Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama: Sure it's racist ... but you have to understand.

This part of the speech left me cold. So let me get this straight. What the Reverend said was terrible but we must understand why he said it? Are you asking us to excuse these racist remarks? Sorry Senator, there is no excuse. There is no moral relativism.

and then he went on to announce to the world that the woman who raised him, nurtured him, cared for him ... when all others abandoned him ... was a racist. This, my friends, is the absolute lowest form of moral relativism I have ever heard. "He look, my preacher may be a racist but even my grandma was a racist and I still keep her around"

So the Reverend is a part of him. Which part? He did not answer. As for his Grandma, bless her heart, Senator ... you chose this minister, you chose that church. You didn't choose your grandma.