Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Me And Senator Clinton

Given Judy's e-mail today I must explain my position on Senator Clinton. I am not endorsing her ... when I say she is my pick I am saying it is my belief that she will win the Dem nomination and will likely be elected President. I do believe this Obamamamania is shortlived ... like anything new.

I could be wrong. He could be the real deal in the voters eyes (oh brother) and a Republican could emerge to defeat her. So much can happen before November. It's just right now I don't see it.
She still believes in the Nanny State which I believe is dangerous to personal freedom. Everyone else though is just shades of the "Nanny State". Cutting taxes alone does not make you a conservative nor necessarily worthy of my vote.
Job one is still terrorism and the war on terrorism. On that one issue, I will eventually cast my vote. Clear? I think.