Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oink, Oink ... Continuuuuuuued!

Don Surber reports Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have joined the war against earmarks.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday joined Republican presidential candidate John McCain and a small band of GOP senators in making a run this week against the billions of dollars in home-state pet projects Congress funds each year.

His take is excellent and a must read but the best part is: Now if we could only get Obama and Hillary to give up their combined half-billion in earmarks — including the ordinary spending that they take credit for.

Looking for some numbers to throw at your friends. Try this on for size.

Surber, an editorial writer with the Charleston Daily Mail, goes on to right even if they are sincere, they all still have a piggy Congress to deal with. My guess is that makes this a pretty safe stance to take.

(via instapundit)