Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tee Hee

Sorry ... sitting here late ... but ... you just have to chuckle ... err ... chortle .... ummm.

OK ... one more time from the peanut gallery.

Obama is change we can count on ... and he will bring about change because he's against the Washington insiders and lobbyists and the war and ... oh never mind. (Thanks to Instapundit)

As HOT AIR points out (image from Hot Air) ...  if there's anyone who can out talk Obama its Joe .... problem is ... 

its not always true .... For the best read on Joe's track record on exaggeration ... POWERLINE.

but hey ... we still have HOPE! More now than ever before.

Te hee heeeeee.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Institute for the Study of War

Here's the link again for this outstanding and FACTUAL analysis on the Iraq War and the Georgian situation.

~Post by Mel

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VFF Back to Iraq

Here's a link to my original post last week about the outstanding articles of Pete Hegseth and the crew about their return to Iraq for analysis. Below you will find the links to the articles since this post. Pete is brutally honest in his evaluation, he states what's working and what needs work. Please read.

Arsenal for Iraq-racy

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