Friday, May 16, 2008

Charles Krauthammer: What Does Obama Intend to Give Iran?

I think the video speaks for itself. Obama has proclaimed h, personally, will talk with Iran, a state sponsor of terror, and murderer of US soldiers. Krauthammer asks, "What does he intend to give to Iran?"

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Most Embarassing Hardball Moment

Even I cringed on this one. Video one ... Chris schools talk show host Kevin James who I have never heard of but I assume he's important.

Video number 2 ... Chris must return to school. The Cole was bombed under Clinton.

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Mort Kondrake To Iran: Stop The "Friggin" IEDS

OK ... so its not exactly Mort saying. It's in response to a question from Charles Krauthammer on Special Report ... "What can Obama possibly talk to Iran about?". Notice how Brit steps in at the end.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Americares Web Site

Even if you're not in the position to donate at the moment please look at the great work they do.........Click here

~Post by Mel

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9-year-old girl's twin is found inside her stomach here

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Little Girls Dressed Like Big Girls

What the heck is going on. Why are we so obsessed with forcing our children out of childhood. Is it Mom and Dad's desire to be best friends? Is it dress up?

Check this link here .... and here .... and here.

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Smart Car .... Small But Safe?

This via instapundit.

From USA Today: The tiniest car sold in the USA posted some of the best crash-test results, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety will announce Wednesday.
The Smart ForTwo, the twin-seat micro that's so small that two can fit in a single parking space, earned the top rating in front- and side-impact crash tests. It was rated "acceptable" for whiplash protection in rear-end crashes, the agency says.

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And then her eyes glowed red and she smiled that smile.

I'll have the video up in a bit ... but it was a part of Hillary's speech that caught my attention last night ... but only Jim Geraghty could come up with the appropriate description for it. Welcome to the Twilight Zone!

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Matthews To McAuliffe: Back Off Buddy

This was the only highlight of the primary coverage last night. Christopher Matthews and Terence McAuliffe duking it out over whether MSNBC is in the tank for Obama ... umm ... like that's an issue?

For your viewing pleasure ... here's Chris after the Virginia primary ...

and here's Chris PA primary night ...

and here's Chris after the Obama Philly speech

That should be enough to tick off McAuliffe

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

Pat Tillman's mother recalls journey for facts in new book

No matter how you slice it, Mary Tillman's a Gold Star Mom and she has my deepest sympathies for the loss of her son. Here's my problem though. First off, I read the article expecting that the proceeds of the book are going to some charitable organization for soldiers. I have yet to read that information and I watched most of the recent 60 Minutes special and did not hear anything about the proceeds there either. Now I would venture to guess that's what Pat Tillman would've wanted. Pat Tillman was a true Patriot. And I believe that what his family says about him being worried about what the Army/Gov't would do if something happened to him could be true. But that's not my problem. Nor is my problem what happened after the fact. I believe it was a combination of the chaos which is a part of war and some misguided people that thought they were doing the right thing. Still wondering what my problem is??? Mary Tillman has gone beyond getting the true story of what happened. And it very well could be the way she's coping with the loss of her son. But the soldiers that were involved in this incident are being riped to shreds. Not by Mary Tillman, but by themselves. Their buddies can tell them it wasn't their fault all they want, which it wasn't, but do you think they blame themselves??? We all know at this point that it was friendly fire that night and a tragic mistake. But she's going after where the shooters were, were they in the vehicle, were they out of the vehicle. What good is this doing anyone??? I think Pat Tillman loved his buddies and was loved by them. He knows it was a mistake and I'm sure does not blame them from where he's sitting and would not want them going through this. Those soldiers know what happened that night and will have to live with it the rest of their lives. Please Mary Tillman, let them be. War is not easy and not perfect. I know you're problem is with the government, more namely the Bush Administration and you don't agree with this war. I hope the soldiers on the ground that night understand that and that you're just a Mother grieving and it was not their fault.

Again, my deepest sympathies to the Tillman family, a great American was lost fighting for the freedom we enjoy today. That is not in dispute.

~Post by Mel

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Understanding the Candidates for Dummys

A little humor, but also some of those forwarding emails that I actual read and thought to share.......if you're having problems explaining the candidates to your friends, here's a great way......

