Saturday, March 15, 2008

VFF National Heros Bus Tour

It kicked off yesterday in true military fashion with a parachute jump on the USS Midway. Here's the video. We'll be updating you on the tour soon.

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Iraqi Soldier, Once Loyal to Hussein, Gives Up Attacks

A good story has made it through the cracks. This article reiterates the reporting of Pete Hegseth, Executive Director of Vets For Freedom in his piece, Sons of Iraq - A grassroots surge against al-Qaeda. But the only articles I've seen on the AP are doom and gloom, trying to extract any negative they can find, big surprise.

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Call girl laments use of exotic photos

Are you kidding??? I can't help but NOT feel bad for this girl the more we learn. If you don't want pictures to come back and haunt you there's a simple remedy - DONT TAKE THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! Not to mention, maybe as soon as you realize that it's going to be a front page news story, I don't know, maybe setting your MySpace page to PRIVATE might've been a good idea??? Unless of course you wanted the attention. Playing the sweet and innocent is not working for me, I'm not buying. You can go to my MySpace page and you'll find pictures of my dogs, Red Soxs, Giants and family and friends. And let me tell you, they don't look like this!!! But then again, there's not a rumor that I'm going to do a layout for Hustler for $1M either like Ms. Dupre. I think she hit the money jackpot with this one and that's what she's wanted all along.
~Post by Mel

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Quote Of The Day

John McCain on the vote Thursday night on the Pork Moratorium. 

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Obama Can't Wiggle Out Of This

Garrett nails him on this question. 

Why Messiah, he asks, if you didn't know about "The Rev"'s statements until the campaign had already begun ...  January of 07 ... why did you put him on you advisory committee in December of 07 ... it is side splitting, gut wrenching fun to watch Obama twist.  

 This story keeps changing ... evolving. As Mel and Jim Geraghty point out below, he cannot possibly expect us to believe that in 20 years of worship he never knew about any of this.

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Obama ... I Had No Idea ... Nope ... None ... No Idea

OK ... here's Fox News Major Garrett asking the would be President why did it take you so long to respond and what is it about the Rev Wright that you condemn? Listen to the answer. I find the would be Pres halting, unsure, and looking for a little "wiggle room"

It's almost tooo painful to watch. He only knew about one of the comments ... umm .. or was it two ... and um ... he only knew about one of those two, or was it three, when it was ... on Fox News, yeah that's it ... and the other media outlets.

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Jeremiah Wright, the Sister Souljah of 2008

Could this be Hillary's moment? Jim Geraghty again.

Update: Sorry folks ... I will post a few short clips of the Obama interview first thing tomorrow. Tired and off to bed ... but here's the link to the Fox News site if you want to watch the whole video. It's about 5 minutes long.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Obama Throws The Rev Wright Overboard

Well it took long enough but Obama has finally thrown the Rev Wright from the campaign. His statement that "this was just Wright's social ministry" wasn't enough and didn't wash. It's taken 3 days and about 4 distance statements. See Mel's Post below. 

Our buddy Jim Geraghty asks ... after 20 years in the pew he never heard this? Sorry, not buying it. Wait till you see the Fox Interview.

BTW here's the latest audio clip Fox has dug up on the "Rev" Wright ... It's the Jews ... always the Jews.

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Obama Calls Chicago Pastor’s Statements ‘Inflammatory and Appalling’

See the full article on FoxNews. He can't even step up and denounce him. Here's a few of his quotes of his statement with my favorite parts bolded. He'll only denounce what we've found out so far. Gee, do you think this is the ONLY time the "Rev." has made comments like this??? He came to these opinions overnight??? I DONT THINK SO!!! But Sen. Obama will only apologize for the offensive comments we know of. He might've just as well said, I'll only apologize for the things you find out, until you prove it and call me on it, only then will I think of a statement - and at that, I'll think of some wording I can back out of later.

“Let me say at the outset that I vehemently disagree and strongly condemn the statements that have been the subject of this controversy,”

In sum, I reject outright the statements by Rev. Wright that are at issue.” Read more here.

~Post by Mel

Update by Jim: As it turns out Mel is right. Barack knew Wright was a loose cannon.

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McCain travels Amtrak like everyone else

If Sen. McCain can find time to travel cost and eco friendly and he's running for President, what's Al Gore's excuse??? Too bad the piggies can't follow his lead in Congress.

