Saturday, March 22, 2008

He Is Risen! Alleluia.

The Cross - Groom, TX

"By dying you destroyed our death ... by rising you restored our life."
Be glad. Happy Easter To All. 

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Covert Airline Owned by CIA - You'll never guess what it was called

I saw the story on FoxNews earlier and it cracked me up. The story was the 15,000 or so "employees" of the CIA airline are seeking benefit status with the government. That's not the part that cracked me up. Fox hasn't posted the story yet but I did find information on the airline on wikipedia. Ok, here's the funniest part of the story, the name of the airline was AIR AMERICA!!! Those crazy liberals must be fuming and trying to change the name of their radio station!!! Air America Radio shares the name with a CIA covert operation???!!! You can't make this stuff up!!!

~Post by Mel

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Go Delta: Updated

This is quickly becoming one of the most viewed videos on You Tube ... and its just Delta's new inflight safety video ... see if you can figure out why. Hint: Teenage boys like You Tube!

The part that seems to have everyone breathless starts at 1:45. "Lee breathes fresh life into the phrase, "Make sure your seat belt is fastened," establishing a new focal point of interest for frequent fliers tempted to tune out the routine message."

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National Heroes Tour

See the latest here on VFF's National Heroes Tour
~Post by Mel

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Obama Picks On Hillary With A Little Girl

Obama. Obama, Obama ... please .... Hillary's ad agency uses stock footage to make a campaign spot ... so you take the little girl in the ad, now all grown up, and turn her into a spot .... You crack me up buddy. Gotta hand it to the girl, she gets her "15 minutes" ... the Obama campaign using it ... lame. Here it is folks and here's the story

But pay no attention to Obama's "GD America" Pastor of 20 years

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Uh Oh! NY Gov In Hot Water

No .... the "new" New York Governor .... no I'm not kidding. The Democrats are just side splitting fun. Oh we Republicans had the wide stance Senator ... but the Democrats ... the hits just keep on coming.  

Oh, and here's my favorite line in the story: "Politicians are barred from using campaign funds for personal expenses. Paterson has said he may have "inadvertently" used his campaign credit card when his personal card didn't work."

And this guy is going to be running one of the largest budgets in the world. And they want to run your healthcare tooooooooooooooooooo!
Picture/story from NY Daily News.

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Obama's General: We will be in Iraq for 100 years.

Uh oh! I am beginning to question Obama's judgement. No really.

First he stays with a hate ranting Rev for 20 years and then puts him on his campaign. Now his General. The one who accused Bill Clinton of McCarthyism (ya know ... I'm still not sure what that means) ... apparently thinks we'll be in Iraq for 100 years. Hmmm. Isn't that what Obama has been slamming McCain on? Oh never mind.  This from Hot Air.

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Bill Clinton "We Need A President Who Loves America"

The Clintons ... gotta love em ... he's still a country lawyer. He'll spin this away today but the jury's already heard the comment ... and he knows it. Anyway ... here's the video of Bill's "it sure would be nice to have two American lovin candedates". I left Chris Matthews expression on the end on purpose. Also classic.

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Just posting so you know I am aware. Not much to say other than ... this is your government at work (remember this when they say they want to run your healthcare, retirement, etc) ... oh after the near meltdown Thursday night I am so sure MSNBC is sooooobama disappointed it wasn't another Watergate.

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Waiting For Goredot

I was just looking for a reason to use that line ... ever since I saw the play in college. There's really no news here ... and Democrats won't get the joke ... but the Republicans will ... wait maybe even the Democrats will.

CNN last night did a story on election changing endorsements still hanging out there ... Gore (check), Edwards (check) and ... well I post em ... you decide. But I couldn't stop laughing ...

Umm ... yup they are king makers for sure.

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China's Ruling Party Paper Urges 'Crush' of Tibetan Protests, McCain Joins Criticism

Photo and story from From Fox News: "The flagship newspaper of China's ruling Communist Party called Saturday for efforts to "resolutely crush" anti-government demonstrations by Tibetans, while Beijing urged people to turn in those on a "Most Wanted" list of 21 protesters."

