Saturday, January 5, 2008

On Music And Coffee

I will be publishing the articles that catch my eye today ... promise ... but I need some coffee ... out with friends last night listening to ... what else ... fiddle music. You folks in Tennesse, Alabama and Texas have no idea how lucky you are ... original music all the time ... Alt country, Americana, Rock, Music Row Country, whatever. Here not so much ... and its mostly cover songs. (Covering what else? Music Row songs)

Interestingly all of the local New England musicians I know tell me they have their own stuff ... but people want to hear and dance to the cover songs and they, the musicians want to work so ...

It's a shame really ... next time you hear a New England musician ask him or her to play one of their songs. Don't worry ... they'll have one.

PS: Speaking of coffee, what's up with Starbucks ... you're killing my retirement, guys.