Saturday, February 2, 2008

Yo, Adrienne!

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Perfect ... No Really!

We can only hope the jinx applies to just trying. Also my last GGGGGGGGmen post until tomorrow. I am pretty sure.

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Spygate Continued? Part Three

Uh oh!

Second thoughts: Hey ... if the Rams are dumb enough to let camera people ... oh never mind.

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Perfect Fish vs Perfect Pats

Dolphins like to swim in packs ... just not these dolphins. From the NJ Star Ledger

Super Bowl Talk: Mercury Morris joins the guys

Hopefully the GGGGGG men will oblige. 

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Oh No ... It's Man Bear Pig!

First he has to save us from the Zombies .... then he can endorse Obama.

I am so excited ...we will have a guy who was a State Legislator just a few years ago running against a RINO ... yup ... I can't wait to vote. No really.

Update: Oh sorry ... here's the zombie reference.

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The Ticket?

I'm having angina! Oh well ... that's why they make Fords and Chevys

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It Ain't Easy Being .... Mormon?

UPDATE: Ok ... it's true. Not even sure why I am posting this.

I had a caller two days ago that raised this issue. Do people not like Romney because he is a Mormon? Reverend Cecil “Chip” Murray:

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How Low Can They Go/

Presumably ... real low.

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"Liberal? Me ... Liberal?" Why I Am A Reagan Foot Soldier!

Every army has one foot soldier like this. Thanks to Powerline for this. Read John's take on this.

My take ... I am so dog gone tired of the Republican Party picking nominees by the "it's my turn" method. Make sure you read John's take.

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Monica Would Be So Proud

"With my course you can live like the rich do ... see these girls ... see this house .... you can have it too." Thanks to Powerline.

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Night Of The Living Dead

At first I thought it might be too hot even for them but then ... maybe they like it warm.
Wait just a dog gone minute. We've got Super Gore on our side. Save us Super Gore.
Via Instapundit

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Berkeley Protestors Storm the Bastille!

Somebody send in the Marines!

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Spygate Update

Here's the Captain's take on Specter and the anti-trust exemption. I could be worng but I think it's not just a law referring to TV rights .... somebody send me an e-mail after reading this and give me their take.

I still believe the minute you stick your hand out and ask Congress for something ... they will stick their nose in and ask you for something.

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Be Afraid ... Very ...

They're coming ... soon ... to a civic center near you.

Oh ... and Obama just won the coveted Rosa endorsement.

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Spygate Continued?

ESPN has been in contact with a videographer for the New England Patriots from 1998 to 2003 who may have more evidence in spygate ... or maybe not ... but it sure does not sound good.

"And now, Walsh, 31, an assistant golf pro on Maui, might be positioned to further pull back the curtain on the Patriots' taping history, expose where and how they gained advantages and, perhaps even, turn over video proof."

Normally I would say its none of government's business. But this is the league that demanded an exemption from anti trust regulations ... soooooooo ... ye reap what ye sew. 

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Blogging From my iPhone Again

Sorry I have not posted news today but I have been trying to leave the auction at the top. At dinner right now but when I get home I will run through the news and post. Maybe some video too.

Also I will be live blogging the Super Bowl on Sunday ... Win or lose. Make sure u tune in.

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Are Republicans true believers ... or are they just trying to talk themselves into believing?
“There are people who don’t like the idea of a being off a campaign or being on the bad list if the guy gets into the White House,” Mr. Keene said. “This is a town in which 90 percent of the people balance their access and income on the one hand versus their principles on the other.”

The article is interesting in that it only voices what the rest of us have been voicing since John McCain began doing his best immitation of the Phoenix. (wow, that's ironic, eh?). If there is a theme it's that many Republicans are now pragmatic, or fatalistic which is a shame. Win or lose, I always thought our strength was our core and the courage to stand by our convictions. That sadly is not the case. A man who has suffered tremendously and displayed tremendous courage, John McCain is many things, but conservative to the core is not one of them. Actually, I'm not sure what his political core is.

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Charlie Daniels Autographed Violin Up For Bid

Last month I brought New York Post columnist Col. Ralph Peters on the show to talk about The Returning Heroes Home project. Well God bless Ralph. The series was outstanding and is a must read.

