Monday, June 2, 2008

What The Media Tells You ... What really happens.

Nice post here from regular listener Ron Winter ... the media is in the tank ... they don't even care you know.

BTW ... regular listener Ali writes in an e-mail:

By the way. I think this is NOT an OBAMA vs. CLINTON race. This is a PELOSI vs. CLINTON fight. I can see PELOSI, her botoxed eyes and nostrils flared, and she's cracking the whip on the Superdelegates to back OBAMA because she is a QUEEN BEE who is NOT going to share power with another QUEEN BEE. And Obama will do whatever Pelosi says. Oh, he will. PELOSI will rule. That's why she's acting like head of state already going over to the Middle East. She knows that America will soon be hers to rule.

Trust me Jim, I know how harpies think. Pelosi is behind all this, mark my words. This is the BATTLE OF THE BEES! (forget Obama).

I love my listeners!