Friday, January 18, 2008

Mortgage Bailout

I've been against this for some time now ... much of this problem is the result of speculation. House flippers! Why should we bail out people who would not have shared in their reward but now expect us to cover their risk. As for being duped. I am sure some were unaware but they are few. As someone who once wrote mortgages and has owned 3 homes ... the disclosure papers read like "Gone With The Wind".

Michelle has the best post on this.

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Harry Reid's Nightmare

Military: 75% of Baghdad areas now secure

Today's headline in USA Today. The Democrats had better hurry up and surrender before we win this thing.

Good thing Senator Clinton isn't like the rest of them.

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Because no day is complete without a Chris Matthews story ...

Under pressure from feminist groups and his own bosses at MSNBC, Chris Matthews apologized yesterday for remarks about Hillary Clinton that he now admits sounded "nasty."
For 10 days, the "Hardball" host had doggedly insisted he was just reciting a bit of history when he said on the air that "the reason she's a U.S. senator, the reason she's a candidate for president, the reason she may be a front-runner is her husband messed around."

Part One explains how surprised he is people get offended.

Part Two is the kinda sorta apolpogy for hurting the people he likes most ... liberals.

The liberal agenda is now coming back to bite the liberal agenda folks. I can assure you, no conservative would have been offended. Or at the very least would have been ignored.

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What Would Santa Do?

The woman who put the "Ho" in ho ho ho wants her record wiped clean. If I am the judge I might say yes but I wouldn't let her near my Santa. Here's the original story.

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Baby Clones ... Clone Babies

Now it begins ... all in the name of science of course.

Creation of the embryos -- grown from cells taken from the company's chief executive and one of its investors -- also offered sobering evidence that few, if any, technical barriers may remain to the creation of cloned babies.

Read the whole story ... it's one of those good news bad news deals.

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Don't Spend It All In One Place

I disagree with the premise. I think most of those people will use the dough to pay off bills, in particular credit cards. No stimulus there is there? Has anyone looked into this? Sounds more politicus than stimulus. 

From today's NYT: Most economists agree that tax rebates are one of the fastest ways to lift consumer spending. They also agree that stimulus measures are most efficient when aimed at low-income or middle-income people, because they are more likely than affluent people to spend any extra money rather than save it... Bloomberg News, citing people who insisted on anonymity, reported that the White House is likely to propose an $800 tax rebate for individuals, a $1,600 rebate for households and investment incentives for businesses.

BTW, It didn't used to be this way. This used to be called "found money" by the depression era generation and they would save it ... or at least some of it. That attitude left many "Workin Joes" from that generation with a lot of cash in the mattress when they passed on.

One more thought. Isn't it interesting that Democrats suddenly see a need to give people back their money ... if only temporarily.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Republican For CT's 5th District

I want to go to the US House to help chart a new course. In this time of economic uncertainty, I want to go to Washington to cut taxes for the middle class and small businesses; so that we can keep more money in the pockets of those who need it and create jobs right here in Connecticut.

Read it all. I will have to reread the entire post. Immigration argument seems sound at first glance.  The tax cuts for the middle class and then not being able to define middle class farther down the blog disturbs me. Tax cuts would have been just fine with me. At least he wants to make them permanent. 

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You Are Very Rude

First a disclaimer. Ron Kaufman is a close friend of ours but still ...

Associated Press reporter Glen Johnson got into a tussle with Mitt Romney in SC today. I learned a long time ago the hard way ... don't debate just report. Not your job. Let the readers decide. The woman at the end is priceless "You are very rude." And the media wonders why the public thinks the press is a bunch of biased boobs.

Sweetness has the story ... so does Powerline. Here's the video.

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Congress To The Rescue?

We talked today about the bipartisan effort (really) led by Senator Kennedy to stimulate the economy and I tried to explain why this would be bad. $100 rebates in the hands of stretched consumers do little more than make politicians pound their chests. Extending unemployment when we are nearly at full employment is window dressing. Increase food stamps, freeze interest rates ... blah blah blah.

Now this at Red State ... read it all

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It's The Gas Prices, Stupid

Still, I must say ... this story at Powerline takes the cake. Do you really think the Democrats will make your personal economy better?
The Democrats will soon begin labeling this the worst economy since the great depression (see 2004) ... and no question the panic in the financial markets (of their own doing) and rising energy costs are making things difficult. CPI and WPI both rising between 4 and 6% respectively.
One would think Congress would want to attack the problem that's eating a whole in everyone's wallet .. energy. Instead I have detailed for two days now the Democrats plan to lower energy costs ... higher taxes and penalties on the people who produce the energy.

