Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Iraqis clear way for provincial vote

Gee, missed this amongst all the anti-war protest news of the day. But, then again, how many times can I say I'm not surprised. This is a huge deal and the MSM will ignore it once again. Just think about it, one of the biggest gripes from the Iraqi people was not having a voice. al-Qaida was one of the biggest problems to overcome. They've started to band together and do just that. Now they will have local elections like never before where everyone (mostly - nothing's perfect) will feel safe to come out and vote. They will have their voice heard. Probably most for the first time. But why let a beautiful story of democracy making head way in a region where it would seem impossible get in the way of the MSM and left's agenda.

And don't worry, there's the typical anti-war, doom and gloom jabs at the end, as you would expect from AP stories. But hey, I'll take any positive stories I can get!!!

~Post by Mel