Fox News continues its front page coverage of the Travesty in Tibet. The Chinese are trying to win the battle not just with force but the media as well, trying to portray the Tibetans as thugs and murderers. The Tibetans are a peaceful people which makes last weeks riots difficult to understand. Perhaps as Peter Brookes told us, they've just had enough of being relegated to a second class status. Here's Fox Video from last night.

Meanwhile John McCain has finally joined the fight by stating the obvious. Courage.

"The people there are being subjected to mistreatment that is not acceptable with the conduct of a world power, which China is," McCain said in response to a question by a Chinese reporter. "There must be respect for human rights."

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Obama LovescAmerica Damnit

Bill to Obama: "I think it would be a great thing if we had an election year where you had two people who loved this country and were devoted to the interest of this country," said Clinton

Obama supporter Gen. McPeak to Bill: "I grew up, I was going to college when Joe McCarthy was accusing good Americans of being traitors, so I've had enough of it," McPeak said.

Hit and run on the Clinton campaign. Classic! As for McPeak ... yeah I am so sure he was scarred for life by the Joseph McCarthy hearings. Memo to the General: thanks for your service ... ummm ... there were communists in the government.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Trolling For Military Misery

This needs more attention: From Hotair

"Are you a woman in the military whose marriage has ended?
We’d like to talk to you for a possible story."

The MSM just will not quit ... the left has their agenda and they will use every newspaper and TV station they can to pursue their ultimate goal ...... Proletariat Unite!

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Morning Joe ... Hey Everyone's Grandma is Like This

Now not only had Barack thrown his grandma under the bus, but now the MSM is throwing every one's grandma under the bus. Tiki Barber, Mika Brzezinski , and Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe this morning.

Ya know the MSM is doing everything they can to cover this guy's mistakes. Here's the original Obama statement. Why do they have to indict everyone to cover their own missteps.

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Our Deepest Sympathies

This from Sgt Mel:

Former AG of the CT ARNG, very well respected, truly a great loss

Our deepest condolences to 1SG John and family especially

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Giant marine life found in Antarctica

Ok, I admit, I'm an ocean loving geek - maybe there's some more of you out there that will enjoy this article too!!!
~Post by Mel

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Tibet Update: Troops Converge On Tibet, Pelosi Meets with Dalai Llama

The situation continues to deteriorate in Tibet ... "The government stepped up its manhunt Friday for protesters in last week's riots in the capital of Tibet, as thousands of troops converged on foot, trucks and helicopters to Tibetan areas of western China."

Meanwhile the Dalai Llama is showing some amazing courage: "Almost half a century after he fled to India, the Dalai Lama has raised the extraordinary prospect of travelling to Beijing and holding face-to-talks with the Chinese regime in an effort to resolve Tibet's most serious crisis for two decades."

But there is some hope as the US continues to put pressure on China to back off (publically and as Peter Brookes told us yesterday privately). "While standing next to the Dalai Llama, she denounced "China's oppression of people in Tibet." "If freedom loving people don't speak out against China's oppression of people in Tibet, we have lost all moral authority to speak out against any oppressed people." Amen Madame Speaker!

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"The State Department says it is trying to determine whether three contract workers had a political motive for looking at Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's passport file." The story from AP

I'm with Glenn Reynolds on this one. Make sure you read today's one liner! And make sure you follow his two links ... this stuff just cracks me up.

Update: Blogger comment on the Democrat Taylor Marsh site (via instapundit): "Anderson Cooper on CNN tonight asked apologetically, "I don't mean to be cynical, but isn't this story just taking the focus off the Rev. Wright story?" Duh?lowdowndog 03.21.2008 - 01:29 am"

My guess ... this story and the McCain Iran AQ statement ... both non stories.

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McCain Gainning In New York

I agree with Jim ... I don't see my home state going Republican ... still ... Geraghty has a poll roundup coming up later ... make sure you check in.