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When Pigs Fly

Gateway Pundit has this story on the UN recognizing the military AND POLITICAL progress in Iraq. No wonder "It's the economy, stupid."

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Bruce Bartlett

Thanks to Bruce for coming on the show.
Here's the link to his book Wrong on Race: The Democratic Party's Buried Past (Hardcover)
Here's the link to Impostor: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy

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Clinton Sc#@$** Us

Hey that's not me. Saw this last night on Sweetness ... now Drudge has it so ...

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France To The Rescue. Yeah!

Because you can never have too many friends in the war on terrorism. BTW, I wonder how Senator Clinton will repair this relationship after she's elected?

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Credit Crisis of The Wealthy?

Don't confuse "wealthy homeowners" with people who speculatively bought expensive homes.

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Fasten Your Seat Belts Please

Well ... at least if she loses she has something to fall back on ... Mom always told me that was important!

Thanks to Sweetness and Light for this one.

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Reason Takes A Holiday!

Fruad ... Fraud I tell you. I agree with sweetness. Thank you Planet Gore!

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Elana Pictures

Elana was great last night ... and why not? Cafe Nine was jammed with people many of them (most) listeners to SoundOff. Good to see so many of you: Tim, Ed and Ed's friend and others who forgive me, names I cannot remember. Elana and Whit and new bass player Jake were hot ... she even ended early ... 10:30 pm I think. She sang a alot of the familiar stuff and a couple I have not heard including covering a Tom Waits song. Great stuff. I will have pictures from last night up after the show.

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Who Knew?

In the words of Tommy Womack "I Miss Ronald Reagan". Can't say I disagree but it is amazing isn't it? The Republican candidates have been claiming to be most like Reagan and its a Democrat who likes Reagan most!

More here.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Why Is Mitt Having So Much Trouble?

This analysis reads like John was reading my mind. It nails my biggest problem with Mitt, and may explain why this race is so scrambled. If you have already written off Mitt then you need to read this. I had almost forgotten he is the man when it comes to free markets.

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Good For Thee Not Me

Check out this post on Powerline. (by the way John will be our guest this morning). The left is wringing its hands over Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol penning columns for the NY Times. The response from the right is "right on". The left apparently would have us believe that diversity begins and ends with liberalism. All other thought need not apply. Make sure you read it all.
This is good stuff and important because you need to know what they really think of diversity.

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Elana Tonight

Elana James In New Haven tonight at Cafe Nine ... then Saturday, at Club Helsinki in Great Barrington, MA. Yippee!

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Dragon Skin Not So Much

Remember the Dragon Skin body armor trumped up controversy by NBC? We spent the better part of three days on the show then debunking the NBC story with some pretty good guests. Well now Instapundit has this pretty damning indictment from someone who should know.

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Send In The Clowns

Central Connecticut State University invited all the presidential candidates, but none of them can make it. But that's OK: The clowns from Middletown's ArtFarm will be there to perform their show, "Circus for a Fragile Planet." Read more here:

Does anyone think that the "Man isn't the cause of global warming" scientists will get a shot at these students. Here's my favorite line:

The goal is to bring 1 million or more students into a nonpartisan discussion on global warming and encourage them to fight for solutions, said Alexander Tinker, one of the group's organizers.

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The FDA says its OK ... and who knows better than the UCONN scientists, but after reading this sounds like they need to do a little more research before I'll chow down. Or ... have I been chowing down already?

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Obama And The Central Party Have Decided

Straight from the politburo five year plan, Senator Obama intends to pay for middle class tax cuts and credits by raising taxes on the wealthy ... why ... because the evil rich people are just looking places to "park" their extra cash  ... while the poor people know better how to SPEND other people's cash.

Umm ... Senator in Econ 101 we call that investing, rich people "parking cash" in companies which use the money to create more capital. In return investors are rewarded when successful and punished when not. In the Senator's cash, punish them wither way and let the poor people spend their way into unemployment. I tell you again ... Senator Obama is a lightweight.

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Freeze Interest Rates

I think I understand what she means ... but giving people a 5 year pass on 2 and 3% mortgages ... oh man .... and what about the people who loaned the money. I forgot, they're bad people.