~Post by Mel

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When Government Intervention Matters

You've heard me say ..."Too big to fail." That is what we have here and as much as I hate what's happening ... all of the Fed actions are starting make sense. They obviously know more about how bad things are than I ... it just ticks me off. 

J.P. Morgan will borrow funds from the Fed's discount window and re-lend them to Bear Stearns for 28 days, with the Fed bearing the risk of any losses. The size isn't predetermined, but is limited by the available collateral.

The bold is mine ... and they are referring to you the taxpayer! These folks get themselves into these fixes and need Big Brother to bail them out.

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Personal stuff this afternoon ... both Mel and I will be blogging a little later ... see you then.


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Your Friendly IRS Service Center

Ya gotta love these guys ... someone has a nice sense of humor. A friend of mine is on hold right now with the IRS ... the music he is hearing while on hold ... "The Nutcracker" ... I kid you not ... cause ya just can't make this stuff up.

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The "Porker" List

Ed Morrissey over at HotAir has posted the Senators names who voted against suspending pork spending in the budget ... one Connecticut Senator voted to stop the pork. One Connecticut Senator voted to keep the trough full ... Quick ... guess the senators?

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The Common Thread Between the Obamas' Comments and Wright

Yet another update on the connection between the "Rev" Wright and Senator Obama.
First this from Jim Geraghty ... the question is ... how much influence has Wright had on the Obama family over the last 20 years?

"Finally, we've previously heard an unorthodox assessment of the American character from Michelle Obama; that, we were told, was a poor word choice or that she couldn't have meant what she actually said. Well, now we're hearing about how rotten a place America is from Obama's pastor as well as from his wife. It's getting harder and harder to believe Barack Obama himself doesn't at least partially share their opinion."

Then this from HotAir:
“What I value most about Pastor Wright is not his day-to-day political advice,” Obama said. “He’s much more of a sounding board for me to make sure that I am speaking as truthfully about what I believe as possible and that I’m not losing myself in some of the hype and hoopla and stress that’s involved in national politics.”

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Hope ... Or Just Plain Audacity

The "No More Pork" amendment to the 2009 $3 trillion budget went down to defeat by a 29-71 vote. I would have expected no less from those little piggies.

But here's the best part. McCain, Hillary and Mr Hope himself Barack Obama all voted for the pork moritorium. Good news right? Silly boy. Rewind to 2006.

One of Obama's Earmarks Went to Hospital That Employs Michelle Obama
Dan Riehl notes, via Amanda Carpenter, that in the list of earmarks he requested, $1 Million was requested for the construction of a new hospital pavilion at the University Of Chicago. The request was put in in 2006.
You know who works for the University of Chicago Hospital?
Michelle Obama. She's vice president of community affairs.

Jim Geraghity ... you the man. Make sure you follow all of the links especially the link "earmarks".

Then (via HotAir) ... this little tid bit ... a little pork for his finance chairman. Audacity!

Among them, an $8 million request for the "High Explosive Air Burst Technology Program." Ultimately, $1.3 million in funding was awarded for the program. [More...]
the defense project was overseen by General Dynamics, one of the nation's largest military contractors. Obama's Illinois finance chairman, James S. Crown, serves on the company's board of directors and his family holds a sizable stake in the company.
Crown and his wife, Paula Crown, are members of Obama's National Finance Committee and have raised more than $200,000 for the Obama campaign, according to a list of fundraisers posted on Obama's campaign website.

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Reason Enough To Celebrate

As my son finishes up his Masters in mathematics and embarks on his next step in the dismal science (oh, wait, that's economics) ... Pi just want to wish him and all of you mathematicians out there a very Happy ...

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Antiwar Reporting Helps The Enemy

Insurgent attacks increased between 7 and 10 percent immediately after a spike in "antiresolve" statements in the media, according to the findings. Read the whole thing here.

I am shocked I tell you. You mean when Harry Reid said the war is lost, when Kerry said American soldiers terrorize Iraqi women and children, when Obama said he will withdraw all troops as soon as he is elected ... it encouraged the enemy. Who ever would have imagined?

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Take That Obama, Kerry, Durbin, et al

This is a nice little companion bite to Mel's posts below. McCain says the day the Republicans beat back the Democrats on  date certain for withdrawal was a turning point in the war. Here's the link to the story on the Fox News site.

