Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Weather Underground Firebombing of John Murtaugh and Family.

I have his column highlighted ... Now you can listen to the my interview with him on the show yesterday. Great stuff, especially when John describes the terror early in the interview. Toward the end he explains that Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers was more than chance, and why he thinks it matters.

John was just 9 when Bill Ayers Weather Underground buddies bombed his Dad's home, because his Dad was the Judge in the Black Panther trial. Here's the link to his column

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Glug Glug

(via Instapundit) "Is the bottom falling out for Barack Obama?" Michael Barone takes a look.

The Rasmussen tracking poll showed Obama leading Clinton 49 to 41 percent before Wright spoke to the National Press Club. Afterward the numbers were 46 to 44 percent in favor of Clinton. The Gallup Poll had Obama leading Clinton 50 to 41 percent the night before the Pennsylvania primary. The results reported May 1 were Clinton 49 percent, Obama 45 percent.

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Sunday Morning Talk Show Video

Just a reminder ... we will have video highlights from the sunday shows starting around noon. Should be good.

ABC ... Hillary Clinton

Fox News Sunday ... Howard Dean (heeyaaaaaa!)

and on Meet The Press ... The Messiah, for the full hour. Noooooo, NBC is not in the tank for the truth, the light, the way.

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Friday, May 2, 2008

The 'Race' Speech Revisited

Greatest speech ever. Hardly says Charles Krauthammer.

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This Morning's Guests

Capt. Pete Hegseth, Veterans For Freedom, to talk about a new Democratic attack ad, anti war t-shirst that have angered families and his latest column.

John Murtagh, attorney and son of a former Federal Judge, on how, in light of Senator Obama's association with Bill Ayers, the Weather Underground tried to kill his family.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Obama says public tired of hearing about his former pastor

Now they are telling US what we are tired of hearing about and it gets better.......

"When the first snippets came out, I thought it was important to give him the benefit of the doubt because if I had wanted to be politically expedient I would have distanced myself and denounced him right away, right? That would have been the easy thing to do," said Obama.

Correct Mr Obama - or maybe if you disagreed with expressions like God Damn America you WOULD HAVE denounced him right away. Except you weren't shocked and outraged were you, because you had heard it all before...........

~Post by Mel

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Hillary Shocker ... Republicans No So Much

The results were in North Carolina:
Hillary Clinton: 44%Barack Obama: 42%Undecided: 14%

Naah ... he just felt the Rev was over the top this time ... it had nothing to do with polling ... nothing I tell you. Watch this audacity from Hot Air.

Meanwhile ... Republicans have their own problems. Can't say they didn't bring it on themselves.
Only 27% of voters have positive views of the Republican Party, according to the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, the lowest level for either party in the survey's nearly two-decade history.

Yeah yeah ... I know ... NBC, and if you read the sampling they decided to over sample African Americans. But still ... 27%?

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It's May Day ... Time To Protest

What's your beef? Go ahead ... paint a sign and bring it to the"multi-ethnic, decentralized, multi-topic and multi-tactic national day of mobilization to support immigrant workers rights."

No really ... that's the title. Michelle Malkin has the story.

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Doing The Work Americans Won't

Before you say anything, you're right ... anyone could have done this. No wait ... any thug could have done this (sorry about giving thugs a bad name) ... it's just one less thug on the streets would have been nice.

My favorite part ... he actually had the nerve to ask for accelerated rehab ... umm ... the judge decided to deport him instead. Unbelievable!

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cleaning Up Mesopotamia

Another right on article from Pete Hegseth. Read full article here. Here's a sneak peak:

Last week, the Pentagon announced plans to promote General David Petraeus to Central Command and General Ray Odierno to the top post in Iraq. Amidst an unpopular foreign war, such occasions ordinarily trigger a feeding frenzy for war critics, eager to shed light on military missteps and miscalculations. In the wake of this announcement, though, resistance has been sparse and sporadic. Even Sen. Barack Obama preemptively announced he would support Petraeus’s nomination.

~Post by Mel

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Makes Me Want To Puke

This from HotAir .... Amy Richards giving parenting advice at Who is Amy Richards you ask? Well this should give you some idea. We are doomed I tell you, doomed!

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Lies and the filthy Liers who tell them.

I watched one of the ads last night. The DNC attacking John McCain on his 100 year comment. And Like Barack Obama, lie. Once again they are nabbed by Fact Check. But remember as you read this ... Obama, the Messiah, represents a new order in Washington!

"So why does Howard Dean lie? He lies because he has nothing else to use against John McCain, at least not from a hard-Left perspective ..."

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The Victocrats

KABC Talk Host Larry Elder coined this phrase and our friend Ralph Peters carries the theme. Wondering what a victocrat is?