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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hillary's Scariest Moment For Me

Once again the jr senator from NY told us (in the same sentence) that she will not make sex or race an issue in the campaign. BUT, remember, you have the chance to elect the first woman President. Here is the scariest moment of them all. Imagine if you will ...

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The Race Baiting Party/Network

After no less than 5 separate questions on the latest race war in the Democratic Debate tonight one spectator has had enough ... Stop the race baiting! Listen!

Right on, right on! I am sure someone will get his name soon.

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Live Blog The Dem Debate

Click here to follow along with me tonight.

OK I am done ... going to edit tonight video. Back soon.

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What A Line-Up

Look at our guests the rest of the week! Thank you Bobby!



10:35 John Hinderacker of and professor
at the University of Minnesota

11:35 Congressman Thaddeus McCotter Chairman,
Republican House Policy Committee to talk about the
ban of selling tobacco products on House of
Representatives grounds. 


10:35 Bruce Bartlett to chat about his book :"Wrong on
Race:The Democratic Party's Buried Past." 


11:10 Mr.Moviefone Russ Leatherman to talk about the
latest movies to kickoff 2008.
11:35 Sparky/ Americana Music News Live from Mobile, AL

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Democrat Debate

Why am I doing this ... OK ... I will be recording and posting debate bites tonight ... not a lot. I value my sanity. It all starts at 9 PM followed by (oh joy) analysis.

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Newt On America's Image

This is a must listen! He sounds more Presidential then the candidates. What do you want ... a pandering President who says "please like me", or someone who will stand up for the United States. Hmmm, let me think. Newt, please run ... I really hate to beg. 

BTW if you are not watching Cavuto on FNC everyday ... best show on TV ... best. His head ain't that big either.

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FDA approves Cloned Meat

What the heck ... we running out of cows or something?

I think I posted this just because of nutritionist Keri Glassman. I think. She thinks it's creepy. Me too. 

From FNC Cavuto.

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Bill Clinton Speaks Girl Faints

Well at least it wasn't one of those "Beatles" moments

Shep Smith on FNC interviewed Meg Pearson about 30 minutes ago. Nice kid.

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Ralph Peters Smack Down Part 2

Since you asked, and we did not podcast the interview today, here's my own cut down version of the interview with Ralph Peters.

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The NY Times and Powerline

In case you missed it ... Brit Hume on Special Report noted the Powerline Blog deconstruct of the NY Times front page story on Iraqi war veterans turning into murderers. In case you missed the original post ... it is here.

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Up Against The Wall!

Pat Buchanan has a great column on the subprime nation ... and outlines what we are up against when it comes to government spending.

"Democrats, with entitlement costs drowning the federal budget in red ink, are proposing a new entitlement – universal health coverage for the near 50 million who do not have it – another magnet for illegal aliens. Moody's is telling America it needs a time of austerity, while the U.S. government is behaving like the governments we used to bail out. " Read it all.

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Thompson on Religion And Compassion

A couple days old but well worth the read ... I've been saying this for years.

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Ralph Peters Smack Down

I posted yesterday on how Powerline slammed the NY Times soldier story. Now its Ralph Peters turn.  Here's the interview I did today with Ralph.

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Let Them Eat Brie

Cause cake has too much fat! Caught these stories on Drudge.

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The Pleasure Police

The pleasure police have already smacked down the Congress ... and they just ain't gunna take it anymore. Liberty!!!!

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Newt vs Rush ... Reagan Era Over?

Not sure I understand what's going on here ... but I agree with Newt on this one ... This morning in the 8 AM hour on Fox and Friends here's what Newt had to say.

Check my Reagan post below.

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Living By The Sword ... Democrat Primary Style

Thought Senator Obama would move to defuse the Hillary "Race" race. But then again why should he? Were her words blown out of proportion? Possibly a bit ... but then its not like this stuff hasn't been done to Republicans. So if you haven't been following the controversy ... Major Garrett on Fox did a nice little primer on Special Report last night ... here's a snippet.

BTW ... I do think that what Senator Hillary said to Garrett last week did indeed sound like she was diminishing Dr King's role in the civil rights movement. Just to turn it back on Mrs Clinton ... without Dr King ... no President would ever have had the courage to change laws in this country.
OK guess its not over ... just saw this.

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Huckabee Channeling The Democrats

Well ... sounds like a Democrat to me ... Those other guys don't feel your pain!