John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Barak Obama were walking down a street in Washington D.C. when they came upon a homeless person.

The Republican, John McCain, gave the homeless person his business card and told him to come to his office to apply for a job. He then took $20 out of his pocket and gave it to the homeless person.

Hillary was very impressed, so when they came upon another homeless person, she decided to help. She walked over to the homeless person and gave him directions to the welfare office. She then reached into John McCain's pocket and pulled out a $20.00 dollarbill. She kept $10.00 for her administrative fees and gave the homeless person $10.00.

When they came upon yet another homeless person, Barak Obama told the homeless person to 'have hope . . . change is coming . . .' and gave him nothing. I hope this helps you understand the differences between the Candidates.

~Post by Mel

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The Strategy

It's becoming quickly apparent how the most (not all) of the media intends to cover the big and historic Obama vs. "What's his name again" campaign this fall. They will cover for the messiah at every opportunity, while seeking to nail "what's his name" as na ill tempered, near senile, cranky Nixonian version of "W" (Pardon me if that sems redundant to you liberals.)

First there's Newsweek's unreal comparison of Obama's campaign versus what it believe's McCain's camp must be like ... (via Hotair)

Obama wanted steady, calm, focused leadership; he wanted to keep out the grandstanders and make sure the quiet dissenters spoke up. A good formula for running a campaign—or a presidency.

Now here's Newsweek on McCain

It is a sure bet that the GOP will try to paint Obama as “the other”—as a haughty black intellectual who has Muslim roots (Obama is a Christian) and hangs around with America-haters.

McCain's camp shot back. Read it all here.

Evan Thomas and Richard Wolffe offered a biased implication that Republicans have won elections and will try to win this one simply by tearing down through disreputable means their opponents. You can see why many Republicans and voters and our campaign might take issue with that.

Want more (via hotair) ... How about this? There has not been much mention in the mainstream media about this. Either he's tired or perhaps he was just thinking of Theresa Heinz or maybe just Heinze. As Marc Ambinder writes ... if this were McCain.

In honor of this mistep Powerline points to this new map of Obamaworld where there are in fact 57 states.

But wait there's more. In a subtle piece of creative writing the New York Times helps the Obama campaign rewrite history. When McCain charges that Obama's willingness to meet unconditionally with Iran is dangerous and reason enough for Hamas to be gleeful at the thought of an Obama presidency, the Times reports Obama never claimed uncondtional talks ... except ... well he did. First read a detailed account from Powerline. Then you can watch the video here.

Throw in the jeans swooning press and the unbelievable picture on the cover of Time and you can see the trend. The Messiah is on the march. And the press just cannot let facts get in the way of the Messiah.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Umm ... he's alive!

To be honest with you, I never would have known if Tim hadn't said something at the end, and I almost fell over. Poor Terry. Tim could have done so much more with poor Terry, but he graciously let him off the hook. My guess is McCauliffe figured if Tim wrote a book about his father he must be dead. Guess not.

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McCain Campaign Chair Schools Dems on Economics

Obama has been telling everyone he talks to that he will end tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. But Former HP CEO and now McCain backer Carly Fiorina explains to George Stephanopolous that there are no such tax breaks. Companies choose to keep profits they earned overseas in those countries instead of bringing them home. Why? Do you really have to ask?

McCain on the other hand intends to lower corporate tax rates at home ... an incentive for companies to keep operations here. BTW Fiorina is generally credited with turning HP around and into a powerhouse in personal computers at a time when most folks considered the market lost to Japan.

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Clinton to Obama: Beat me!

Best line of the day on the Sunday talk shows. Chris Wallace asks Clinton strategist Howard Wolfson doesn't he think Hillary is hurting Obama by staying in ... Wolfson's response is classic:

Wallace hammered Wolfson today and Wolfson never ever backed down ... and lest you think she will get out ... think again.

BTW, he also said the Clinton campaign is $20 million in the red. Yowser!

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President calls Jenna's wedding 'spectacular'

Congrats to the Bush family. Hopefully they got a day of peace to just be a family and enjoy their day.

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