Not only was I moved but so was my friend and loyal listener, syndicated cartoonist Guy Gilchrist.  Guy contacted his friend Country Music Legend Charlie Daniels who in turn put this great package together for auction on eBay. It will last just 10 days.

The items are described on the eBay site include:
  • Charlie Daniel's autographed student violin, 
  • Autographed "Charlie Daniels Live In Iraq" CD and DVD and poster
  • Autographed picture
  • Back stage passes to a Charlie Daniels' show in your area in 2008.

BIG NEWS!! Connie and Chris Hillman, Chris Hillman of The BYRDS, the Flying Burritos, etc, Rock and Roll Hall Of Famer, is so touched by this cause, they have pledged to this package to ADD an AUTOGRAPHED BYRDS BOXED SET to the winner. That's right. In addition to everything else in this now get THE BYRDS Boxed Set, the new one....autographed by Chris! Bid high, folks....God Bless You.

The goal of the project is to build a brand new "Warrior and Family Support Center", currently located at Fort Sam Houston. The center makes a profound contribution to the rehabilitation of America's seriously wounded Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen, National Guard Reservists and their loved ones. The new building will house returning wounded servicemen and women and their families during a very phyically and emotionally trying time.

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Get Used To It

Charles Krauthammer on Special Report tonight. 

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One Liners ... Thanks CNN

Well if we were electing a comedian in chief ... he would win. 

and here's a cute one from Hillary ... anyone think these were planted questions? hmmmmm?

BTW, when watching this ask yourself ... how many jobs has Obama created, how much capital has he created, how many jobs has he created? If I were Romney, I'd take the empty suit's bet. Socialists always belittle creators of capital because they can't do it themselves.

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Hurry Up And Surrender ... We May Win Before I Get Elected

In an attempt to get to the other side of Obama on Iraq, Hillary intends to ask the Pentagon to draw up a surrender plan ASAP ... but still she worries about the folk she will leave behind.

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Socialism 101

The Democratic solution to everything isn't just tax and spend ... it's control. Remember wage and price controls ... remember what they do to a market economy? Anyone? Hands please class. Correct Johnny, in the short term they freeze levels but reduce supply. Long term, they cause rates to rise at an alarming rate. Now listen.

and again here ...

"I'm going to take those profits and invest them in government energy programs." Hillary Clinton

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Tonight's Video

Tonight's video up in a bit.

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McCain vs Romney Part 2

You will notice how McCain dodges Romeny's question on the timing of the allegation by moving to a different issue ... leadership ... but the best line is the last line by McCain. Ouch! 

Democrats beware ... this dude means business. Do not misunderestimate him.

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McCain vs Romney

OK here is the Iraq timetable portion of the debate. I have linked to the quote as noted by National Review. I personally do not think Romney was calling for a timetable for withdrawal. He specifically uses timetables plural, so I buy it. I think Romney wins this round.

The actual debate on this subject lasts 6 minutes ... I just tried to extract the jucy parts.

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Send the Bankers to the Gallows

Ok ... let me get this straight ... house flippers and 24 year old "Get Rich Quick" speculators, people who sucked every dime they could out of their homes for whatever, they all need a simpler mortgage document with big letters. But the evil bankers .... guillotine!

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Pay No Attention To That Shamnesty Thing

Forget Kennedy / McCain ... forget it, I tell you. Pay no attention to that bill over there with my name on it. I love this bite ... look we all want the same thing here ... ME!

I just wonder ... a real conversion ... or ...

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This Son of a Millworker

Gee ... I hope this "son of a millworker" has enough dough to feed his family till he can find a real job ... and he wonders why his campaign went no where.

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Unwelcome in Iraq and Berkeley

Why am I not only not surprised but strangely comforted by the timewarped increibly misguided mentality of this town. Now supporting the troops ... that would have shocked me.

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The War On Drugs Claims Another Victim

The list of bad drug raids is long and heartbreaking. Remember that 90 year old grandmother in Georgia trying to defend her home. Now this from Instapundit.

