Friday, February 8, 2008

He Is The Way?

The press is beginning to notice, but where have they been?

I first started talking about Obamamania being a borderline religion months ago. I took particular note right after Oprah, a woman I respect very much for her personal accomplishments and generosity, told us we had the chance to "vote the hope". The constant Biblical references, often times using lines straight from Isaiah and the Four Gospels, seemed to me to be amazingly transparent, that any even casual Christian would notice, but apparently not to others.

And yet while his speeches inspired and his supporters swooned with hands raised aloft, they were amazingly devoid of content, policy, and direction, other than platitudes that are most often found in speeches written by teenagers running for student council ("We need to raise up hope, we need to look forward, not backwards"). And when asked to be more specific, his programs made little sense. Where was the beef?

Now, Hillary supporters are beginning to notice. Perhaps too late. Perhaps because such language was foreign to them, which would not surprise me. As I have said for months, Obama does Southern Baptist Preacher better than the Southern Baptist Preacher running for President.

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It's All About The Stimulus

Feeling frisky yet (economically speaking of course)? Congress knows how to stimulate you. I prefer Glenn Reynolds line instead:

BAH: "Stimulus" bill passes. More properly known as the "buying votes with borrowed money" bill.

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Moms Being Moms

Reminds me of the old days. My guess is this young man will grow up to be one fine person and he can thank his Mom for it.
This young boy might feel embarassed but I think very highly of him. He took his punishment and showed more character than most kids his age. Kudos to Mom ... Double Kudos to the young man.

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Keeping Connecticut Safe From Cell Phone Companies

Connecticut Democrats want to froce cell phone companies to charge by the second and not minute. The only problem is ... once again it's not their job.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said the Federal Communications Commission has legal jurisdiction over wireless phone companies.

Let's see ... can't keep criminals in jail, can't safeguard private property, won't cap property taxes ... but we can keep the state safe from Pepsi ... and evil phone companies.

No question consumers need to be vigilant when it comes to cell phone charges ... not the least of which are all of the taxes the GOVERNMENT piles on your bill!

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Air America Hate Speech And More

John has some great quick hits this morning ... including Air America hate speach again. Sorry folks ... shock radio just wont get you ratings ... just scorn. It's just not funny. Really.

Here's a sample: ANNOUNCER: The following is a paid advertisement from Republicans for Mitt Romney, or mass suicide. If John McCain is the Republican Presidential nominee, it will destroy the Republican Party. We’re Romney supporters and we know. Cause, if you vote for John McCain, we’re going to go on a killing rampage. Hey, better dead then moderate.”

But Really ... if a tree fell in the forest and ... well you get the idea.

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"I Want A Landslide"

Didn't the Dixie Chicks sing this too. Now Howard Dean. Huraaaaaaaaah!

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Deny Global Warming ... Go To Jail

No, seriously ... that's what this guy wants to do. Hot Air has the best line:

"A great leap forward. I always figured we’d “progress” from taxation to carbon rationing to reproductive rationing (front end or back end) and then to imprisonment, but this movement has an inertia all its own."

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

No More Debates ... Please!

Continuing with the Carville post below ... Hillary wants more debates. Umm, not likely.

Hillary is in real trouble folks. 
Here's what Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard has to say about Clinton's request for more debates and Obama's rejection.

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Dream Ticket?

Can you guess Wolf's dream ticket? Hmmmmmmm ... can you? Go on guess ... go on.

Now can you guess what the Democratic party leaders think of the dream ticket? Hmmmmm?
My favorite part is "There are no losers in the Democratic Party." Well not yet anyway.
It's like Little League ... everyone gets a trophy! Yeah!

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John McCain vs Hillary Clinton

Bill Bennett is asking conservatives to be a little realistic ... not so emotional ... more mature?

I see his point. I think you will too.

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Senator Clinton Is Just Like Us ... Except A Millionaire

Obama supporter Jamal Simmons revels in the fact that the Clinton campaign needed to borrow money ... squeezed was the word he used ... listen to James Carville's response ... she's just like us and that brings me comfort.

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McCain At CPAC Part 2

McCain On Immigration. I am told it's the only time he was booed. But listen how turns that into cheers. Remember ... this is the toughest audience he will face.

