Monday, May 12, 2008

The Strategy

It's becoming quickly apparent how the most (not all) of the media intends to cover the big and historic Obama vs. "What's his name again" campaign this fall. They will cover for the messiah at every opportunity, while seeking to nail "what's his name" as na ill tempered, near senile, cranky Nixonian version of "W" (Pardon me if that sems redundant to you liberals.)

First there's Newsweek's unreal comparison of Obama's campaign versus what it believe's McCain's camp must be like ... (via Hotair)

Obama wanted steady, calm, focused leadership; he wanted to keep out the grandstanders and make sure the quiet dissenters spoke up. A good formula for running a campaign—or a presidency.

Now here's Newsweek on McCain

It is a sure bet that the GOP will try to paint Obama as “the other”—as a haughty black intellectual who has Muslim roots (Obama is a Christian) and hangs around with America-haters.

McCain's camp shot back. Read it all here.

Evan Thomas and Richard Wolffe offered a biased implication that Republicans have won elections and will try to win this one simply by tearing down through disreputable means their opponents. You can see why many Republicans and voters and our campaign might take issue with that.

Want more (via hotair) ... How about this? There has not been much mention in the mainstream media about this. Either he's tired or perhaps he was just thinking of Theresa Heinz or maybe just Heinze. As Marc Ambinder writes ... if this were McCain.

In honor of this mistep Powerline points to this new map of Obamaworld where there are in fact 57 states.

But wait there's more. In a subtle piece of creative writing the New York Times helps the Obama campaign rewrite history. When McCain charges that Obama's willingness to meet unconditionally with Iran is dangerous and reason enough for Hamas to be gleeful at the thought of an Obama presidency, the Times reports Obama never claimed uncondtional talks ... except ... well he did. First read a detailed account from Powerline. Then you can watch the video here.

Throw in the jeans swooning press and the unbelievable picture on the cover of Time and you can see the trend. The Messiah is on the march. And the press just cannot let facts get in the way of the Messiah.