So let me get this straight. We let violent criminals walk on a regular basis ... can';t impose a three strikes rule to keep the bad guys in jail ... but we assemble a swat team to take down a kid who smokes pot. Perfect!

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Where's the Damn Video

I was tired ... I will have some up in a bit. I know ... wa wa wa!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Funny Stuff

If you get the time scroll through Vodka Pundit's drunk live blog archive. I think he nails it.

Here's  a sample:

6:43pm Everybody has a plan for immigration. Paul wants a wall. Romney wants everybody to form a nice, orderly line back to the border. McCain wants you to ignore the man behind the curtain. And Huckabee wants whatever McCain or Romney wants, depending on who wins.

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I still have no idea how he finds this stuff.

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Drunk Blogging The Debate

Really ... it's the only way I get through the debates.

Once again Vodkapundit will be live blogging the debate ... and it is always very funny. The fun gets started just before 8PM (EST).

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Live Blogging The Debate

No not me ... never more than 50 folks who log in ... so I'm out.

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Everyone Wants Stimulation

I guess its the "in" thing to do ... show them you care. I mean why else would even Ct Republicans offer a stimulus package. Read it here at CT Local Politics.

I do have a question though. What kind of stimulus can you possibly provide to the economy by giving folks $500 off their income tax bill? Honestly, really ... other than making people think you care and spending the surplus ... you might help pay this month's heating bill, or grocery bill ... but stimulus? Please!

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Edwards Bold Leadership - Guiliani A Remarkable Collapse

As the Wall Street Journal points out, reporters today don't even try to hide the bias. Two men withdraw ... Edwards was bold and courageous (not to mention pretty), Guiliani was simply a failure.

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The Problem Is The Surge Is Working.

I kid you not ... you can't make this crap up. Do all journalists now go to Jihad School?

While the troop buildup in Iraq has been successful in quashing violence in Iraq, it may also be hampering reconciliation, some analysts say. While the US working with Sunni tribes has helped to reduce violence, some analysts say it may also be one of the reasons blocking political reconciliation. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.

Thanks to Gateway on this one.

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Be Careful What You Say

But the Democrats never seem to care. Here's the video again ... listen to what Obama said last night on Iraq.

Now read carefully what they are reporting in Iranian newspapers. Gateway pundit has the whole thing.

The Illinois Senator added that to repair the image of the United States in the world he would have to 'put an end to the war in Iraq'.

"Occupying the country has put the odds against us with the world," Obama expounded.

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McCain ... Not The Conservative Choice

Heck ... if you listen to the video below ... even MSNBC understands that, even if McCain does not. Perhaps he should read this from Gateway Pundit.

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Tax Cuts ... You Don't Get No Stinkin Tax Cuts

In the parallel universe in which Democrats reside apparently you have to ask for a tax cut before you get a tax cut ... and if you actually are among those people who do pay taxes ... you ain't gettin it even if you ask. And remember ... based on this ... wealthy is anything $75,000 and above.

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The Real McCoy

Apparently MSNBC thinks McCain is being pretty McCoy ... listen closely to what Russert says about the real John McCain at the end of the clip ... but shhhhh ... don't tell anyone.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

MSNBC Hearts The Theft Of Reagan Revolution

Tim Russert and Chris Matthews wonder out loud about how John McCain's win in Florida tonight will affect conservative talk radio (code for Rush) ... but notice the last part of the video where Russert is licking his chops over the death of the Reagan Revolution!

Wipe that drool off your mouth sir. In the words of another great Connecticut resident, Mark Twain ... "Reports of my death are premature!".

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Rules? What Rules?

The Democratic Primary tonight was not much more than a beauty contest ... err ... sorry Mrs Clinton ... I mean, because Florida moved its primary date in front of Super Tuesday, Howard Dean punished the state by taking away its delegates.

All of the candidates agreed to respect that decision ... well sort of ... Here's Senator Clinton on MSNBC tonight with Keith Oby, (and the best part the hotel fire alarm goes off right a the interview starts. Can u say "Vast right wing conspiracy.").

