Friday, June 6, 2008

Two Iraqi Shiite Militia Leaders Surrender

Stuff the MSM doesn't want you to here and notice, SURRENDER

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Thursday, June 5, 2008


Watch the video. 83 year old man gets hit by racing cars on crowded city street. Cars keep going ... so does everyone else. Kinda makes you want to visit Hartford doesn't it?

That's what the Hartford Chief of Police calls it. I on other hand say its a symptom of an ever growing sociopathic society. One that does not care, shows no remorse and can't quite understand what the fuss is all about. Read more here.

Police say the video holds a sad truth about Connecticut's capital city. ``At the end of the day we've got to look at ourselves and understand that our moral values have now changed.'' Police Chief Daryl Roberts said. ``We have no regard for each other.''

So much for these little ethnic neighborhoods being communities huh? Police say everyone on Park Street knew him ... they just wouldn't help him.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Secret Tape

By now you have heard about the secret Michelle Obama tape where she allegedly uses the word "whitey". I have not referred to it on the show because I do not think this secret tape exists ... or it would be out by now. Jim Geraghty agrees with me. But Powerline has a pretty good substitute video.

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Obama and The Nanny State

Powerline has a nice anlaysis on the Obama speech ... comparing it with those of Jack Kennedy. Just not favorably. Here's a taste but read it all.

Whereas JFK's speech framed generational change defending and advancing liberty around the world, Obama's holds out generational change to support the causes of retreat abroad and unlimited government at home. The challenges outlined by Obama are to be addressed by government programs in which citizens become clients of the welfare state, as early in life as possible.

Here's some video from a part of the speech Scott references.

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RNC, Lieberman, Cantor React to Obama's Pledge on Iran

Expect to read more on this ... as I mentioned on the show about Obama's position on Iran ... he's beginning to back track ... but as Jim Geraghty points out ... Senator Lieberman won't let him get away on it.

Expect the big story coming out of AIPAC to be Obama's declaration that he thinks the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps ought to be designated a a terrorist organization... and how this balances with his vote against that exact designation less than a year ago.

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What The Democrats Think of Folks in West Virginia

This will slay you. Congressman James Clyburn on Morning Joe yesterday stunned me with this one yesterday. Pat Buchanan asked Clyburn what Obama needed to do to win the middle class white vote. Clyburn's response is classic and speaks volumes about what these Democrats think of country folk in West Virginia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

So let's get this straight. You cousin kissin, sister marrying, gap toothed white folk can't identify with success, Harvard, a good education ... but you can identify with single parenthood, food stamps, and being passed off to grandparents. UNBELIEVABLE!

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Monday, June 2, 2008

If you missed it ...

One again ... Harriet Christian, the Clinton supporter who lost it at the Democrat Rules Committee Hearing talked about the event with Cavuto today on Fox ... click or scroll down to see and hear it all ... but here's my favorite part.

No ... she will not vote for Obama.

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We're Winning! A Strategic Retreat For Obama?

This will be interesting to see if Obama's position evolves here too. Powerline has a nice little analysis with video.

We wrote here about Barack Obama's Iraq dilemma. He has ridden the Democratic Party's defeatism to a virtual lock on the Presidential nomination, even as events in Iraq have proved his defeatism wrong. So what is he to do in anticipation of the general election, in which defeatism, on the most optimistic assumptions, will not be as popular as in the Democratic primaries?

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Lay off my ... ummm ... Candidate?

Just a great post from Conservative 24/7 ... it's a couple weeks old but work noting again. Here's the gist:

I have not had much time to post lately, but my new portal at work has been down for the last 30 minutes so I headed over to American Thinker and found this post concerning Obama’s changing opinions during the past 30 days.

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What The Media Tells You ... What really happens.

Nice post here from regular listener Ron Winter ... the media is in the tank ... they don't even care you know.

BTW ... regular listener Ali writes in an e-mail:

By the way. I think this is NOT an OBAMA vs. CLINTON race. This is a PELOSI vs. CLINTON fight. I can see PELOSI, her botoxed eyes and nostrils flared, and she's cracking the whip on the Superdelegates to back OBAMA because she is a QUEEN BEE who is NOT going to share power with another QUEEN BEE. And Obama will do whatever Pelosi says. Oh, he will. PELOSI will rule. That's why she's acting like head of state already going over to the Middle East. She knows that America will soon be hers to rule.

Trust me Jim, I know how harpies think. Pelosi is behind all this, mark my words. This is the BATTLE OF THE BEES! (forget Obama).

I love my listeners!

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Harriet Christian Fights Back

Its the first thing they do when you point to the very thing the mass media has been talking about ... race. They call you a racist. Not right ... she's a nice woman and frustrated. The original rant from Harriet at the Rules Committee hearing is at the end of the post.

Here she is on Fox with Neil Cavuto. I have broken it into two clips. First she tells Neil she was frustrated because the rules committee was stacked against Hillary. She says Obama supporters got better than 70% of the tickets. Not good.

The she reiterates her claim that Obama has gotten a pass on his inexperience and people are voting for him because he is black.

Finally no ... she would never vote for him

Me thinks the Dems have a small problem. Here's Harriet's original rant.

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

U.S. troop deaths in Iraq at wartime low

They gave a decent headline but of course only waited until the second paragraph to try to throw in something bad. But notice how they have to do it, they thrown in the part about Iraqi civilian deaths being at a 7 month high in April. What ever way they can find to make numbers seem bad. If you look at the stats, EVERYTHING is down overall. Please look at the stats for yourself here in graph form at This article continues to try to paint the doom and gloom. gives you an actually analysis of the FACTS on the ground.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Nineteen U.S. soldiers were killed in Iraq in May, the U.S. military said on Sunday, the lowest monthly death toll since U.S. forces invaded to topple Saddam Hussein in 2003.

The number of Iraqi civilians killed in the same month plunged to 505 after reaching a seven-month high of 968 in April, figures obtained by Reuters from Iraq's interior, defense and health ministries showed.

The U.S. military says violence in Iraq is at a four-year low following crackdowns by U.S. and Iraqi forces on Shi'ite militias in southern Basra and Baghdad and on al Qaeda in the northern city of Mosul, its last major urban stronghold. Continue reading

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Manny Hits 500

I'm not the biggest Manny fan but got to give credit where it's deserved. Congrats Manny. Here's a little part of Gordon Edes piece. Read article here

"I'm just proud to do it and move on," Ramírez said. "Now I can be myself and have fun."

The home run ball was collared by Damon Woo, a 40-year-old Sox fan originally from Nahant, Mass., who was sitting in Section 94 with his brother, Jason, who shielded him from the mad scrum that followed. After being escorted by an official from Major League Baseball on hand to authenticate the occasion, the brothers agreed to exchange the ball with Ramírez for autographed balls and bats, an uncommon act of unselfishness at a time when the baseball memorabilia market has set the price for such souvenirs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars Continue reading

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