Friday, August 29, 2008

Caught on live audio: The media sexist insults begin

Here we go, didn't even take a day for it to start. Now Gov Palin can take it, I have no doubt about that but it is ridiculous. I'm usually the last to bring up the woman stuff, it's not my style nor how I operate. I'm not about excuses or pity but this bothers me. If it was people making comments about Sen Obama and African Americans it would be the leading news story. People would be outraged. This probably won't make more than a blog or Fox News. We saw the same things being dealt to Hillary and it was no big deal. People making comments about what would she do with her finger on the button if she had her period or PMS that day. Why is this not a big deal??? Why is this not acceptable??? I was not a Hillary fan by any means but still thought it was absolutely unacceptable. I realized then that there was MUCH more hostility and unacceptance of a woman in power than any qualms of an African American President. And sadly, for some reason women bashing is acceptable.

Now I'm not talking law suits here, I think that stuff is crazy. What would I do??? I'd thank them and say I know I have a hot ass. But thanks for confirming the obvious and move on. I have found that is a much more affective tactic. I'm not bitter. I'm not whining. I'm just saying it's sad.

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~Post by Mel