Sunday, March 2, 2008

Video On Line

Small problem with the equipment. Switched on Friday to ATT Uverse internet TV and dropped Comcast. Comcast was getting very expensive  and for the price of just TV i am now getting more channels plus high speed internet plus local phone. The service is much cheaper, more selection and because its still new ATT is anxious to please. So far very happy. BUT ...

1. It's all digital, so I need a converter box on every TV including my computer. OK, by the end of the year everyone will be digital so no biggy. I just convert sooner.

2. No automated channel lineup on the internet which I use to control my eyetv recordings on my Mac while away.

So the video is down this weekend folks. I am sorry but I hope with a few modifications we will be up and running by Wednesday at the latest with more selections. I will be investing in new equipment that will allow me to record two channels at the same time which will be great. I think it will all pay off in the end.