I tell ya, this guy is not going to back away or down.

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Iraqi's are not making the sacrifices??? NOT TRUE

It's an opinion I've heard more than a few times. Iraqi's aren't stepping up, or making the sacrifices, we are. Once again, here's the actual numbers courtesy of

Linked is a must read by Pete Hegseth, Executive Director of Vets For Freedom who recently returned to the streets of Iraq he patrolled in 2005 reporting for NRO. He saw the night and day difference from when he left, and one of the most important aspects is the new level of support from the citizens of Iraq. We know how affective grassroots organizations are here, now they're taking on al-Qaeda. This is great.

~Post by Mel

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Profile In Courage

Sean Hannity's interview with John McCain was fantastic. Now understand I am a McCain supporter. I disagree with some past positions but I think he is a man of principle .... maybe too much so to get elected. But right from the start we learn a little about the man's courage and conviction. I will post only a couple more and share the rest on the show tomorrow. I will also add a link to the Fox site as soon as they make the whole interview available.

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The progress in Iraq by the numbers

Here it is, the site you want to go to for your information about Iraq. Kim Kagan is a smart, brilliant and I don’t think you’ll find anyone that can talk the details of Iraq like she can. The media can try to doom and gloom Iraq all they want, but you can see the numbers for yourself. Use the link to view the full report.

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Greetings from Mel

I’m Melissa Weaver, otherwise known as Mel, contributing editor to Radio Vice Online. Born and raised in CT, I joined the CT Army NG in 1997 as an MP where I spent 8 years including a year in Baghdad at the beginning of the war (2003-2004). Upon returning I’ve taken up an interest in politics, more specifically on how politics are affecting the war and the troops on the ground. I believe the missions in Iraq and Afghanistan are essential to our security and freedom here in this wonderful country of the United States of America. My belief in the mission and our fine troops on the ground have driven me to become the State Captain of Vets for Freedom and stay involved the great talk show Sound Off CT on WTICAM1080 with Jim Vicevich where Jim’s been nice enough to let me co-host occasionally over the past few years.

I am now on every Thurs from 10a-noon, be sure to tune in, you’ll never know what I’m going to say next!!!

~Post by Mel

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More On Rev Jeremiah Wright

I posted video clips below from the exclusive Fox News Video of Rev Jeremiah Wright. As I said, no pastor of mine would say such things, spout such hate, preach such divisiveness.  

Our friend Jim Geraghty has a nice take on what the Reverend means to the Obama campaign here

Plus Instapundit pointed me to this site ... JustOneMinute ... which has a pretty good run down on the Reverend ... and I use the word reverend loosely.

and just to remind you of the kinda "Rev" we are talking about ... again from Fox News:

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The Messiah Getting Back on Message

Wolf Blitzer interviewed former NJ Senator Bill Bradley, good man ... but for now he's just a Democrat huckster. First he invokes this Messianic image of Obama ... "may his perpetual light shine upon us" ... recognize the prayer?

But to get real insight into what it means to be in politics ... He spends 10 minutes calling Hillary on dirty politics ... and is quoted in the London Times as calling Mrs. Clinton a liar ... says he wants to be part of a new kind of politics ... and then says this:

Let me see if I can translate this for you. I would rather a liar, cheat, unethical politician be in the White House than a Senator with true integrity. OK, sure ... a new kind of politics. 

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Skittles Kid On Fox

Michael Sheridan, the New Haven High School honor student, and class V.P., who was suspended 3 days for buying a "bag" of skittles ... and then reinstated today ... appeared with Cavuto on Fox News just moments ago.

Mom did most of the talking but listen to what the school first told her about the banning of Skittles ... remember now, the candy ban reportedly was imposed at the school as part of the war on childhood obesity.

If that's true what does it say about the schools. The best part of interview came when Michael got to talk ... bizarre indeed.

Michael ... welcome to the nanny state.

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Sheff vs O'Neill Down Under

From Guest Blogger Nils ...

The Herald reported yesterday that a secret report by high school principals revealed that white students were fleeing public schools, leaving behind those of Aboriginal and Middle Eastern origin. The survey raises serious concerns about "white flight" undermining the public education system and threatening social cohesion.

