ... huckstering!

"I didn't raise taxes Chris ... I raised hope." What? What pray tell (no pun there) is in the water in Arkansas?

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Did The Navy Do The Right Thing?

What was up with the question ... "The Naval commander decided not the escalate the incident this week with Iran by not firing on the Iranian swift boats ... did he do the right thing?" What?

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Senator Thompson: "The news must be good in Iraq ... the NY Times isn't covering the Iraq war anymore."

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Rudy Giuliani vs John McCain

Rudy ... I supported the surge from the start too John.

McCain ... true but I condemned the original strategy too and forced the change.


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The Debate

Sorry ... been very busy ... I will have video of today's bites up soon ... plus video from tonight's debate ....

First impressions ... Thompson has the line of the night ... calling Huckabee on what it means to be a conservative. I thought Rudy Giuliani gave a nice response in describing what he thought a Reagan Republican was ... remember the big tent party. I think he's right.

Good for Ron Paul ... "Hey ... can I join this debate on the real issues ... I can't control some of my moonbat 9-11 truther supporters." Or something like that.

Also I like Brit Hume ... I like the way he has taken control of this.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Polls? We don't need no stinkin ...

How could they be sao wrong and I be so right?

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Good News ... I Think

Recession? We don't need no stinking recession!

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The Comeback ... ummm .... Kid?

John McCain can give some stirring speeches ... this was not one of them ... but it was a great win ... and unlike the Democratic candidates ... he won't surrender.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Winner And Still Champion

Come on ... admit it ... Jim's pretty smart ... if you listened today and then read the post below ... I should get paid for my predictions.

Oh ... here's some of her speech. No crying ... just ... dare I say ... warmth?

She even has the Bill Clinton lower lip bite down ... check it out at :28 sec.

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Me And Senator Clinton

Given Judy's e-mail today I must explain my position on Senator Clinton. I am not endorsing her ... when I say she is my pick I am saying it is my belief that she will win the Dem nomination and will likely be elected President. I do believe this Obamamamania is shortlived ... like anything new.

I could be wrong. He could be the real deal in the voters eyes (oh brother) and a Republican could emerge to defeat her. So much can happen before November. It's just right now I don't see it.
She still believes in the Nanny State which I believe is dangerous to personal freedom. Everyone else though is just shades of the "Nanny State". Cutting taxes alone does not make you a conservative nor necessarily worthy of my vote.
Job one is still terrorism and the war on terrorism. On that one issue, I will eventually cast my vote. Clear? I think.

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One More Reason NOT To Like Ron Paul

On the surface pretty damning. If its true ... no response from him yet ... then he not only sounds crazy (i.e. his position in the War On Terror) ... he is crazy.

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Term Limits

CT Local Politics is posting this ...

Exit Question: When a Democrat in a Republican district proposes something near and dear to every Republitarian heart but that proposal stands no chance ... none ... zero ... nada ... of ever,  ever passing in Hartford ... which is controlled by "lifer" Democrats .... are Republicans dumb enough to buy into it? Just wondering that's all.

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OK ... Now I Feel Really Guilty

Pay no attention to Mr Vicevich boys and girls ... I'm just doing my bit to save your healthcare!

Second Thought: If the movies can make kids smoke ... do they also make kids want to have S-E- ... Naaahhhhh ... Noooooo .... Nope ... No Way ... that's just ... umm ... experimenting.

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Uh Oh! Now Bill's Mad!

Finally ... speaking out ... remember I long ago predicted Mrs Clinton would win the nomination and I still think she will ... and now her boyfriend is ticked off too.

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Wait Just a Minute ... You Mean It's Not Because Women Belong In The Kitchen?

Shocked ... shocked I tell you! You mean that CNN report could be wrong? Wait just a dog gone minute ... somebody ain't leveling with me.

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CNN: It's Cause She's A Woman

Some women just don't believe a woman should be President ... or maybe just this woman?

From CNN ... 

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The Tears ... For Obama

This is the pic I talked about on today's show from the AP via Yahoo News ... he's the way and the truth ... 

Here's the other person crying over Obama.

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Change ... Loose Or Otherwise.

Wanted this on top. We played a bite today from the Dem Debate on change ... Hillary and Edwards must have used it 20 times ... and one caller phoned in to say he had heard the word so much it made him sick.

Well just in case you haven't heard enough ... here's Brit Hume tonight on Fox News.

One more reason to like Ron Paul ... just wish his position on Iraq and terror were ... well ... more realistic?

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Mac Is Back?

If he is, it's because he understands the number one issue facing the western world and it ain't global warming ... from his speech in NH today ... at least he gets it.

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Heckler Or Plant?

From WMUR TV tonight in New Hampshire ... Now Updated ... Hot Air reports its a radio stunt

Nice comeback by my girl though. Crazy Radio People.

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I Thought Private Retirement Accounts Were Too Risky?

From tonight's Hillary rally in NH! Is it me or don't we already have this (IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEPS, etc)... minus the $1000..

I've got a better idea. Instead of giving me a $1000 to put in yet one more tax deferred retirement account let me invest my social security money myself.

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Doing The Work College Kids Won't Do ... Unless you Pay Them

Senator Clinton wants everyone to have something ...  But why oh why is the answer to everything always government ... or in this case the infamous "government service". From her rally tonight in NH.

I don't think the tax credit is going to help that family she was talking about very much ... and I think the other thing is called work study and we already have it. Come on kids ... you didn't think she was going to send you to school for nothing did you?

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Two Americas

This column is four days old ... but worth the read because it speaks volumes about how I feel. 

"Edwards second place finish in Iowa proves that there are at least two Americas. There's the one where people dislike the rich, resent successful businessmen, and want to redistribute wealth; and then there's the majority of the country, where we each believe we can get rich, be successful, and earn our own wealth."

Read the whole thing.

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Connecticut Republicans Getting A Jump On The Primary

Chris Bigelow over at CT Local Politics, has info on a Republican straw poll on January 24th. Almost worth the price of admission.

Update: OK ... it is worth the price of admission ... just read it all goes for charity. Sorry about that.

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Keep Off The Grass

Mike Gravel must be high ... speaking to high schoolers? Are you kidding me?

Even though I don't smoke I think Gravel might have a point here but not in front of the kids please ... booze breaks up more families and causes many more deaths than dope ever has I am sure ... at the very least its equally as damaging. So a speech like this might make sense to a group of adults ... but high school students.

Ya know ... sometimes the folks on the left amaze even me!

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The Debates

The best run down of the debates really comes from Powerline folks. If you are looking for a quick read summary here's the link to Saturday ... and here's their take on the Sunday Fox debate.

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Our good buddy Jeff Jacoby at the Globe .... where have all the flowers ... err ... global warming gone.

Send Jeff an e-mail ...

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He's Back!

My guess is he's already called the Iowa moving van company.

Update: oops ... missed this one.

And here's audio from WTIC news.

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

No Debate Coverage Tonight!

Burned out folks ... I will be depending on someone else on this one.

I will have highlights from the Sat debates though. 

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Eli Is The Man ... Again!

When you're hot in the NFL you're hot ... just ask the Steelers from a couple years ago. Not sure if the Eli we've seen these last few weeks is the real deal ... but please ... no more Big Ben and Phil Rivers ... Ben threw key INTs on Saturday and Phil Rivers could barely move his high powered offense against the Titans.

Could end next week ... but then again ...

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