Sunday, September 7, 2008

Where Eagles Dare

From Michael Yon: Some excellent British combat photographers went along for the Kajaki mission. SGT Anthony Boocock, RLC, shot the photos below, and gave them to me after he returned from safely the mission. These photos are property of the British MoD:

Success in Afghanistan and a dire warning from Michael Yon ... please check out this column. The British and Canadian soldiers there risked their lives to bring power to the Afghan people. And did so in 
a remarkable show of strength, courage and ingenuity. 

But there is a warning too. The war at this point is a standoff and that's not good. Read the conversation Michael had with Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit. I have told you many times on my radio show Michael, a former special forces soldier, shoots straight. When things are going well (Anbar Province, Battle of Baqubah) he tells you ... and when they are not ... he does the same. And please remember to contribute to Michael's fine work.

This link comes from Instapundit. Glenn is a magnificent journalist, relaying first person accounts from Michael Yon. I am sure he would tell you he does nothing but post but I can assure you as a fomrer reporter it is so much more.