Saturday, August 30, 2008

Virtual Patriotism

A great Veteran's perspective on the DNC from David Bellavia, a founder of Vets For Freedom and outstanding soldier. I had a hard time picking my favorite part to share but here it is.......

When the Democratic party’s mainstream proposed cutting the funding for the war in Iraq in August 2007, Sen. Joseph Biden responded eloquently: “There’s no political point worth anybody’s life out there. None.”

Amen, sir. There is also no political point or party platform worth the cheapening of those brave men and women who gave their utmost to protect our fundamental freedoms. None.

MUST read the full piece here.

~Post by Mel


Great article and a must read. My two favorite parts were these:
Talking about the Pepsi Center "This place makes Vegas look like a Kosovo."

and, referring to the Dems passing a new GI benefits bill: “Thank you for the new GI Bill, Congress. But I am winning the war you sent me to fight and told me I couldn’t win. Can I get a little respect instead?”

I have said this on the air before, the only veterans these guys seem to like are the ones who they can turn into victims. The Military folk I know very much appreciate the better benefits (although let's wait and see if the Feds can deliver), but they would like it a whole lot more if you would let them fight your damn war without politicians interfering.