Uh oh ... those Ausies are in trouble now ... they've pissed off the union! Next thing you know those Aboriginal parents are actually going to demand school choice too! Oh the humanity.

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Winter Soldier II

HotAir has done it again ... confronting John Kerry on the new Winter Soldier Sham (just like the first) scheduled to begin tomorrow. Go get him! BTW think he wil say he was "Swiftboated"?

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The Fall Of An Admiral

When you read the whole thing, read what he has said publically ... well it makes me wonder. Not why he was asked to leave, or why he decided to resign ... makes me wonder why he lasted as long as he did. Dissent in the board room is great and healthy ... on the street it's wrong and dangerous.

The differences between Fallon and the administration were real, not the result of any misperception. It is well established that Fallon worked to undermine the "surge" in Iraq by pushing for faster troop reductions than the commander on the ground in Iraq, Gen. David Petraeus, thought prudent. He attempted to banish the phrase "the Long War" because, according to Barnett, it "signaled a long haul that Fallon simply finds unacceptable."
Regarding Iran, Fallon undercut the cornerstone of the Bush administration's Iran policy of keeping all options-including the use of military force-open, in order to pressure Iran to forgo its nuclear ambitions. This makes diplomatic sense. As Frederick the Great once observed, diplomacy without force is like music without instruments.

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Here's Ashley!

Meet Ashley, aka "Kristin", aka the Spitzer Prostitute. This is from MySpace. Fox has more pictures.
Very pretty but ... well her Mom says she's just an innocent 22 year old girl. The pictures say otherwise. She has told the press she doesn't want to be considered a "Monster". Yup ... and neither does Hillary.

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Just Stop It

The "N" word lives ... unfortunately. In Detroit ... by the Mayor:
But although Kilpatrick and other black leaders symbolically buried the racial slur in a mock funeral last July, he uttered it in his State of the City address Tuesday, which was carried live on local television and radio stations.
If you read the whole story you will see he was quoting what people have called him ... still ... in the "State Of The City" address?

Then there is the Rev Jeremiah Wright. This exclusive tape from Fox News. I don't know but where I come from Ministers don't talk like this. Seems to me like the Rev stirs up hate and is devisive and ... well ... I will let you decide. Watch the whole video here. Kudos to Fox News.

It's a shame really. It's all part of an IRS investigation into the Rev Wright's church which has been accused of openly campaigning for Senator Obama.

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I Am Sorry ... "If I Offended You"

No ... not Spitzer ... Hillary. My favorite part is this:
"You know I am sorry if anyone was offended. It was certainly not meant in any way to be offensive”
I always love apologies that include ... if anyone was offended. All of the pander fit to print. Gag.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

They should apologize to me!

I will you you ... Geraldine Ferraro will not back down. I've already posted her comments on Fox news this morning .... this is from NBC News via MSNBC's Hardball. OK, she resigned, but she will not back down. The beginning and end are the best.

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McCain Lieberman 08

Hey, its not me ... Fox News brought it up today on Special Report. Lieberman did campaign with McCain today.

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Silda Is a Different Woman

The resignation video is from CNN. Sorry I can't find the part where he quotes Luke 28 ... too bad ... I like it when one incident like this can enable a person to suddenly find Jesus. But the Lord does work in mysterious ways.

I am likely reading too much into this but the reason for the posting is to take a look at Silda ... that, my friends, is one pissed off woman. It almost looks as if she's saying, "Read it you bastard, word for word." I like her strength.

Here's a piece of video from Fox that caught my interest. Yesterday they walked hand and hand into the house. Today ... well you watch.

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They Wanted To Shut Me Up

She said she wouldn't, but Fox is reporting Geraldine Ferraro has resigned from the Clinton campaign. Here she is earlier today on Fox. They played the race card, she said, to shut me up.

And here's Obama's response to Ferraro. My guess is we will never hear how historic this "race" is again from him. Right?

If you are not familiar with the story ... here's the link to the original post on this issue as a frame of reference.

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The Case For Romney As VP

This from Powerline ... I think I am pursuaded ... the question is ... is McCain?

Once again ... here's what Romney thinks of it:

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Skittles ... They're .. Like ... Good

Connecticut sets new low in nanny state antics! This story just slays me ... for real ... cuff the kid ... he's eating skittles! Oh they busted the pusher too.

