Monday, July 7, 2008

MSM Campaign To Elect The Messiah

Sometimes I sit behind the microphone in stunned disbelief at my former colleagues in the MSM. Let me say first that we all carry with us preferences and biases but in journalism (as opposed to what I and others do which is commentary) a reporter and editor are supposed to isolate them and at least attempt objectivity (as opposed to feigning it).

Today I urge you to read a series of posts at Powerline. It will stun and amaze I think even those of you who are pro Obama and consider yourself liberals. Now I admit you will likely smile but in my world, it's pretty shameful and I am stunned none of my former colleagues have not commented.

First is the mis-identification of our friend and SOCT guest Col Bud Day. When Col Day defended McCain against Gen Clarke's attack, CNN referred to him as a member of the swift boat coalition. Nothing more. Wrong and wrong.

Next a Washington Post article on the Messiah's religious values. Certainly there is much mention of his pastor of 20 years, correct? Ummmmm ..... nope!

Then there's Richard Holbrooke's review of a new book on the Cuban missile crisis. Holbrooke uses the opportunity to take a shot at President Bush while lauding the firm hand of John Kennedy. Any child of 12 who has paid attention in school knows that while Kennedy defused the the crisis with the threat of action, we got into the crisis via his weakness at the negotiating table. Well everyone except Holbrooke.

Finally... the NY Times takes a strange look at America's rising gasoline crisis and blames Congress for not increasing CAFE standards (each automaker must make cars that meet set MPG standards) ... yet oddly enough, no mention of drilling, and little historical perspective. My guess is the story had an agenda and this didn't fit.

These are new times ... bloggers like the three professionals at Powerline have good memories and access to enormous amounts of information. CNN, WP and NYT can no longer rewrite history to their liking.

Good work Scott, John and Paul.