Friday, April 25, 2008

Penguin's wetsuit puts him back in the swim of things

~Post by Mel

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Trading bugers and gold for a tank of gas

... or something like that. This of course is not to be confused with giving up food for drugs, or food for college ... or any other food substitute.

Cong. Dennis Kucinich (is he Croatian ... if so I appologize .... we're not all like this) was on Cavuto on Fox yesterday calling for an excess profits tax on the oil companies. Excess profits would be determined by a board, I'm thinking made up of politicans and maybe beauticians, who knows.

Anyway when Cavuto pressed him on imposing an "excess profits" tax on any company might be counter to ... ummm ... capitalism, Kuncinich said people are hocking watches and giving up food for gas.

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Wife Sues Husband in Carrot Attack

Seriously, you can't make this stuff up!!! They were arguing and he threw a carrot at her and hit her in the eye. The best part to me is she is suing him but yet they are still married and live together. Read here.

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Bush to talk today about stimulus rebate checks

Get ready.......and remember if you filed your tax documents and you provided account information for direct deposit that is how you SHOULD be receiving your rebate. If you did not you'll have to wait for the check in the mail. Read here.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Obama: Change You Can Forget About

Powerline has three great takes on the Messiah's pledge for change ... a change in the war and in the way we do politics.

The first refers to this statement by Obama's manager on NPR ... David Axlerod.

The second refers to Obama's pledge to remove the troops.
"Obama "is offering is a basic vision of withdrawal with muddy particulars, one his advisers are still formulating and one that, if he is elected, is destined to meet an even muddier reality on the ground.""

And the last refers to Obama's pledge to change ...
" ... specify one -- just one -- significant issue on which he would be willing to break ranks with his party and join with the other party."

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Obama's Iraq?

I try not to post more than one from each show a night ... but came across this late.

Hardball plays a segment of the PBS interview with Rev Wright. Wright calls Obama's Philadelphia speech "political". Obama, he says, says what a poltician has to say, but Wright says, he speaks as a preacher. Not good ... Is Wright saying Obama just told us what we want to hear and he spoke the truth? Oh brother.

Carlson nails it ... so does Mattthews: Obama's Iraq!

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Tonight's Chris Matthews Moment

Debating with Trib Columnist Clarence Page on who is most electable, Page says the only thing that matters is the economy. Chris takes it from there. Oh brother.

The banks? The same banks that couldn't manage their mortgage portfolio. The same banks looking for handouts? Is he kidding?

I actually think (umm hope?) Chris IS kidding here. But remember during the 04 election the Dems kept telling us George Bush was conspiring to capture OBL at the last minute. I believe they also accused him of striking a deal with the Saudis to keep gas prices low ... so maybe Matthews is not kidding.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Matthews: This Race Is Over, McCauliffe: Matthews is delusional

That's Chris Matthews in pre-primary coverage on MSNBC last night. And it ticked off Terry McCauliffe. First here's the video of Chris Gone Wild ...

Then here's Johnny Dollar's coverage of McCauliffe on the John Gibson radio show. The good stuff begins at 2:30. That's where McCauliffe let's Mr Matthews have it.

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MSNBC Joins Hands With Air America To Sing Kumba Ya

Please ... please tell me this is a hoax ...

"The irony is palpable. The lowest-rated cable channel is teaming up with the lowest-rated radio network in the hopes of finding success by bashing Republicans and conservatives."

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Have A Kid Plant A Tree

OK ... now I can't even count on Australia to be reasonable. 

"each child born should be offset by planting 4 hectares of trees"

It's from a letter in response to an article in the Medical Journal of Australia

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Will The Federal Government Pay Our Bills If the Dems Are Elected?

I've heard of Nanny Staters before but this is now bordering on the ridiculous. So now we turn to the federal government because we can't pay our bills at night ... including credit card bills? What?

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Gen. Petraeus to Head U.S. Central Command

Gates recommended, now the Senate will need to confirm. This BETTER not become another political stage for the left. General Petraeus has done an OUTSTANDING job and the region will only get better and safer with him at the helm. The shift wouldn't happen until late summer/early fall.

~Post by Mel

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The Friends of Barack Obama, Part 1

Powerline has done it again. Bill Ayers and friends hatred for America is a little more recent than 40 years ago ... catch it here with audio.

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Global Warming Tax Hikes

We're seeing it in Connecticut (5600) but really its a world wide phenom. It's just one more way to seperate us from our money in the name of a myth.

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Investigators: Cracked Wing Parts Found on US Airways Planes

I only post this because I've had some of my WORST customer service experiences with this airline. Could you imagine sitting in your seat and have a piece of the plane fly off and hit your window???!!! Read full story here.

~Post by Mel

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Hillary Lands Low Blow, Messiah Staggers, NY Times Ready To Call Fight

This (via ... the NY Times very very very upset with Hillary Clinton, presumably for beating the Messiah.

"It is past time for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to acknowledge that the negativity, for which she is mostly responsible, does nothing but harm to her, her opponent, her party and the 2008 election."

Umm, as the kids on my hockey team used to say to an opponent that was trash talking ... look up at the scoreboard. Hillary won.

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LA Times: McCain's Disability ... reason enough not to vote for him.

This from the front page of the drudgereport. I kid you not. This is their headline.

John McCain gets tax-free disability pension
The disclosure of the Navy benefit for injuries incurred as a Vietnam POW may raise fitness questions.

When your man is squeeky clean. So clean even the Dems acknowledge it ... you need something, anything. And so over the weekend we get John McCain is angry, then we get his wife is a sugar daddy ... umm ... momma ... and now this.

But noooooooo ... noooooooo ... there's absoblankinlutely no liberal bias in the pres.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hillary's new ad ... Obama cries foul.

The Obama camp is going nuts and so is most of the Obama press which includes just about everyone. They call it negative, and below the belt. The Obama folks need to grow up. Oh Brother ... and wants to be President.

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Obama: Really smart or really affraid.

Two schools of thought here. Obama refuses to debate because he does not have to ... he's in the lead. Obama refuses to debate. He was awful last week and another performance like that and he'll be vying for the VP slot. Take your pick.

Oh and here's the official word from the party:
"North Carolina Democratic Presidential Debate CANCELLED
We regret to inform you that the proposed Democratic Presidential Debate scheduled for April 27 has been cancelled due to time constraints and logistical issues associated with such a large, national event."

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Goverment In The Retirement Business

No silly ... not social security ... Connecticut Democrats are proposing offering a state wide 401k plan ... no, seriously, they are. They say it would fill a need since many small businesses don't offer 401k plans. There apparently is one tiny drawback.

"This bill does not require an employer to match a employee's savings, a key advantage to 401(k) plans."

Ummm ... yet. By the way the Insurance companies and banks are against it. I'm sure. This is a cash cow for them and they know it.. Administrative fees on 401k management are outrageous and managers offer little to investors for their hard earnerd cash.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Snickers the Puppy Rescued After Drifting at Sea, Scavenging on Pacific Atoll

Look at this face!!! For those that don't know I'm an animal loving freak!!! He's on his way to a happy new home and has been spoiled rotten since his rescue. Full story here.

~Post by Mel

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Man Beaten With Hammer, Bat at Maine Hotel in Case of Mistaken Identiy

Talk about bad luck!!! The man said they hit him so hard the bat broke in half!!! Full story here.

~Post by Mel

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Sunday, April 20, 2008