Apparently I am not the only one who thinks so.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

The Democrats Fairy Tale

Nice take on the Democrat take on the Iraq War and dovetails nicely with the Sen. Clinton bite below.

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A war report discredited

"But the truth, it turns out, is that the report was drenched with politics, and its jaw-dropping conclusions should have inspired anything but confidence." Read the whole thing.

Jeff Jacoby has a great look at a study that is slowly being dismantled.

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Shame ... On The NY Times

I saw this story yesterday on my way to Sgt. Mel's house to watch the Giants game and I just had to rub my eyes. Clearly my instincts were right.

First read this ... via Powerline Blog ...

Then read this ... also via Powerline Blog

John, Scott and Paul are treasures ... America needs their input and observations as much as any media outlet out there. PLEASE vist their site often.

We will be taking this up today I hope ... we will not let this kinda crap slide.

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I Am Home Schooled

I have a friend who home schools her child and she is doing very well indeed. Not every family can do this but the ones who do seem to do quite well indeed. And it sure is nice to see the Courant covering it ... maybe they could a little more without the inevitable "But" in the story.

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NY Times: It's Thompson Time ... err ... No It's McCain

On Saturday the NY Times reports this: "A Combative Thompson Sways Voters A Combative Thompson Sways Voters" (via Instapundit)

Then today reports this: Via Drudge ...

"Republican voters have sharply altered their views of the party’s presidential candidates following the early contests in Iowa and New Hampshire, with Senator John McCain, once widely written off, now viewed more favorably than any of his major competitors, according to the latest nationwide New York Times/CBS News Poll."

What always goes through my mind is ... is this the guy the NY Times wants the Reps to put up or is it really real ...

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Chris Matthews Sexist?

If you listen to the my show then you know we've played more than our share of Matthewsisms ... so maybe this will just produce a yawn ...

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Where's Obama?

This via Instapundit. I think I agree ... but then when you are racing for the White House ...

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Eli Is The Man ... Again and Again!

(Picture from ESPN/AP)
OK ... just too much. Never expected a low scoring game ... but this kid engineered a drive at the end of the first half that put the Giants in a position to win ... and they did. In part because he managed it like a champ ... Plaxico was pretty much out of the game ... but Manning never lost his cool ... not sure where this kid has come from but I think a hat tip to the Patriots and to Tom Coughlin for a well coached team. Front page coverage at ESPN. Also coverage at Mike Garafolo/The Star-Ledger and bigblueinteractive and make sure you click on the links to see all coverage ...

BIG UPDATE: I almost forgot ... if you listened Saturday (wait not Saturday ... Friday) I don't just predict the winner I tell you how the game will end. Just in case you forgot I said the game will come down to Romo not Manning ... if he makes the play Cowboys win ... if not they lose. I will post audio if I can find it.

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Sunday Morning Talk Shows

Below you will find some of my favorite moments in the morning shows. Newt and Hillary made the web site cut ... but tomorrow's show will have so much more.

(*oh BTW ... the best run down on the shows can be found at

John Kerry on This Week on ABC ... lamenting the division in DC ... no doubt it would be better if the world was made up of just Democrats (well except those "Blue Dogs")
And over at CBS Bob Schieffer blaming Detroit's woes on Republicans (no seriously he did) ... oh see for yourself then ... it's one of those "some people say moments". 
The scroll down and see what Newt had to say.

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Detroit's Biggest Problem Is Government

Another great Newt bite ... again GS doesn't get it (notice the "how can this be?" look in his eyes) at the end of the bite.

Are you sure we can't get him to run?

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NewtOn This Week

George Stepher doesn't get it ... but I do ... Newt's the man!

The former Speaker (and I hope future Presidential candidate) Newt Gingrich talked with GS today about ... what else? ... Change. 
Newt said the President and Congress must get together now and agree to work on things that can be done now that the vast majority of Americans want done now.

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Nooooo ... no sex or race in this race .... noooooooo!

So let me get this straight ... we don't want to inject race or sex into this race ... but don't forget I'm a woman ... and Obama is African American. Oh brother.

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Hillary ... I am the reason the surge as worked!

The quote of the day ... maybe the year .... no, no, this spanking new century. Pay no attention to General Patraeus ... no ... nothing to see there ... Look at me ... it's me I tell you ... me ... I made the surge work. To think otherwise would be to .... ummm ... suspend disbelief?

Thanks so much to Powerlineblog for the link.

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