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How Much Would It Take You To Quit?

This comes via instapundit and ya gotta love it ... Over at Knoxvilletalks blog "paying bad teachers to quit."

The Center for Union Facts on Tuesday will ask parents, students and other teachers to nominate the “worst unionized teacher in America.” The center says it will choose 10 and offer each $10,000 to quit; “winners” must allow the center to write about them on its Web site. The center plans full-page ads today in USA TODAY and The New York Times.

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It's The Cost Of Health Care ... Not Who Pays

Finally a column on the real issue in the heatlhcare debate: the cost. Michael Tanner nails it at National Review.

“You worry about the uninsured, but they are a symptom of a larger problem. Unless you do something about cost, you are chasing your proverbial tail.”

Read on.

By the way for a look at how we can provide affordable legal care to all (like Democratic Governor Spitzer's) click here.

Now consider the recent news that 1 in every 100 people has landed in jail, and armed with the knowledge that most of these people are poor and likely are denied the same legal representation as the rich because of their financial status ... does it not follow that national legalcare is more or as important than healthcare. The kind of legal care that up to this point, only the rich like Spitzer and OJ could afford. Why can't we get access to that kind of legal care?

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Rezko And Obama

Jim Geraghty has a great primer on accused Chicago shake down artist Tony Rezko's relationship with Senator Obama. it really is must reading, especially if you are one of those who think Obama represents "real change".

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Victimless Crime? Umm, No!

Yesterday I had a great talk on the Spitzer situation with a friend of mine who has dealt with all kinds of high powered people as a therapist. She agreed with me that prostitution is not a victimless crime but I didn't know the half of it. She went on to tell me it was her experience that just about all prostitutes that's she's counseled have been victims of child abuse, changing their lives forever. Women who now believe their only value is in their looks or body. So it was with great interest I read this article this morning, from the NY Times.

But most women in prostitution, including those working for escort services, have been sexually abused as children, studies show. Incest sets young women up for prostitution — by letting them know what they’re worth and what’s expected of them. Other forces that channel women into escort prostitution are economic hardship and racism.

Read it all please.

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Stand By Your Man

Two developments: The NY Times is reporting that Silda Spitzer reportedly is urging her hubby, Democrat Elliot Spitzer, to stay.
State government remained paralyzed on Tuesday as Gov. Eliot Spitzer, reeling from revelations that he had been a client of a prostitution ring, was engaged in an intense legal and family debate about whether to resign or, as aides said his wife was urging, to stay on.

What's going on here? Hard to say. Some people (not just men) have a powerful almost hynotic hold over their partners, despite their behavior and the way they treat their parnters.

We talked about the hurt on Silda Spitzer's face yesterday as she stood by her good for nothin bumb husband, Democrat Elliot Spitzer. Why do it? In this morning's NY Times Dina McGreevey tries to answer that question. She of course the wife of fomer Democrat NJ Governor James McGreevey who was caught in an affair with a man.

For me, I was essentially in the dark about what my husband was going to say. He never told me he was gay; he simply passed me a copy of his speech an hour before the press conference. I was in a fog. I certainly didn’t volunteer. I was in no emotional state to make a rational decision, and there simply wasn’t time. He asked me to stand next to him, and I did.
Frankly, all I was thinking about was my daughter. If I had to do it over again, I’d do the same thing. I did it for my daughter’s father.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Romney To McCain ... Of Course I Would

Tonight on Hannity and Colmes, Mitt Romney answered the question without hesitation:

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Say What?

I missed this in the NY Times this morning but it was yet another topic on Hardball tonight.

I have spent my life studying the pictures and symbols of racism and slavery, and when I saw the Clinton ad’s central image — innocent sleeping children and a mother in the middle of the night at risk of mortal danger — it brought to my mind scenes from the past. I couldn’t help but think of D. W. Griffith’s “Birth of a Nation,” the racist movie epic that helped revive the Ku Klux Klan, with its portrayal of black men lurking in the bushes around white society. The danger implicit in the phone ad — as I see it — is that the person answering the phone might be a black man, someone who could not be trusted to protect us from this threat.

Lurking in the bushes? I thought it was about Iran and Iraq and the button. Man I am stupid.
BTW ... the Matthews panel had two African Americans on ... both thought it was a national security ad too. Guess I know now why I didn't get into Harvard.