"If you listen past his magnificent rhetorical skills, he makes the same the-evil-government's-out-to-get-you arguments as white supremacists, polygamist child molesters, UFO cults and all the less scrupulous "advocates" for troubled minorities. The demagogue's bottom line is always: Your failures aren't your fault - it's all their fault."

Ralph goes on to explain that unfortunately, victimization is not reserved just for Americans but it almost always blames America no matter the country.

"I've seen this in the Middle East, where every dead car battery is the fault of the Great Satan America (and of Israel, of course), and in Latin America, where politicians steal everything in sight and blame every shuttered bakery on the Yankees who long since went home.
I've seen it in India, where Hindus blame Muslims or members of other castes for every ill. And (God help that tortured continent) I've seen it again and again in Africa, where blame is the currency of politics."

Read it here.

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Barack Obama pal is an enemy, too

This could be one of the most powerful columns I have read to date on the William Ayers/ Barack Obama story ... here's an excerpt.

"Obama was indeed only 8 in early 1970. I was only 9 then, the year Ayers' Weathermen tried to murder me."

Read it all, I encourage you.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What Did He Know and When Did He Know It.

Larry Elder on Hannity and Colmes tonight. Says my talk show idol ... there's know way Obama didn't know the real Reverend Wright.

Here's the Rolling Stone article that Larry referred to ... notice the date of the article ... then read the comments by Rev Wright in the middle of the article.

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Uh Oh! It's The Polar Bears Again! And This Time They Mean Business

 Judge says U.S. must decide whether polar bears are endangered species.
That's the headline in the LA Times. Read it and weep. Want to know the impact? Hugh Hewitt has it snailed .... I mean nailed.

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Militiamen ambush drives back US patrol in Sadr City

Holy cow - are you kidding me??? They must be REALLY be having to search for any negative news they can find. Sadr City has always been a dangerous place, no surprise. If this is all the MSM has to come up with we must be doing better than we think. This to me sounds like a pretty good day at work, no good guy casualties and they got the bad guys.

~Post by Mel

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Save The Beavers ... Lose The Town

This was on Fox tonight ... crazy! The town of Martinez, California spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a system of damns and levies to save the town from flooding. Along come a family of beavers that build their own damn, making the town's system ... well useless. Get of the beavers? Oh nooooooo ... Make sure you watch for Brit Hume's expression at the end.

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Mort: How The Heck Will He Stand Up To World Leaders

Mort Kondracke on Special Report tonight wonders aloud, if it takes 25 years for Obama to size up his Pastor ... months afterhe "first heard" Rev Wright's crazy claims ... how can he possibly size up world leaders?

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Mr President Don't Hold Back Now

We carried the President's Press Conference this morning on WTIC but it went long and we had to cut out before this question was asked. You MUST watch the President's response. He may be a lame duck ... but he's damn tired of the press constantly portraying America as losing when it is not. The clip is from HotAir. I have embedded it here, BUT you must read Ed Morrissey's comment over at Hot Air.

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Obama: He Dissed Me, Man!

Hey Enough Is Enough. Really. Now I've really Had it. Come on guys ... cut it out. This time he's gone over the top. I'm really finished with Wright. It's over this time brother. Why ... I never heard this stuff before.

And this time he really, really, really means it. Not like yesterday ... no sir ... or 3 weeks ago ... or when he first heard these same remarks in March. Then he just kinda sorta meant it.

Polling must be done ... and it can't be good.

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Obama: How Dare He Call Me a Politician

I'm not kidding ... he really said it. Obviously The Rev does not believe Obama is the Messiah like we do.

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Obama: Why Was I The Last To Know

Obama says, forgive my "crazy uncle" ... he's just angry over people reacting angrily reacting to his angry comments made in a church.

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Obama Responds to Wright ... Again

The Messiah is shocked ... shocked I tell you. He had never heard anything like what the Rev Wright said like the US invented AIDS, Israel was behind 9/11, GD America, etc, etc, etc.

Ummm ... where has he been.

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Leiberman For VP

Before you click ... can you guess the party?

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Morning Headlines That Grab Your Attention

Foreclosures up ... in Connecticut too.

Oil company record profits because of a record rise in oil ... OPEC says blame a lot of it on the dollar.

Meanwhile brace yourself for $10 a gallon gas?

In Connecticut lawmakers say the economic downturn is hitting the budget hard ... so of course the special interests say that's why they need more money.

And finally ... Colorado State says it just can't afford supporting the man who developed hurricane forecasting (helping put Colorado State on the map). They say its money ... he says it because he doesn't buy into global warming. Nonsense says CU ... as it hires one of his students to work along side him (one who believes in global warming).

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