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Obama Continued

Powerline has audio of the Reverend Wright's replacement at the Trinity Church in Chicago ... John asks the relevant question ...

"Obama is no fool. He knows that this is insanity. So why will he not unequivocally repudiate the unscrupulous demagogues who sow racial division by suggesting that white Americans are trying to commit genocide against black Americans? "

You'll find our post on this here ... but in a related post ... John also wonders ...

I've expressed admiration for Barack Obama's political skills, but maybe, in a time of stress, his inexperience is beginning to show. In an interview earlier today, he referred to his grandmother--the one he slandered in his speech on Tuesday--as a "typical white person."

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The Latest Liberal Apology

And why not ... after 350 years Connecticut apologizes for hanging women (and dunking them in water to see if they float). Once again Connecticut's liberal Democrat legislature tackling the tough issues and leading the nation in landmark legislation. My favorite part not included in the copy unfortunately ... Democrat East Haven Rep Michael Lawlor reminding citizens "This is not a pardon." Whew!

Oh ... here's WTIC's audio report.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

N.J. Man Who Abandoned Son Now Charged With Killing Mistress

I asked the question, is anyone faithful anymore??? Well at least MOST people that are not faithful don't KILL their cheating partner. And unfortunately there's a baby involved. Read the story here

~Post by Mel

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Chris Matthews Gets It ... We Love Our Country

This is why I watch Chris Matthews, cause every now and then he gets it. He may be a liberal ... but he gets it. Matthews is trying to explain to Bloomberg's Margaret Carlson, why Obama's poll numbers are falling faster than skirt lengths in a recession. Unfortunately ... her response is classic liberal thought.

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Was McCain Right About Iran and AQ?

I still think McCain's response was a misstep; that in fact he meant to say terrorists training in Iran and not AQ ... but Jennifer Griffin reports maybe McCain wasn't wrong. 

Here's McCain's original comment and Lieberman correcting him

Bottom line: there's plenty of evidence Iran is helping terrorists in Iraq. McCain is smart enough to know that. Apparently the Democrat candidates are not.

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Obama: Grandma is a typical white person

Oh brother ... this guy just should lay low for a while. In explaining his Grandma comment, he told a radio station today, his Grandma was not a racist ... just a typical white person. To be fair, I've included the campaign trying the spin the comment in the Fox News Jim Angle report. You decide.

Here's the original bite from the speech:

BTW ... Geraldine Ferraro has responded to the part of the speech where Obama compared the Rev Wright's comments to what she has to say: "To equate what I said with what this racist bigot has said from the pulpit is unbelievable," Ferraro told the paper."

As a refresher, Ferraro said two weeks ago now, Obama would not be where he is now if he were not black, which, by the way I have already called silly and stupid in a blog post. Wright said the Government infected blacks with HIV, the Jews were responsible for 9/11, the Government allowed Pearl Harbor to happen, and America is really USKKKA. Here's the passage from Obama's race speech. Ferraro has a legitimate gripe here.

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Carville vs Daschle ... The Chaos Continues.

For your evening entertainment! Not sure if its Rush's Operation Chaos ... but it is clearly chaotic in the Democratic party right now. It cracks me up when I see Tom Daschle take on Jim Carville. "Ya afraid Daschle", Carville says! Classic.

In this episode, Carville accuses the Obama camp of dirty tricks to stop a new primary in Michigan. Tom's response is predictable.

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Obama: Drive to work or pay your bills?

Ya know I hate this "I meet people all the time" stuff on the campaign trail. Remember in 2000, the little old lady who had to choose between prescriptions and food (debunked later). I just wish they would stop it ... or maybe ... they've heard so many stories they just mix them all up. 

Here's one about people who have to choose between working and paying bills. No really ... listen.

Maybe he meant,  in Obama World people call in sick that day, and then pay their bills on company time? Or maybe he meant people had to choose between medications and food. No wait ... that's been used.