Here's the original ad:

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Fireworks On Hardball Tonight

Commenting on Former Democratic VP candidate Geraldine Ferraro, Pat Buchanan on Hardball tonight backed up Geraldine Ferraro telling Chris Matthews that Obama's race has indeed been a factor in his success and that started the fireworks:

Given the chance to back off her comments today on Fox News ... she did not ... not a bit! From RealClearPolitics. She restates her position at 1:30 and goes on to answer the attacks at 2:30.

Update: I just had to make a comment. Ya know 6 months ago the media were doing stories on how the black community wouldn't vote for him because they didn't believe he could win, because he was black. Now they are voting for him because they think he can win, because he's black. Huh? Trust me, Barack is not where he is just because he's black. He's there because he's damn smart ... and really, really liberal, which is why I am not voting for him.

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Tonight's Matthews Moment

Well he is a Democrat. The moment tonight involves Hardball's big number of the night ... the price of oil. And listen to who he blames $109 a barrel oil on. Go on, guess.

Umm the same bill his guy Barack Obama voted for.

Now here's what the AP reported in the process of fact checking the "Cheney Energy Bill":
It is a stretch to call it "Dick Cheney's energy bill," a hot-button reference for many Democrats. Although the House bill was framed according to the vice president's energy priorities, by the time it passed the Senate many of those measures, such as drilling in an Arctic wildlife refuge, had been stripped away. Its broad new benefits for nuclear power and the coal industry mirrored Cheney's priorities, however... Clinton's claim that the bill "was loaded with new tax breaks for oil companies" also overstates the case. While it included $2.6 billion in tax breaks for oil and gas industries, that was offset by nearly $3 billion in oil taxes, mostly in an extension of the oil spill liability tax. The bill's $14.3 billion in energy tax breaks mostly went for renewable energy and efficiency programs and the nuclear and coal industries, both of which are prominent in Obama's home state of Illinois.

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National Healthcare? How About National Legalcare.

I wondered aloud on the show this afternoon that if National Healthcare seemed like a good idea to the Democrats and many of the party's faithful then why not National Legalcare? Follow me on this one. 

The chief argument for National Healthcare is that it offers affordable high quality healthcare to all despite their income. Democrats, like CT's own Chris Dodd and Bay Staters John Kerry and Ted Kennedy gleefully offer Americans the same high quality healthcare that they receive from their Congressional Plans. No one, we are told, should be denied this same quality care simply because they cannot afford it.

Now along comes Democrat Elliot Spitzer. Caught with his hand in the ... umm ... caught in a high class call girl scandal that allegedly involves wire transfers of substantial sums of money and transporting a woman across state lines for the purpose of purchasing sex. Heavy charges if true and explains why the man who was born with the "silver spoon" in his mouth (no wait that's George HW Bush, right?) ... OK then, born with a whole lot of dough, would hire a high priced law firm to represent him. The best money can buy research shows.

According to Findlaw's Information first year associates make $160,000 and it goes up from there. And According to WikipediaPaul, Weiss was ranked the third most profitable law firm in the United States in 2006 in terms of average partner compensation after Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz and Cravath, Swaine & Moore (and fourth after these two and Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft in terms of profits per partner).

Now consider the recent news that 1 in every 100 people has landed in jail, and armed with the knowledge that most of these people are poor and likely are denied the same legal representation as the rich because of their financial status ... does it not follow that national legalcare is more or as important than healthcare. The kind of legal care that up to this point, only the rich like Spitzer and OJ could afford. Why can't we get access to that kind of legal care?

Oh please, don't tell me that the poor have access to public defenders. Not the same as a high powered firm, not the same resources or power behind them no matter how talented those public defenders might be. And while there are a lot of lawyers out there, there ain't enough "pro bono publico" to keep everyone happy and out of the slammer. But a national legalcare system would assure that "Paul, Weiss" would be available to represent the 15 year old kid on the street nabbed running drugs, money, or numbers, with all of the same vigor it will put behind Spitzer. Yea, even if they object, the national system would force them to handle the case and all other cases of the poor. Afterall ... they're rich, the very people who got the "tax cuts they didn't ask for." National Legalcare would make those rich lawyers work for the breaks they've received in the "lottery of life." Plus, I think it was Greg from Massachusetts who called in to say such a plan would also help bring down the cost of healthcare, the cost driven up by lawsuits, since lawyers would be assigned by the government and fees ultimately paid by the government.

