Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Victocrats

KABC Talk Host Larry Elder coined this phrase and our friend Ralph Peters carries the theme. Wondering what a victocrat is?

"If you listen past his magnificent rhetorical skills, he makes the same the-evil-government's-out-to-get-you arguments as white supremacists, polygamist child molesters, UFO cults and all the less scrupulous "advocates" for troubled minorities. The demagogue's bottom line is always: Your failures aren't your fault - it's all their fault."

Ralph goes on to explain that unfortunately, victimization is not reserved just for Americans but it almost always blames America no matter the country.

"I've seen this in the Middle East, where every dead car battery is the fault of the Great Satan America (and of Israel, of course), and in Latin America, where politicians steal everything in sight and blame every shuttered bakery on the Yankees who long since went home.
I've seen it in India, where Hindus blame Muslims or members of other castes for every ill. And (God help that tortured continent) I've seen it again and again in Africa, where blame is the currency of politics."

Read it here.