Update: I like the last line "We can't solve problems with sound bites." From Obama! Oh brother.

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Global Warming Update ... Brrrrrrrrrrrr!

First, via instapundit, where the hell did global warming go? Perhaps ... its on vacation ... yeah that's it ... on vacation. "That could mean global warming has taken a breather. Or it could mean scientists aren't quite understanding what their robots are telling them."

Second, via Hot Air, those crazy squiggly, environmentally friendly ... umm ... ok not so environmentally friendly light bulbs.

Amidst this ... Connecticut moving quickly (before the earth burns up or the myth is exposed, whichever comes first) to use the "man causing the global warming" myth to pass new taxes. Yeeeehaaaaaaah!

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Some Are More Equal Than Others, Comrade

UPDATE: The latest here on spreading protests.

(Picture from NY Times) Life in Tibet ... Since the 1950's part of the great Chinese communist society ... where each according to his needs ... where all are equal. How many times do we have to see this myth debunked? A must read this morning to understand what it means when you hand your lives over to the state ... to understand what it means to be Tibetan.

"There is no legalized ethnic discrimination in China, but privilege and power are overwhelmingly the preserve of the Han, while Tibetans live largely confined to segregated urban ghettos and poor villages in their own ancestral lands. "

Ahhhh ... the great society. All praise the great society. Health care for all, jobs for all, retirement for all ... its just some are more equal than others, comrade.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lewinsky and the first lady

Talk about having a pair???!!! SEVEN times, AT LEAST SEVEN times Hillary was in the White House while Bill was errr.....having um, private time is the nicest way I can think of putting it, with Monica!!! This is incredible. Must read. Think maybe this is why the Clintons were dragging their feet on releasing the First Lady's schedule???

~Post by Mel

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Iraqis clear way for provincial vote

Gee, missed this amongst all the anti-war protest news of the day. But, then again, how many times can I say I'm not surprised. This is a huge deal and the MSM will ignore it once again. Just think about it, one of the biggest gripes from the Iraqi people was not having a voice. al-Qaida was one of the biggest problems to overcome. They've started to band together and do just that. Now they will have local elections like never before where everyone (mostly - nothing's perfect) will feel safe to come out and vote. They will have their voice heard. Probably most for the first time. But why let a beautiful story of democracy making head way in a region where it would seem impossible get in the way of the MSM and left's agenda.

And don't worry, there's the typical anti-war, doom and gloom jabs at the end, as you would expect from AP stories. But hey, I'll take any positive stories I can get!!!

~Post by Mel

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Spitzer girl gone wild was 17

Man, this just doesn't end.....

~Post by Mel

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Obama's Grandma ... Redux!

Powerline points out an interesting article. As we noted yesterday, Senator Obama tries to draw some convoluted comparison between the "Rev" Wright and his grandma ... she who told him as a child that she feared black men ... but as it turns out ... then again, maybe she didn't ...

Well, no, according to Obama's 1995 book, it is not at all true that she "once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street." Instead, she once confessed [to Obama's grandfather] her fear of one aggressive black beggar who didn't pass by her but instead confronted her, demanded money, and then gave her -- an intelligent, level-headed woman who had worked her way up to a mid-level corporate management position -- good reason to believe he would have violently mugged her if her bus hadn't pulled up."

Grandmother ... grandfather ... what's the difference? The truth is ... oh never mind.

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Spitzer call girl already gone 'Wild'

Big surprise. Ms Ashley Dupre was found in the achieves of "Girls Gone Wild." Follow the link to the article and you'll find video of the sweet and innocent girl too.

~Post by Mel

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Why Women Cheat ... Why Men Should Be With Younger Women ... Real Younger

Hot Air points to two stories today that ... well ... caught my interest.

The first ... why men cheat ... which of course is different from why women cheat ... let me just say, according to the article ... men are pigs ... women are negelected. "... men tend to focus more heavily on the sexual aspects of the infidelity; women more on the emotional aspects." Everyone now ..... Awwwwww.

