Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Victimless Crime? Umm, No!

Yesterday I had a great talk on the Spitzer situation with a friend of mine who has dealt with all kinds of high powered people as a therapist. She agreed with me that prostitution is not a victimless crime but I didn't know the half of it. She went on to tell me it was her experience that just about all prostitutes that's she's counseled have been victims of child abuse, changing their lives forever. Women who now believe their only value is in their looks or body. So it was with great interest I read this article this morning, from the NY Times.

But most women in prostitution, including those working for escort services, have been sexually abused as children, studies show. Incest sets young women up for prostitution — by letting them know what they’re worth and what’s expected of them. Other forces that channel women into escort prostitution are economic hardship and racism.

Read it all please.