Thursday, July 17, 2008

Going Through Withdrawal

Another great piece by Pete full piece here

In fact, just one question entered my head when I finished reading: Why now? Why would Sen. Obama — or any legislator, for that matter — write such a piece before visiting the country for himself, seeing the situation with his own eyes, and speaking with commanders and troops who actually know what’s going on?

~Post by Mel

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some US soldiers in Iraq yearn to be in Afghan war

Bet you haven't seen any of this on the nightly news. The MASSIVE success in Iraq doesn't fit into their game plan. And that's sad. The turn around the last year in Iraq is remarkable. Too bad the MSM doesn't share that with the American people.

...That soldiers are looking elsewhere for a battle is a testament to how much Iraq has changed from a year ago, when violence was at its height. Now it's the lowest in four years, thanks to the U.S. troop surge, the turn by former Sunni insurgents against al-Qaida in Iraq, and Iraqi government crackdowns on Shiite militias.

Read full article here.

~Post by Mel

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hill Democrats miffed at Obama

They're already starting to crumble.........I've been leaning towards the word arrogant lately when listening and reading about Senator Obama. Guess I'm not the only one..........Read full article here, it's a good read broken down point by point.

Privately, however, there is a different message coming from some Democratic quarters on the Hill and on K Street. Some Democratic leadership staffers complain that, having defeated the vaunted Clinton political machine in the primaries, the Obama campaign now feels a “sense of entitlement” that leads to “arrogance.”

~Post by Mel

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"Which would you prefer ... we spend your money fast or slow?"

I suppose its progress ... at least in the empire state it will be a slow bleed.

The poll found 75 percent favor a circuit breaker, even it it means raising income taxes on those who earn more than $1 million annually. At the same time, 69 percent supported Gov. David Paterson's plan to cap property tax increases at 4 percent per year -- down from the 74 percent last month who said they agreed that a cap "is necessary to help those who have seen property tax bills increase by 7 percent per year over the last five years."

Talk about a Sophie's Choice. "Which would you prefer ... we spend your money fast or slow?" I think stop spending so much would be a better idea but then that's just me.

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And Now The Rest Of The Story

Outraged ... outraged, I tell you. I am so sure Fox 61 will be here any minute to get my take on this Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist's depiction of John McCain.

And the media will be all over this and it will be the subject of talk show fodder and Obama of course will reject it and .... oh ... never mind

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Asault On Christianity Continues

I am sure the mainstream media will be outraged over this too.

"University students Rachel Evans and Amber Pike, who challenged the legislation, said they and other protesters would now hand out condoms, stickers and leaflets to pilgrims. "Symbolic coat-hangers", designed to draw attention to the problem of backyard abortions, would also be distributed ... Evans said protesters wearing T-shirts with slogans such as "The Pope is Wrong – Put a Condom on" and "Pope go Homo" would picket a cross-city march due to be held on Saturday."

Kinda makes the Obama magazine cover look like child's play huh? Wonder if Rachel plans on doing this is at a fundamentalist Muslim conference?

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