Thursday, March 20, 2008

Some Are More Equal Than Others, Comrade

UPDATE: The latest here on spreading protests.

(Picture from NY Times) Life in Tibet ... Since the 1950's part of the great Chinese communist society ... where each according to his needs ... where all are equal. How many times do we have to see this myth debunked? A must read this morning to understand what it means when you hand your lives over to the state ... to understand what it means to be Tibetan.

"There is no legalized ethnic discrimination in China, but privilege and power are overwhelmingly the preserve of the Han, while Tibetans live largely confined to segregated urban ghettos and poor villages in their own ancestral lands. "

Ahhhh ... the great society. All praise the great society. Health care for all, jobs for all, retirement for all ... its just some are more equal than others, comrade.