Saturday, January 5, 2008

Too Scary For Most?

On Friday Mr Moviefone recommended "The Orphanage" ... a Spanish film with English subtitles. The ghost story is so scary, and so well done, Mr Moviefone said he didn't even bother reading the subtitles.

Today I get an e-mail from my friend Nils ... and a big movie fan ... especially of the ones that I like ... non-mainstream indies. Here's what he wrote:

"If you want to get a good idea of what Del Toro's new ghost film is like, check out - The Devil's Backbone is ... a Del Toro ghost story about ... an orphanage. I suspect that the new film is a sequel to The Devil's Backbone.
Word of warning about del Toro. He does very very very graphic horror. Extremely graphic. I have even advised others to NOT watch Pan's Labyrinth just because it is graphically one of the most horrible depictions of evil ever made. Okay - the worst."

If you can take it prepare to be scared.