Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Almost time to come home, just as it's getting started!!!

I'll be glad to get back to normal CT!!! I don't have to worry about getting sprayed with bleach walking down the streets of CT. I actually hadn't heard about what happened to the CT delegates until I called home tonight. As I mentioned before, I was at a veteran's event today so I was out of the news loop. I hope that they are ok. If I was here tomorrow I'd try to connect with them to make sure they're ok.

So, while I was only here a short time, what an experience. Where else can you almost run into Bill Kristol in the hallway of the Xcel Center and walk by Greta Van Susteren on the street. And I have to say, it's nice to be in an environment where you're not afraid be tell people yes when they ask if you're a veteran.

I didn't put myself out there to meet a lot of people. I was more about observing from the background. Just watching things happen. I do want to share one memorable meeting though, Kevin Farley, the brother of Chris Farley. He was at the veterans event I attended today, a humble guy,  he never mentioned his famous brother. He looks like him and he's funny. But what a nice guy and he's all about supporting veterans. 

When someone thanked him for coming he said,"Absolutely, anything I can do for you guys," meaning the veterans. I talked with him about how amazing the Gold Star Moms and Families are. He was just really a breath of fresh air. I'll be buying a ticket to his new movie!!!

Here's the Fox report on it.