Friday, August 15, 2008

Free Tibet 2008 TV Channel

Didn't even know this was there ... worth the watch. Not surprisingly ... only a little more than a hundred views. Pass the word.

and here's the link to Free Tibet TV. Thanks.

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I Don't Know What Obama Thinks... He's On Vacation

Hey, she's just saying what everyone else is thinking ... even the NY Times.

Darragh Murphy of PUMA (Democrats fighting for Hillary still) Debates MSNBC's David Shuster. She may be a Hillary supporter but she's no Obama supporter.

Shuster calls her on the size of her organization ... PUMA has raised just $50,000 ... the lack of support. Then reminds his audience she gave John McCain $500 in 2000. Yes, she says, "and I gave $700 to Hillary Clinton."

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McCain vs The Tax Man

McCain has a new ad! I love it!

Thanks to Powerline for pointing this out. Here's their take.

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Freedom of Speech

It ain't easy being a reporter trying to cover a Tibet protest in China ... off to prison with you.

Then there's CNN's report on crews getting shot at in Georgia

Then there's this report of a Georgian woman getting shot while covering the invasion ... while Russian troops watch.

Finally here in the US .... it's Gitmo for protestors!

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Where's Obama?

Reminds me a little of National Lampoon's summer vacation ... but when the NY Times wonders where Obama is during this Georgia crisis? Read the article here and Hotair's analysis.

And how about poor Poland ... they agree to a missile defense system and now they are a nuke target.

Meanwhile we have the original Senator Obama who wants to disarm America

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Obama Nation

Thought you might like to see "Early" Obama defense priorities ... disarm America and talk with the Russians. Courtesy Powerline.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Brave Old World By Victor Davis Hanson

Here's the first paragraph, a great read........

Russia invades Georgia. China jails dissidents. China and India pollute at levels previously unimaginable. Gulf monarchies make trillions from jacked-up oil prices. Islamic terrorists keep car bombing. Meanwhile, Europe offers moral lectures, while Japan and South Korea shrug and watch -- all in a globalized world that tunes into the Olympics each night from Beijing. Continue reading

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Powerline Link to Video

Here's the post Jim was talking about........

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Link to Informational Site on Russo-Georgian Conflict

Here's the link with the best info and analysis, including a handy map to help understand geographically what's going on. Click here. You will recognize this site as it also has the best analysis on Iraq and I highly recommend and have talked about on multiple occasions.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

VFF Back to Iraq

For those that don't know, Vets For Freedom sent eight US Iraqi War Veterans back to their "old stomping grounds" during their tours in Iraq. They have been studying, learning, observing, seeing the changes first hand. Take the time to read some on the ground accounts you will find no where else.

I've highlighted Pete Hegseth's articles here for easy reading since he's the most we're familiar with in the group. My personal favorite so far is Enemies Become Allies piece. I don't think any article out there today can better describe the full circle changes on the ground in Iraq. A close second is Revelations at the Al-Rasheed as Baghdad is of much interest to me.

Track Pete Hegseth's articles here......

An Appointment in Samarra 8/6/2008

Revelations at the Al-Rasheed 8/11/2008

Up and Over the Palm Tree 8/12/2008

Enemies Become Allies 8/13/2008

Also if you visit the Back to Iraq page, on the right hand side about half way down there are a few video posts. Pete's Back to Iraq - Pete 1 is a video he did from the site of the Golden Mosque, which under reconstruction.

~Post by Mel

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