My guess is since any legislature is made up mostly of lawyers ... not doctors ... the chances of getting this one through are ... well let's just say it's probably not high on the ABA's agenda or that of the people's party ... The Democrat party. No, my guess is National Healthcare sounds like a much better idea ... to those laywers.

One last note: Before all of you lawyers jump ugly, let me just say I grew up idolizing a lawyer. My big sister worked as both a prosecutor as an AUSA in Miami and then as a partner with one of the largest firms in South Florida and later as a law professor at the University of Miami. Top it all off with the fact that she accomplished all of this in the 60's and 70's, long before women law partners had become commonplace, you can understand my admiration for her and her profession. So my thoughts here are based on political hypocrisy, not legal. And while I cannot speak for her, given her libertarian leanings and her disdain for both politicians and victicrats, my guess is there is little here she would argue with.

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Spitzer Impeachment Update!

Apparently Fox nailed it (no pun intended) last night. It's official. Well not the impeachment but the Republicans intention.

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Stupid Black Men: How to Play the Race Card--and Lose

That's the title of Larry Elder's new book. He was on Fox and Friend's this morning. Those who listen to the show know he is my talk show hero. Coining the phrases I use all of the time ... including "Republitarian". Vist Amazon and give it a try.

From Amazon:
Whether they are demagogues like Al Sharpton, established politicians like Hillary Clinton, or entertainers like Danny Glover, no one escapes Elder’s cogent arguments and rapier wit. His sometimes hilarious and always infuriating examples of wrong-headedness skewer not just politicians for their smugness and hypocrisy, but also actors, educators, religious leaders and the “mainscream media” for keeping the story in the headlines.

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How Republicans Can Win Or Dems Lose

Two takes on the same story and its all about Iraq ... both from the left. Interesting.

One from the Washington Post:
You can see it all happening again: a Republican charging that the Democrats are defeatist, soft on national security and not to be trusted with the White House. And you can see the Democratic Party heading toward Denver for yet another crackup.

The other USA Today:
Even so, Democrats and other war critics should not be arguing for an unconditional and rushed departure, as the congressional leadership and Obama are generally doing. Nor should supporters of the war be arguing for a largely open-ended commitment regardless of Iraqi performance, as the Bush administration and to some extent Sen. John McCain seem to favor.

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Oink, Oink ... Continuuuuuuued!

Don Surber reports Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have joined the war against earmarks.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday joined Republican presidential candidate John McCain and a small band of GOP senators in making a run this week against the billions of dollars in home-state pet projects Congress funds each year.

His take is excellent and a must read but the best part is: Now if we could only get Obama and Hillary to give up their combined half-billion in earmarks — including the ordinary spending that they take credit for.

Looking for some numbers to throw at your friends. Try this on for size.

Surber, an editorial writer with the Charleston Daily Mail, goes on to right even if they are sincere, they all still have a piggy Congress to deal with. My guess is that makes this a pretty safe stance to take.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Gotta Love Those Republicans

This is how far they have fallen, ladies and gentlemen. First they lose a reliably Republican district in Denny Hastert's seat. Now this. If contributions are down, now you know why. My guess is ... the money will soon slow from a trickle to a drip, drip, drip. 

Sigh! I am a man without a party. Wait! Hey, that's not so bad. The Democrat Party is a bunch of bumbling fools doing their best to lose the House, Senate, and White House. The Republicans are a bunch of bumbling fools who don't care about the House, Senate, and White House. I will pray tonight for the survival of the republic.

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Just heard Fox report on "On The Record" that Republicans will seek to impeach Spitzer if he does not resign tonight ... and they say they have the votes. Republicans hold a majority in the Senate but are a tiny minority in the Assembly. Hmmm. Can't wait to see this.

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It Was Just Sex ... Carville

Well James has a whole lot of experience with this kind of stuff (remember, its just a sex lie) ... and I know he's a partisan, but I have to say even I was surprised by Carville's cavalier attitude about a former AG who has prosecuted prostitution rings, and a Governor who promised to uphold the law, breaking the law. This is criminal conduct, including wire fraud if he is indicted.

