Friday, February 8, 2008

He Is The Way?

The press is beginning to notice, but where have they been?

I first started talking about Obamamania being a borderline religion months ago. I took particular note right after Oprah, a woman I respect very much for her personal accomplishments and generosity, told us we had the chance to "vote the hope". The constant Biblical references, often times using lines straight from Isaiah and the Four Gospels, seemed to me to be amazingly transparent, that any even casual Christian would notice, but apparently not to others.

And yet while his speeches inspired and his supporters swooned with hands raised aloft, they were amazingly devoid of content, policy, and direction, other than platitudes that are most often found in speeches written by teenagers running for student council ("We need to raise up hope, we need to look forward, not backwards"). And when asked to be more specific, his programs made little sense. Where was the beef?

Now, Hillary supporters are beginning to notice. Perhaps too late. Perhaps because such language was foreign to them, which would not surprise me. As I have said for months, Obama does Southern Baptist Preacher better than the Southern Baptist Preacher running for President.