Sunday, March 16, 2008

The "Rev" Wright Continues To Haunt Obama!

Obama is in some hot water ... if the main stream media is a good indication. It was the number one topic all Sunday morning ... and that is saying something on this the 5th anniversary of the Iraq war. I have assembled two videos because it would take up too much space to post them all.
The first is Newt Gingrich from Friday night ... he deserves a space all by himself.

The second clip is a compilation of the Sunday morning pundits.

The third ... Senator Chris Dodd ... oh well. Dodd tells Chris Wallace, Obama should be applauded for rejecting "Rev" Wright so quickly. Dodd says we need to put this behind us quickly so Obama can go back to mesmerizing crowds. Wallace ... whoa there partner.

Nothing to see here ... move along ... move along!