Wednesday, March 19, 2008

China Forces Tibetan Students to Denounce 'Monster' Dalai Lama

(Photo from Fox News)

I have often wondered, if faced with jail or death, would I reject my faith. Luckily, for now, that is not an issue ... but it is in Tibet. Sure puts the Pledge Of Allegiance in a whole new light, huh? Fox News stays all over this story.

Students are required to provide four answers, Tibetan sources tell the Times of London. First, they must answer the question “What position does the Dalai Lama occupy in your heart?” Second, they must provide the address and place of work of their parents. Third, they must give details of their own identity card. Finally, they must guarantee not to take part in any political activities.

Its' hard to keep up with the numbers of Tibetans jailed ... and those murdered.