He covered himself by saying there may be more to this, but I think there's already quite enough. Later, BTW, he likened it to a DUI in the interview.

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Jail Time or Deal Time?

I find it hard to believe. He's known as a law and order guy and that's got to count for something. Still on Fox News this afternoon, Judge Andrew P. Napolitano says the penalties could be stiff.

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Obama To Hillary ... Check The Scoreboard!

More than once now Hillary Clinton has raised the idea of running on the same ticket with Obama clearly as the VP. Obama did not respond and apparently that has hurt him with talk that by not responding he would be willing to take the number two slot. Well today ... Obama responded. From Fox News.

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Spitzer: It's A Private Matter? NY Sun Updates.

The media has started to pile on ... not good for the Governor for sure.

The NY Sun is all over it now:

Here's my take. Ya know it's not the prostitution ... at least not as far as I am concerned. What consenting adults do is none of my affair. Personally I think its demeaning to both parties but that's their stuff not mine. 

What's so bad then? It's the connections that make this so outrageous. I think its pretty much a bad bad practice. It's more times than not, it's linked to organized crime, drugs ... and general underworld activity. Plus ... it's illegal. Throw in a sitting Governor who swears to uphold the law and, BTW, just happens to be someone who used to prosecute this kind of crime, and you have yourself a problem

Here's the Reverend Sharpton trying to tell us ... its a private matter. No, not exactly ... it's a criminal matter, Reverend.

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Spitzer Is Linked to Prostitution Ring ... Statement

The NY Times started this all with a report this afternoon. Yikes ... the man who made a career out of going after corruption, real and otherwise. Here's his statement ... but no resignation. That's what Fox News is reporting ... you can watch for yourself.

But for sure there are a lot of people out there with little sympathy for the Democrat. He went after his political opponents as vigorously as Wall Street companies and had a reputation for shooting first at companies and asking questions later.
Here's a good backgrounder on his fight with Republican Joe Bruno and other headlines.

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Think Hillary Means Business?

Oh man this could get really good. PA Governor Ed Rendell on Meet The Press yesterday on whether the Clinton campaign would continue the fight even if Obama has the lead in delegates and popular vote. Hell, yes!

The this from Carl Levin on ABC's This Week:

This could be real fun.

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The Economy Sinks, Blame Bush (update)

Hey, why not. It's worked on everything else. First Senator Obama gives it a try all last week on the campaign trail ... but on Late Edition with the Wolf Man ... Senator Kyle brings much needed perspective.

One thing to note here. President Bush, The Fed, and this crazy "absolutely do nothing" Congress can screw this up. Overstimulation, by either Congress or the Fed, will do nothing more than add to inflation and do little to create or preserve jobs. Instead of giving back money, and artificially lowering interest rates (while the pressure is in the other direction) Congress should consider another round of tax cuts, allowing consumers to keep their cash ... and allow interest rates to rise (naturally) before the dollar is put on the cardboard standard.

This is primarily a financial crisis that has bled into the general economy, not a traditional economic downturn led by a decline in consumption first and production second. In this scenario, you don't do anyone any good by making it cheaper to borrow money, increasing their debt and then sending them checks to pay off that debt. Geeze ... didn't anyone inside the beltway attend even one economics class?

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Obama Scorecard (with Hardball moment)

OK, this post is kind of late ... but let's see if we can do a little score keeping here.
First Obama says he has been against the war from the very beginning, then we hear from Karl Rove ... not exactly.
Second: Then, Obama says in the debate two weeks ago, he would threaten to abandon NAFTA if Canada didn't renegotiate the treaty (duly negotiated, passed by Congress, signed by Clinton). Later we hear ... his economic advisor told Canada, it was all talk, don't worry.
Then, Obama tells us he's not like every other politician and the Rezko case resurfaces and Obama's forced to explain his partnership in a Chicago land deal with a man who may very well be off to jail for influence peddling.
Finally Obama tells us he will pull troops out immediately from Iraq, while one of his senior political advisers, Samantha Powers is saying just the opposite to the BBC. Power resigns, but not because of the Iraq flap ... but because she tells a Scot newspaper, Hillary is a "MONSTER". Is it me ... or is he ... like every other politician?

Which brings us to Friday night's Hardball moment. Please Fox hire this guy. I love him. Ironically, he's right.

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