Friday, April 18, 2008

Yale: Student artwork purporting to show abortion a hoax

So the update is Yale says the story is untrue, and then she says no, it is true. Either way, first problem, how dare the student newspaper not fact check this before publishing something so disgusting and offensive. Unless of course, they did it for the attention also. Second, THIS IN NOT FUNNY. Creating a fetus to kill it is not a joke, and nor should it be treat at as a publicity stunt or way to get attention. This is an absolute outrage and anyone who can try to justify it wrong. Full article here, here's a few lines:

Shvarts'"performance art" included visual representations, a news release and other narrative materials, Klasky said. When confronted by three senior Yale officials, including two deans, Shvarts acknowledged that she did not seek any abortions.

Shvarts told the student paper that she planned to display a work that consisted of a cube lined with plastic sheets with a blood-and-petroleum-jelly mixture in between, onto which she would project video footage of herself "experiencing miscarriages in her bathroom tub."

~Post by Mel