Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Vets Not Welcome in MN School

Imagine serving in multiple deployments for your country including oh, I don't know - COMBAT time. You gather up some of your fellow heroes. And when I say heroes, I mean heroes. Purple Hearts, Bronze Stars, Silver Stars, Navy Cross, and Medal of Honor nominee. So you take these outstanding men and bring your story to towns across America, in the form of a National Heroes Bus Tour ,in an effort to reach out to American citizens, because if you wait for the MSM to get the true story out about what goes on in Iraq and Afghanistan, you'll be waiting forever. So, you schedule an event in your hometown high school. Realizing that the other side will find anyway to stop any positive message about the war, you have the discussion with the administration at the school regarding the political aspect. You guarantee that there will be no political message, only war veterans sharing their experience of being a soldier with the youth of today. But then, a whole 6 emails come in opposing the visit. In other words, an excuse to cancel. Instead of standing up for their hometown hero, Pete Hegseth, they outcast him and tell him he's not welcome. If you're not outraged, you should be. See the full local news article here.

~Post by Mel