Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shout To The Lord

(Picture from Hartford Courant)

On my way into work this morning I was listening to an amazingly inspirational and well know song "Shout To The Lord", on my IPOD. Then when I arrive I pick up the Hartford Courant and find this headline: "Poll Finds Many In State Unsure About God". Discouraging to say the least.
Then as I burrow into the article Elizabeth Hamilton writes:

"... Connecticut (along with Rhode Island) ... ranks near the bottom of most indicators of religious fervor, compared with the rest of the United States.When asked how many of us are "absolutely certain" we believe in God or a universal spirit, only 57 percent responded yes. Only the folks in New Hampshire and Vermont scored lower, at 54 percent.Even the residents of Alaska, who pray less than we do and go to church less frequently, according to Pew, are more sure of God than we are, it seems. "

In fact New England states are at the bottom. I guess I should not be surprised. Pastors chalked it up to Yankee stoicism. I defer to their knowledge of course but I think its more a case of God not ranking high on the list of things to do in my day. It is a well written article ... Elizabeth is a fine reporter. It's worth the read.

Other headlines include the Globe:Americans see truth in a rangeof faiths, massive study finds
and the NY Times: Survey Shows U.S. Religious Tolerance
and the WaPo:Most Americans Believe in Higher Power, Poll Finds

Guess it depends on your perspective.