Monday, March 10, 2008

Obama Scorecard (with Hardball moment)

OK, this post is kind of late ... but let's see if we can do a little score keeping here.
First Obama says he has been against the war from the very beginning, then we hear from Karl Rove ... not exactly.
Second: Then, Obama says in the debate two weeks ago, he would threaten to abandon NAFTA if Canada didn't renegotiate the treaty (duly negotiated, passed by Congress, signed by Clinton). Later we hear ... his economic advisor told Canada, it was all talk, don't worry.
Then, Obama tells us he's not like every other politician and the Rezko case resurfaces and Obama's forced to explain his partnership in a Chicago land deal with a man who may very well be off to jail for influence peddling.
Finally Obama tells us he will pull troops out immediately from Iraq, while one of his senior political advisers, Samantha Powers is saying just the opposite to the BBC. Power resigns, but not because of the Iraq flap ... but because she tells a Scot newspaper, Hillary is a "MONSTER". Is it me ... or is he ... like every other politician?

Which brings us to Friday night's Hardball moment. Please Fox hire this guy. I love him. Ironically, he's right.