Sunday, December 30, 2007

Be The Man-ing

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Ok ... first congrats to the Pats. They are a great team. No other team (sorry Cowboy fans) could have withstood the intensity the Giants brought to this game. Brady is just relentless. I am a believer!

Second I am so proud of the Giants organization. Just about every other team would have rested everyone for this game (just look at how Pitt, Dal, and Indy handled their games today with playoff spots at stake for others).

But the Giants showed why they, win or lose, are so important to the NFL. They understand football history and their place in it. It is one of the oldest and most successful franchises in league history. Yes, to you youngins', there was an NFL before the Super Bowl. Bill Belichick, for years, a Giants assistant, understood this and knew no Mara team would come out and go through the motions. He hoped .... but he knew. He knew the Giants organization would relay this message to their team and he would have a game on his hands. He did. Both teams did the NFL proud and shame on the rest of the league for not going all out no matter the situation. They play for pay in the NFL. Nuff said.

Finally a word about Eli. I have not been a fan mostly because I felt he could play this way every Sunday if he would just gut it out. Last night he did. He took it to the Pats. He played a near perfect game and his problems came after he lost Sean O'Hara his center. It took 2 series to right the ship and against the Pats that's a luxury you do not have. 250 plus yards, 4 TDs on a field with a backup center, wide receiver with gimpy knees and ankles, a guard playing tackle a rookie tight end and a running back with a knee just waiting to explode. No more please about Eli. There are maybe 4 or 5 quarterbacks I would take ahead of him (including Carson Palmer) but Phil Rivers, no ... maybe Big Ben ... maybe but no others.

Finally a hat tip to Antonio Pierce just for being on this team. For my money he doesn't even have to play. Just having him there builds confidnece. That Big Mike ... is a leader. Lucky to have him.