The second story makes the case for older men and younger women ... how's 15 years sound to you ... which likely just confirms in the eyes of women the first article. "Last year, a study of Swedish census information suggested a 4 to 6-year age gap is best, but new research has found that in some circumstances a surprisingly large gap – 15 years – is the optimum."

Hey ... what can I say?

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China Forces Tibetan Students to Denounce 'Monster' Dalai Lama

(Photo from Fox News)

I have often wondered, if faced with jail or death, would I reject my faith. Luckily, for now, that is not an issue ... but it is in Tibet. Sure puts the Pledge Of Allegiance in a whole new light, huh? Fox News stays all over this story.

Students are required to provide four answers, Tibetan sources tell the Times of London. First, they must answer the question “What position does the Dalai Lama occupy in your heart?” Second, they must provide the address and place of work of their parents. Third, they must give details of their own identity card. Finally, they must guarantee not to take part in any political activities.

Its' hard to keep up with the numbers of Tibetans jailed ... and those murdered.

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Oink, Oink ... Update

Instapundit gives us a "porker" update. It is truly amazing how politicians with the most to lose can justify wasting you tax money on their pet projects (generally with their name on the highway, building, research project), in order to ensure their reelection.

In a similar vein, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) opposed the ban as “unrealistic” and even went so far as to erroneously claim that earmarking “has been going in this country for 230-some-odd years,” and that “The Founding Fathers would be cringing to hear people talking about eliminating earmarks.”
There is a proper system for projects to be vetted by agencies (the “all-knowing, all-powerful” bureaucrats) that’s fallen by the wayside. Congress did not earmark extensively until the 1980s.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Matthews: Obama Speech Beats MLK's "Dream Speech"

You cannot make this stuff up. This had been part of an Obama post below, but it really deserves its own forum. I am at this moment blown away by Chris Matthews on Hardball calling the Obama speech, greater than the MLK "Dream" speech.

Wait ... what did he mean by "lived the dream but also lived in this country." Man, the left really does think America is an awful country. I thought it was just a ... well myth.

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1000 Tibetans Jailed ... Olympic Boycott? Not US

Update: 1000 Tibetans have been rounded up

The paramilitary officers then fired three rounds of tear gas to disperse the crowd that had swollen rapidly during the operation, witnesses said. Murmurs of anger had begun to reverberate among the passersby as police beat the older man, believed to be an ethnic Tibetan Government cadre, as they dragged him from the building and into a waiting security vehicle. 

Who will stop this? Meanwhile Drudge has this at the top of his page ... a boycott of the opening ceremonies at the Olympics in China. The world is quickly jumping on board. The idea is to put pressure on China to back off Tibet. You would think the United States would first to join. Think again.

"We strongly encourage our athletes to participate in opening ceremonies," said U.S. Olympic Committee spokesman Darryl Seibel. "It is a tremendous honor to walk into the Olympic Stadium behind the flag of your nation, and to do so in a ceremony honoring and celebrating athletes from around the world."

While athletes soak up the honor ... Tibetans just soak up bullets and jail time. Nice.

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Obama: Permission To Speak Freely

Obama has finally decided it was time to talk race in America. Thanks for the permission. BTW, I like the shot at Geraldine Ferraro. Nice touch,

Disingenuous? It took Obama on the hot seat for him to talk about race. It wasn't an act of courage ... it was politics as usual.

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Obama Speech: Moral Relativism At Its Worst.

I have clips from the speech below. Only a few more will follow. This was a speech that answered the racist and outrageous remarks with the worst kind of high school moral relativism I have heard to date. Much the way children argue, "Well the other kids did it", so Barack tried to explain away the Reverend Wright and the place the Rev and his church play in his life. It left me cold and spoke volumes about who this man is.

Tonight we will hear much about the courage it took to stand by his friend Wright. I, on the other hand think it would have taken far greater courage to walk away from the kind of hate mongering that hardly unites and instead divides. Were he my minister, or even my friend, I would have stood by him, no question, but I would not have remained in his church until the tenor had changed. Instead Barack chose to play to African Americans who believe this kind of talk ... while asking white America to understand by ... invoking race.

