Sunday, January 27, 2008

"The Most Unbelievable Music Performance I have Ever Witnessed."

Last night in Atlanta I saw Cadillac Sky (Eddie's Attic). Even if I were not a fan I would be telling you this was the most amazing musical performance by a band I have ever seen. Ever. The audience, very few of whom knew who they were, were on their feet the entire performance ... a performance that lasted more than 3 hours ... no breaks.

The group is not "just" bluegrass ... in fact its hard to call it bluegrass. Last night they ventured into a number of different genres from Celtic folk to Jazz to modern classical, some of it reminding me of Bela Fleck. One piece in particular, written by Ross, teamed his violin with Bassist . An almost classical work, the harmonics were stunning. The rich slow base tones with a dissenent melody overlay by the violin. The harmonics were amazing. At one point I thought the base alone would bring down the speakers. Blue grass. No, I don't think so.

I was sitting next to three musicians, one being my brother, none of whom had heard them before. All said to me at one point during the night, "It is so rare to see musicians who take their music seriously."
I promise you, this group will be heard from.