Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just Stop It

The "N" word lives ... unfortunately. In Detroit ... by the Mayor:
But although Kilpatrick and other black leaders symbolically buried the racial slur in a mock funeral last July, he uttered it in his State of the City address Tuesday, which was carried live on local television and radio stations.
If you read the whole story you will see he was quoting what people have called him ... still ... in the "State Of The City" address?

Then there is the Rev Jeremiah Wright. This exclusive tape from Fox News. I don't know but where I come from Ministers don't talk like this. Seems to me like the Rev stirs up hate and is devisive and ... well ... I will let you decide. Watch the whole video here. Kudos to Fox News.

It's a shame really. It's all part of an IRS investigation into the Rev Wright's church which has been accused of openly campaigning for Senator Obama.