Sure what the Reverend said was bad ... but my Grandma was bad too. Sure the Trinity Church is angry  ... but you white folk are angry too. 

Rather than condemn and distance, he is asking us to understand at best, excuse at worst, not just deplorable language but an entire belief system that seems hate centered, because of the Reverend's unique black experience. 

The danger here is that this kind of moral relativism will be used in the future to excuse racism by all. All we need to is invoke our backgroud, or our personal experiences, or better yet, the experiences of generations we never knew. This was a chance for Barack Obama to make a stand for a new America: One that will not excuse this kind of hate mongering from anyone. Instead, it was a return to the same old same old.

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Obama: Sure it's racist ... but you have to understand.

This part of the speech left me cold. So let me get this straight. What the Reverend said was terrible but we must understand why he said it? Are you asking us to excuse these racist remarks? Sorry Senator, there is no excuse. There is no moral relativism.

and then he went on to announce to the world that the woman who raised him, nurtured him, cared for him ... when all others abandoned him ... was a racist. This, my friends, is the absolute lowest form of moral relativism I have ever heard. "He look, my preacher may be a racist but even my grandma was a racist and I still keep her around"

So the Reverend is a part of him. Which part? He did not answer. As for his Grandma, bless her heart, Senator ... you chose this minister, you chose that church. You didn't choose your grandma.

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Obama: I never heard this stuff ... sorta ... kinda

There will be plenty of commentary on this speech else where. I will present those clips that I think standout. First: What did he know ... and why didn't he say so in the first place. Here's Barack today. By the way ... my minister has and would never use this kind of hate speech ...I doubt many in the US do ... and if he did ... I would speak to him ... and then leave ... for good.

Now here's Barack Friday night ... ummm ...

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Report: New NY Governor Admits Affair

Applause for doing the honest thing and putting it on the table on day 1 to avoid the controversy. He did it with class and respect. But geez, does anyone stay faithful anymore???!!! Read the full article here.

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National Heroes Tour

We interviewed Pete Hegseth last week ... we will get him on again this week as the "National Heroes Tour" kicks off .... Powerline has video. Give it a watch.

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The Obama Hustle

Powerline points out two new articles on Obamanation. One from someone who knew him when ... one from Rich Lowry. I'm not surprised.

Here are some excerpts from the Spivak article:
"He (Senate Majority Leader Emil Jones Jr) said, 'Cliff, I'm gonna make me a U.S. Senator.'"
"Oh, you are? Who might that be?"
"Barack Obama."

Jones appointed Obama sponsor of virtually every high-profile piece of legislation, angering many rank-and-file state legislators who had more seniority than Obama and had spent years championing the bills ... Last June, to prove his commitment to government transparency, Obama released a comprehensive list of his earmark requests for fiscal year 2008. It comprised more than $300 million in pet projects for Illinois, including tens of millions for Jones's Senate district.

and this:
Obama found enough flaws in the petition sheets — to appear on the ballot, candidates needed 757 signatures from registered voters living within the district — to knock off all the other Democratic contenders. He won the seat unopposed.
"A close examination of Obama's first campaign clouds the image he has cultivated throughout his political career," wrote Tribune political reporters David Jackson and Ray Long. "The man now running for president on a message of giving a voice to the voiceless first entered public office not by leveling the playing field, but by clearing it."

This from the man who knew him.

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St Patrick's Day ... It's Heart Healthy!

Prevention: At Middle Age, Add Alcohol to the Diet? Oh yeah, baby!

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Could Sen Clinton be trying to play the war stories game??? Because she's going to loose....