Here's the AP's take:
Last year, the national party stripped Florida of its delegates as punishment for moving its primary ahead of Feb. 5 and the candidates pledged to bypass the state. At stake Tuesday were 185 delegates. Still, Clinton winked at that pledge, holding two closed fundraisers in recent days and scheduling a rally with supporters after the polls closed in Florida.

Here's more ... wink, wink, nod, nod.

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Hucksters Fried Chicken Strategy

So how do you eat your fried chicken? Video too.

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Americana luvin, crunchy eatin, environemntalist seeks ... ummm ... hippie girl?

Chemistry class was never like this!

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Not Good.

Instapundit reports ... "First they came for the gays."

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iPhone Hackers Unite!

Those rascally kids. Hey ... my iPhone is legal ... and maybe, just maybe ... if AT&T paid a little closer attention to customer service and ... ummm ... improving its signal. Maybe that's why I also still have my Sprint phone.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Obama On The Surge

Hey ... he knew it all along.

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State Of Union Part 4

AQ on the run ... ummm ... their words, not W.

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State Of Union "Health Care"

Hmmm ... ya think?

Notice Senator Obama ... "What ... let Americans have more control?"

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State Of Union Part 2

It's a tax increase period!

Why are the Dems sitting? Hmmmm.

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State Of The Union Part 1

Hey ... if you want to pay higher taxes ... send a check!

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A Race War In The Democratic Party

Who the most favoritest bestest minority?

Folks if they talked this way about Republicans ... well ... you know. But with Democrats, its all OK. This is a conversation between Chris Matthews and MSNBC political analyst Charlie Cook about Obama's chances of winning the Latino vote now that he has the coveted Kennedy endorsement.

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Kennedy Obama Update

Here's video of Ted's shot across Hillary's bow.

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Now We Know Rich

You want to know what the government considers rich? How about $75,000.

Exhibit A: Government Stimulus Plan sends "Tax Rebate Checks" to individuals earning $75,000 or less ...
Exhibit B: Obama Supporter SC Rep Barkari Sellers details Obama's middle class tax cuts tonight with Chris Matthews.

Bet you didn't know a cop was rich, or Professors or some teachers. How about plumbers, carpenters .... maybe you were rich. Hate to say I told you so ... but

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Guiliani ... no talk of getting out.

On O'Reilly tonight. I wouldn't expect him to say otherwise.

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Ted Endorses Obama

Here's the link for the whole thing. A few shots at Hillary at 20:35 ... the real crowd pleaser is at 26:00 ... a tired old socialist endorsing a young socialist. 

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Gime, Gime, Gime!

In Hartford today ... a little something for everyone. Free of course! Ok maybe not free ... but it's like free, you know, the government pays for it with our money. That's like ... umm ... free!

Hey ... someone has to teach those CT Democrats to not hold signs in front of Hillary. Geeze!

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More Straight Talk Here

McCain went after Romney ... saying he had flipped on the war. He had not. Too low for straight talk. Now this.

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Baby You Can Drive My Car ... beep beep.

From Michelle Malkin

Sen. Barack Obama easily won the African American vote in South Carolina, but to woo California Latinos, where he is running 3-to-1 behind rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, he is taking a giant risk: spotlighting his support for the red-hot issue of granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

Drive, check
Vote, check
Skip to the front of the line, check

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The End Of The Straight Talk Express

It really hurts to point this out .... Michelle Malkin is all over this.

Meet Jerry Perenchio. He’s a National Finance Co-Chair of the McCain 2008 campaign and the billionaire founder of Spanish-language media conglomerate, Univision. He also heads up a charitable foundation that has showered gobs of money on extremist green lobbying groups. Take open-borders zeal, add campaign finance hypocrisy, mix with eco-radicalism, and presto: The perfect, multiculti-profiteering McCain money buddy.

The Senator says he's for closed borders, but my guess is he's never moved off shamnisty. Illegals will get benefits you and I won't qualify for ... unlimited worker visa program ... etc etc etc 

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Congress + Pork + Gore = (insert flushing sound here)

This is just too much ... 