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McCain At CPAC Part 1

He promises ... and ... well ... he is convincing.

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Romney Steps Aside For The Cause

The path is clear, the choice is McCain, Governor Romney steps aside:

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Cornyn Endorses McCain? What?

Just got this e-mail. I like Senator John Cornyn and I am frankly shocked. Remember when McCain told Cornyn to "F" off? If not ... here's the reference.

Here's what Senator Cornyn says now:
“In this time of war and economic uncertainty, America must have strong, principled leadership. National security is the first and most important priority of the federal government. We must have a President who will be a leader in the war on terrorism, who will do what is needed to protect our country and its people, and who will not buckle when the political waters become rough. In the Senate Armed Services Committee, and on the Senate floor, I have seen firsthand that John McCain has been right on critical national security issues. He is clearly the man for the job."

Politics ... I will never understand it.

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Oh ... The Angst!

It's just not fair I tell you ... making us Dems choose. Listen especially to Andrea Mitchell. Listen especially to how Democrats pay attention to race and sex ... even though its not about race or sex ... or ...

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It's Man Bear Pig

This time though its John Kerry blaming the tornados on Global warming. The Business and Media Institute does a little digging and comes up with this:

"Roger Edwards, a meteorologist at the Storm Prediction Center of the National Weather Center in Norman, Okla., has doubts about any global warming and tornado relationship.
“As of this writing, no scientific studies solidly relate climatic global temperature trends to tornadoes,” Edwards
wrote on the Earth & Sky Web site in April 2007. “I don’t expect any such results in the near future either, because tornadoes are too small, short–lived, hard to measure and count, and too dependent on day to day, even minute to minute "

Meanwhile we have record snow in the midwest and record cold earlier in the week. What could be the culprit? How about La Nina.

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Don't You "Fox" Me

My son was watching when this happened yesterday and called me to watch. Good for Shep. And thanks so much to Hot Air for catching it on tape. Make sure you go there just to read the comments. Great! Shep Smith is a good southern boy and he always minds his manners ... but Naomi Wolf pushed him to the edge.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Child Terrorists

This is just beyond description. Really. Foxnews has video too.

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Can McCain Close The Deal?

Strangely, I think Republcians could have an advantage here. If McCain can close the deal as our friend Jed Babbin suggests he should, then the party can begin to coalesce.

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Really Speaking Truth To Power!

The Captain has a great post on Mr Reagan's 97th birthday. I could post the video but I would rather have you visit the captain. He did the leg work!
Best line: Reagan spoke truth to massive power, and he sounded its death knell in four short words.

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Democrats Divided By Race?

Democrats aren't racist ... they just vote thier special interest. Now Republicans on the other hand .... ewwwwwwww.

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EWWWWW, A Republican!

This via Hotair. I know its just one vote but did you ever get the idea that its a miracle any Republican evvvvvvvver gets elected. Read more. Here's the best part:

I tell him I'm a registered Republican, at which point he announces to the entire table, "Oh, this guy's a Republican," as if it's been six generations since they've seen such a thing. In fact, one of the other workers says, "A Republican? Really?" I want to make it clear: This wasn't a case of voter intimidation. It wasn't as if the poll workers said, "Ewwww, is there slime coming out of his butt" or "Oh, so that's what Satan smells like." No, it was more a sound of amazement.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Karl Rove On VP Huckster

Seems logical after tonight but not to Rove. Don't get stuck on stupid.

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Youth Vote 2

More from America's children ... do their parents know they're talking this way?

Exit question: Do college kids ever ... I mean ever think for themselves?

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Latte Liberals

I love this ... Connecticut is the land of the latte liberal ... oh brother.

Well at least they got that right.

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The Youth Vote

OK ... they look like hippies and sound like them too ... of course they like Obama ... they don't make anything and everything Obama promises is free ... well except for their parents. They'll learn.

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CT Goes Obama

I am not sure if this is a surprise ... other than CT is very liberal (I mean hey they didn't ask me to work primary coverage tonight) ... and liberals like Obama.

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Hey folks, change of plans. I am suddenly getting that doggone cold or flu or whatever and I am fading fast. Various members of my family have been sick for more than a week and it looks like I have finally succumbed so ... I am heading off to bed. I will leave you with the Karl Rove bite though as promised.