Are you kidding. Not that Bosnia wasn't dangerous, but come on!!! You've now contradicted your own story, in your own book!!! She hits on one of my biggest pet peeves of all time: trying to be something you're not.
Of course they sent you with extra security, um, you were the First Lady at the time. Although Sheryl Crow was on the flight too, that to me might be more reason. Just please, you went there on a very valid mission, to boost troop morale to the soldiers stationed there. That's great, you don't need to embellish your story. Don't try to act like you were a soldier who was there and knew how it was. I'm sure the soldiers that fought the battles on the ground would have something to say about your luxurious trip you made out to be so tough. Did you really think no one was going to call you on this???
And Clinton Administration - there were a heck of a lot more ways you could have shown your support to the troops during your time than a visit to Bosnia.
~Post by Mel
Update (from Jim): "She hits on one of my biggest pet peeves of all time: trying to be something you're not." Hey that's politics!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

What Did The Messiah Know And When Did He Know It

As I blogged yesterday ... when even the mainstream media smells blood ... you are in trouble. Obama is in trouble because the digging has just begun. You can watch for yourself, Obama tells Major Garrett he had never heard most of the "Rev" Wright's statements. Hard to believe? (Via Instapundit)

This from Perfunction:It [Trinity United Church of Christ] also helped give him spiritual bona fides and a new assurance. Services at Trinity were a weekly master class in how to move an audience. When Mr. Obama arrived at Harvard Law School later that year, where he fortified himself with recordings of Mr. Wright’s sermons, he was delivering stirring speeches as a student leader in the classic oratorical style of the black church. [my emph.].

It's [art of a New York Times article from last year.

Newsbusters has a complete rundown here.

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Turmoil In Tibet

Here's the Fox News headline:
Deadline Set in Tibet Showdown: Up to 80 killed in uprising against China

China is showing the world, just in time for the Olympics, just what it can do to people who demand religious freedom. Keep in mind, China invaded Tibet just about 60 years ago and since then its been China's way or the highway. I think what appauls me most is that China is telling its people that the US and the Dalai Lama are beind this. Many more pictures here at Yahoo.

Tibet's governor promises harsh consequences for protesters who do not turn themselves in before midnight.

The Dalai Lama is helpless to help his flock. Meanwhile protestors are gathering aroun the world. Here's a link to Reuters Video

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Who Will Fall Next?

CNBC World is all over the Bear Stearns buy out. Patricia Svaras in Germany says in Europe everyone wants to know who will be next. She rightfully points out at the end that, unlike the dot com bubble, this was a gold plated company that packaged junk and sold it as gold. The end result is Bear Stearns, which weathered the '29 crash, sells for less than Bill Gates pocket change.

The Prognosis: One analyst I hope to get on the show said financial services companies will be watching the markets between 2PM and 4PM tomorrow afternoon ... and then through Wednesday. This could get ugly. Hopefully not. Hopefully markets are overreacting. Hopefully.

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Whack A Mole ... Turmoil In The Financial Markets

The Turmoil: I've been up all night ... glued to CNBC World. It's a sea of red out there in the financial markets. Overnight overseas markets fell on reaction to news that the Fed had lowered the discount rate and changed lending practices to primary dealers. Primary dealers make market in US Debt and MUST meet certain liquidity requirements. Here's a list of primary dealers in the US.  Obviously the Fed is a whole lot more worried about the financial crisis than it had let on. Overnight the Fed cut the discount rate another 1/4 point and there's a talk of more moves before the week is out. Understandable.

Whack A Mole: Here's what the former Fed Vice Chair told Bloomberg: ``The Fed has been playing the equivalent of Whac-A-Mole as financial turmoil keeps cropping up in new and unexpected places,'' says former Fed Vice Chairman Alan Blinder, referring to the arcade game where players try to hammer down plastic critters that randomly pop out of holes. ``Yet many of the problems facing us are beyond its reach.''

The Latest Crisis: It all started when JP Morgan said it would buy Bear Stearns for $2 a share. Talk about a fall from grace. Bear Stearns got itself in trouble with its hedge funds tied to the sub prime loans.