In November, the Democratic-led House spent about $89,000 on so-called carbon offsets. This purchase was supposed to cancel out greenhouse-gas emissions from House buildings -- including half of the U.S. Capitol -- by triggering an equal reduction in emissions elsewhere. Some of the money went to farmers in North Dakota, for tilling practices that keep carbon buried in the soil. But some farmers were already doing this, for other reasons, before the House paid a cent. Other funds went to Iowa, where a power plant had been temporarily rejiggered to burn more cleanly. But that test project had ended more than a year before the money arrived.

Not only did the Democrats pay for carbon offsets that offset nothing ... but they gave the money to one of their biggest political contributors. Somebody please ... stop it ... my side hurts .... bwahahahahahahhahahahah. No stop it really guys ... you're killin me.

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Psychological Gang Bang of Hillary is Proof We Need a Woman President

Ted endorses Obama ... and the womens go wild! Wild I tell you. Hot Air is all over this ... but here's my favorite headline ... 

Psychological Gang Bang of Hillary is Proof We Need a Woman President. I'm not kidding you ... really. Oh brother I am laughing so hard right now I can't even type straigftnm. 

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Remember Listeners ... There's No Free Lunch

Sure ... we'll help ... but it will cost ya! Jeff Jacoby on the stimulus package.

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Oink, Oink

Shhhhh .... I'm hunting those "Waskawy Wepubwicans".
From the Wall Street Journal. The President apparently will be delivering this message.
I will say this ... people who load up on pork fat generally find themselves on life support at some point.

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First, Second ... who's counting?

Guess it's time for the "second" black President.

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You Gotta Get A Little Jesus In Your Life

“You gotta have Christ in your life when you’re running for office all the time,” Obama said. “I know that the den of lions is tough.”

Let me just remind the Senator of two things. One, not just when you're running for office and Two, the Lord told "us" to help the poor ... not "U.S".
One more thing ... it is amazing how the Democrats have suddenly "got religion", isn't it?

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God Matters Most When Your World Is Crumbling

At any point do you think she's saying, "Oh Lord, if you just let me win this I will (fill in the blank)." I was thinking of doing this with the Giants in the Superbowl.

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Those Crazy Vermonters

My guess ... these are Catamount transplants. Those refined types that leave NYC, buy a farm and then hire the locals to milk the cows ... yuck!

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Make The Tax Cuts Permanent

The winner of our on-line poll. Make the tax cuts permanent and forget the dumbest idea this side of pork spending ... tax rebates. Damn, what do they think we are ... car buyers. Hey, if we are I'll take the 0% financing with two years to pay. Even GM knows how to do it right.

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"The Most Unbelievable Music Performance I have Ever Witnessed."

Last night in Atlanta I saw Cadillac Sky (Eddie's Attic). Even if I were not a fan I would be telling you this was the most amazing musical performance by a band I have ever seen. Ever. The audience, very few of whom knew who they were, were on their feet the entire performance ... a performance that lasted more than 3 hours ... no breaks.

The group is not "just" bluegrass ... in fact its hard to call it bluegrass. Last night they ventured into a number of different genres from Celtic folk to Jazz to modern classical, some of it reminding me of Bela Fleck. One piece in particular, written by Ross, teamed his violin with Bassist . An almost classical work, the harmonics were stunning. The rich slow base tones with a dissenent melody overlay by the violin. The harmonics were amazing. At one point I thought the base alone would bring down the speakers. Blue grass. No, I don't think so.

I was sitting next to three musicians, one being my brother, none of whom had heard them before. All said to me at one point during the night, "It is so rare to see musicians who take their music seriously."
I promise you, this group will be heard from.

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Back From Atlanta

I know, I know, I missed a lot. But then ... so did you. Below are pics from the trip.
Greyson Capps. BTW a very very nice guy, theatre major in college ... and it shows. How about Shakespeare with a southern accent?

Scott Miller at SmokeJack's in Alpharetta. This is one of the nicest music stops I have made. The place is immaculate, the food is outstanding, right off the interstate ... oh yeah ...

and Scott Miller. A William and Mary grad and you can hear it in his music. He has an incredible respect for history and his ability to use words to convey a thousand images is unparalleled. Come with your mind when you come to hear Scott.

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