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Super Tuesday Video

OK folks ... finished my work ... more on that later ... but I am following now and video will be coming shortly ... got some nice sound from Karl Rove just a few minutes ago ... will have it all starting to go up soon.

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Personality Rundown

Victor Davis Hanson has a nice roundup of the various personalitites involved in this years election. Here's a peak.
Mr. McCain
I’m neither a political scientist nor working for any particular candidate. Instead, as a historian I simply look at the Republican race empirically, as an observer who came to an understandable conclusion that (1) McCain is not that much more liberal than his Republican rivals or the actual record of recent Republican presidents such as Gerald Ford, the two Bushes, and Ronald Reagan.

Ms. Obama
I have now seen her speak three times on television on C-Span. She is attractive, bright, and educated, an effective communicator (though verbose and prone to go on too long), and the most impressive of the potential first wives still in the race. But she seems right on the edge. As she goes on and on without a scripted text, she starts to tense up and gets a little angry and then makes the implicit case that a vote for her husband is a sort of redemption for the entire country.

Ms. Schwarzenegger
Maria Shriver spoke as well on behalf of Sen. Obama today, even as her husband endorsed Sen. McCain. Rather than try to convince strangers to vote for Obama, she should try to convince the governor to endorse him. But her endorsement was once again framed in religious tones—we find salvation by “going beyond the labels” and voting for a self-labeled black candidate?

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Fact Check

Sorry about this folks ... but here are some fact check sites.

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Super Duper Tuesday

Pajamas Media will have day long coverage from around the country. Here's the link.

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Republicans for Hillary

Rich Lowry on Republican fears. Can't say I agree.

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Sunday, February 3, 2008


Eli is the Man(ning) again. So satisfying after listening to two weeks of "The Giants have no chance ... it will be a blowout." And that was from the New York media. In all the years I have followed them ... THIS ... was the team's greatest victory and I go back to watching games since 1962.

Hat tip to UCONN Coach Randy Edsall ... he came on the show and called every game.

Here's what he said about this game on Thursday. "I think this one comes down to defense ... it's going to be all about the Giants defense stopping Brady."

Great pictures at Yahoo!

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Obama Tax cuts for the middle class

Every time I hear him, the middle class makes less and less. OK folks, here are Senator Obama's tax cuts ... minus teachers, cops, firefighters, factory workers, truck drivers, etc.

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Arghhhhhhhh ... oh no ... please no ... pa-leassssssssssssse!

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I Am The Decision Maker

Was there ever ... I mean EVAH ... any doubt whatsoever ... who wears the pants and who controls the lock box now? Evah? Really?

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Wallace to Clinton ... Why Do You Want To Surrender?

FNS Wallace calls her on this and I am glad but listen to how she slithers away. First, last September at the General Petraeus hearings.

Then this, this morning.

I am telling you ... there are some things I like about Mrs Clinton but on this she is just despicable. Once again she says the surge is working because of her. Now that takes a big damn lock box to make that claim, not once but twice.

As John O'Neill said to me one night at dinner. The Democrats had better hurry up and surrender before we win this thing.

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What We Need Is Other People's Money

You see ... we really need to take your money because, you see, we have better things we can spend it on. Really, we do. You see its not really your money anyway ... it's really ours, all ours!

Question ... how would you feel if I asked you to pay for my health insurance. Yup, I thought so.

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Hillary's 5 Year Plan

Freeze interest rates, stop foreclosures, nationalize the oil companies (OK that last one was me being meodramatic ... then again.) "At some point the government really needs to step in." Scared yet?

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The Brady Bunch

Come on ... really doesn't it remind you of ... ummm ... Bobby, Dad, and Marsha.

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Read Senator McCain's Lips

Again ... if he means it that's great. But he has a track record. He said what he said about the initial Bush Tax cut and now he's for them. I just would be careful.

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Ahh Mom, Please!

So far this is my favorite from this morning on FNS ... more to come.

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Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Cutain

Here we go again. He says he said something, it can't be found by fact checkers, he says well I did say it .... It's McCain's slight of hand that keeps bugging me.

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