1930 Bank Run: Believe it or not ... the word 1930 Bank Run ... was mentioned more than once on CNBC World last night ... riveting TV. Analysts were not saying who needs the next bailout ... but one analyst gave a hint ... "We will be watching to see who runs to the discount window this week for cash."

Japanese stocks are falling fast. Sony, Toshiba, Toyota, Honda. Why? There's a feeling that the US Economy is weaker across the board now and Japanese consumer companies that sell and manufacture are going to be hit.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Free Market Vs Socialism

If you ever needed an example to demonstrate the difference between liberal and conservative ... McCain and Barillary ... this is one.

First John McCain. The best stimulus package, the best way to keep people in their homes ... lower their taxes. One more time. Who's money is it?

Then listen to Speaker Pelosi decribe a Democrat program to buy homes from speculators and overambitious homeowners with your tax dollars. Maybe they'll buy your home too?

More housing stock?  Oh yeah ... yup ... that makes perfect sense. The government artificially props up prices while maintaining a glut in housing stock. And the best part is ... they will be buying these homes with your tax dollars. Bwahahahahaha.

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Dream Team Part Deux

Ok ... yeah ... she said it before ... but its the way she says it ... to Clinton buddy George S. 

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The "Rev" Wright Continues To Haunt Obama!

Obama is in some hot water ... if the main stream media is a good indication. It was the number one topic all Sunday morning ... and that is saying something on this the 5th anniversary of the Iraq war. I have assembled two videos because it would take up too much space to post them all.
The first is Newt Gingrich from Friday night ... he deserves a space all by himself.

The second clip is a compilation of the Sunday morning pundits.

The third ... Senator Chris Dodd ... oh well. Dodd tells Chris Wallace, Obama should be applauded for rejecting "Rev" Wright so quickly. Dodd says we need to put this behind us quickly so Obama can go back to mesmerizing crowds. Wallace ... whoa there partner.

Nothing to see here ... move along ... move along!

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Newt Nails The Left

The Rev Wright is not racist ... he is just expressing the views of the left.

Just to refresh your memory. Here's the "Rev" Wright on America and 9/11 and ... oh yeah ... those Jews again.

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Many Returning Troops Struggle To Reconnect

The Hartford Courant ran an article the mental health status of Soldiers and Marines returning from war. PTSD and traumatic brain injuries are serious issues for returning soldiers. I applaud the State of Connecticut for the steps they have taken to care for their returning soldiers and redoubling their effort to address these issues. I encourage you to read it.

But there is a fear I have that the Courant did not address. I fear this article will continue to feed into the myth held by many in this country that returning soldiers are ... for want of a better word ...monsters (apolgies to Senator Clinton), or monsters in the making. Nothing could be further from the truth.

First, the disconnect talked about in this article in my opinion, is normal and to be expected. Any one who leaves their home and country for a year is going to have some adjustment to make upon returning home no matter what their job. Life has gone on without them for a year, the entire daily routine has changed and so have the people around them. Re-acclimation takes time.

Second, some reactions that family members or civilians might find odd or unusual are really just learned responses, not signs of mental illness. When a soldier’s driving down the road, changes lanes because there’s a bag of garbage on the side of the road, only another soldier is going to understand that. It's a learned reaction, and it takes time to unlearn.

Third, it's critical really for Americans to understand war changes people, and not automatically in a bad way as perceived. I would venture to say that most Soldiers and Marines come home with a different perspective on life and what is important. And this would be incorporated into their readjustment. It would be unfair to label or even assume that all returning service people are in some fashion mentally unfit and unable to cope when they are going through normal readjustment stages. Fighting a war has consequences for everyone who has served, but its a tribute to fine breed of men and woman that serve that the vast majority return ready to continue to serve in the military or civilian population. I can assure you ... that is the case.

Finally, on a personal note, remember this ... it's not just our experiences in Iraq or Afghanistan that affect us upon returning home ... your opinion of returning vets can have an even greater affect on a solider's and family's psyche as well. We served our country proudly by choice. All we ask in return is time, patience, and respect.

~Post by Mel

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